how to do dropshipping with shopify

How To Start Dropshipping on Shopify in 2023 (For BEGINNERS) drop shipping in 2022 does it still wor

Tan Choudhury

Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Start Dropshipping on Shopify in 2023 (For BEGINNERS)

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How To Start Dropshipping on Shopify in 2023 (For BEGINNERS)

drop shipping in 2022 does it still work,absolutely but you're gonna need to make,sure that you're following the right,steps and not following outdated methods,so in today's video i'm gonna be,covering absolutely everything that you,need to know to start a profitable,shopify drop shipping business last year,i released a video on how to get started,in 2021 and it was one of my most well,received videos ever and i got countless,dms from you guys who got real results,from that video so i'm super excited to,be running it up again and sharing this,knowledge completely free with all of,you all i ask is if you do get some,value to drop a like and also if you,comment down below you're gonna have the,chance to win over 500 in prizes and,gifts so thanks for doing that now let's,get into this week's value before we get,into the technical aspects i want to,explain the strategy that we're gonna be,going after this is a low budget,strategy and honestly there's not much,money required the reason why i want to,show you guys this method is because not,only has this personally worked for me,but it's a super simple way to get off,the ground with not very much upfront,risk now this strategy is going to be,focused around a singular product this,is what i call a one product store where,we focus all of the branding on one,single product instead of setting up a,website similar to amazon where you sell,everything under the sun now the reason,we do this is because we can focus on,that one product and brand it better,than everyone and attract all the,customers to our website and will give,us the positioning of being the creators,or the originators of the product which,is exactly what we're looking for with,this strategy so now that's out of the,way let me show you exactly how you can,find these products yourself all right,so i'm gonna be showing you two,different methods to find products the,first one is a completely free method so,you guys can go out and do this,literally seconds after watching this,and all you need to do to find products,is your iphone or android or if you,don't have any of those you could even,go on your browser and you're going to,be needing to download the app title the,reason why we're going to be using tick,tock is because their algorithm has made,it insanely easy for us to pick up on,viral and trending products and,basically hand them over to us so i'm,gonna show you guys a few different ways,to find products on tick tock the first,one is just going into the search bar,and typing,tick tock made me buy it now once you,look at this hashtag you're gonna see,the most viral posts on tiktok under,this hashtag and what you'll see here is,a lot of trending products that blew up,like for example this smart lock over,here and you can see there's 2.3 million,likes and if we scroll through here,we're gonna see tons of different,product ideas now it doesn't mean that,we can sell any of these products,obviously we're looking for products,that we can drop ship so what i,recommend you do is look for products,with a few different criteria number one,that they're a problem solving product,meaning that it solves some real world,problem so here would be a good example,a product that helps out neck pain that,would be something that has a big pain,point where you would be able to sell it,relatively easy so make sure you're,browsing through these products and what,i would do is i would take the products,that i like i would go over here and i,would click copy link and then all i,would do is put it in a google doc now,in your google doc make sure you have at,least 10 of these products and a few,things you're going to want to look out,for is number one that you're choosing a,product that's available on aliexpress,so let me show you how we can do this,it's really simple so let's say for this,hover orb over here that just got 125,000 likes within five days what we would,do is we would literally just go over to,aliexpress so type in aliexpress and you,want to go to their webpage and look at,hover orb or try some different keywords,that you think you could find this,product so as you see hover orb didn't,find this product but you could do,flying toy,and you can see if we can find the,product that way so you can see that,literally only took two searches and,we're able to find this product over,here which is a really good sign now one,thing that i do recommend if the tick,tock that you're looking at is directing,to an ecommerce store is to go to their,ecommerce store and check out a few,things number one the price they're,selling it at and number two their,website design so i would want to save,this link and i would also want to add,it in that google doc because this is,going to be very vital information down,the line now thing is that's not the,only hashtag we can use there's other,hashtags like amazon fines amazon made,me buy it and there's so many other,keywords that we could look to find,these viral products because most these,products on amazon you can even find,them on aliexpress and they'll make,perfect products for that one product,store now here's another thing that i,also recommend i recommend trying to,find the exact product that you're,looking to sell on amazon as well so,what i'm gonna do is i'm gonna head over,to amazon and i'm gonna look for flying,toy and let's see if we can find the,exact product so as you see it was,literally one of the first links over,here now i do want to note something the,reason why we are looking this up on,amazon is because we're looking at the,product price that they're selling it,for and we're also looking at these,ratings over here so as you see the,price is pretty similar on aliexpress,it's actually cheaper but this comes,with free shipping so one thing that i,usually like to base my product selling,decisions on is the product price on,amazon even though it doesn't matter,that much i like to see that amazon,marks the product up at least quite a,bit more than aliexpress because it,means that there's not as much,competition because when the product,prices are this low it means that,there's a lot of saturation and there's,already quite a bit of people fighting,over the market positioning for these,products now obviously this product's,still selling very well so that's why i,said it could be a subjective metric but,the other reason we're going on amazon,is we're scouting out these reviews one,thing personally after selling so many,different products is product quality is,key so you want to make sure that the,product you're selling is pretty decent,i look for at least four stars on amazon,because these are very accurate reviews,compared to the aliexpress reviews as,you see there's only three reviews here,and it doesn't really give us any,metrics on if this product was something,that the customers like but on amazon we,can literally see hundreds of different,reviews over here and we can get a good,idea if this product is actually worth,selling now that's the free method,honestly it's pretty easy does it take,work yes but there's other methods to do,this if you don't want to spend the,tedious time so one method that i use is,a product research tool called mania,this is made by the creators of the,droppy spy tool so i really like the,droppy spy tool but why i'm recommending,this one now is because they have quite,a few different features they just,unlock this tick tock ad section so you,can scout tick-tock ads this way and,also every single day they actually have,10 products that we could choose from,and a lot of these products are actually,pretty solid products so you can see if,we click on tick tock ads over here we,can go to some of these products like,this product just click on it and it's,going to give us a lot of information,number one we can just click this button,and it's gonna search the exact product,on aliexpress so we're gonna be able to,see if it's available on aliexpress,within seconds we're gonna see all the,likes the comments and the plays on this,and then we're actually gonna be able to,see the product so if we wanna go to,their store we can look at their store,so i like this tool a lot obviously it's,not recommended but i will leave the,link down in the description if you want,to check out some methods that make it,easier to find products the product is,key you're literally limited on how,successful you can be by the product you,choose so make sure that you don't set,up a great business for a bad product,because that's just a recipe for,disaster and i want you guys to have a,good experience with drop shipping so,i'm going to be going over some criteria,that i look at so you guys don't end up,in this precarious situation with no,sales so first thing most products can,be divided into two categories,problem-solving products which consist,of products that solve real-world daily,problems like a toothbrush a neck,massager or even band-aids now on the,opposite side of the spectrum there's,products that i classify as the wow,spectrum these are products that you see,and when you look at them they entice,you and catch your attention so one,example of this would be these led,lights that you see in the background,they're obviously a wow product it,doesn't solve any real world problem,that i need but differentiating these,two categories is really important,because it will really help us on our,market positioning when we understand,what we're selling now another criteria,that i recommend you go after is that,you look for products that are readily,available on aliexpress now what does,this mean it means that any products,that you're deciding to sell you're also,going on aliexpress and validating that,the product is available to you with,decent shipping options because in my,opinion if you're starting on a low,budget then shipping with aliexpress is,pretty necessary if you have a higher,budget i'll talk about some other,methods to get faster shipping in the,later part of this video and also make,sure that there's at least a few,suppliers on aliexpress selling that,product because if one of these,suppliers stops selling it for any,reason then you won't be able to handle,shipping so that's a no go make sure,that you have a decent supply chain on,whatever product you're trying to sell,now the next one is to stick to small,products i mean physically small,products now this is very important,because this is going to make the,logistic process which means shipping,process much easier and cheaper which,you won't have to worry about right now,but at scale this is something you're,going to want to think of and i want to,give you guys the information that i,wish i knew a few years ago so stick to,smaller products i recommend under eight,ounces is a very good product size and,also think about volume as well if it,takes up a lot of space then it's hard,to package up now the next criteria i,look at is product markup this is so,vital and i see so many drop shippers,have a store that's getting significant,amounts of sales but they didn't sell a,product with proper margins so they'll,have a five percent profit margin maybe,even be negative because they didn't,price their products properly so how can,you price your product correctly now a,rule of thumb that i always love to go,buy is taking the product price on,aliexpress so let's say we found a,product for ten dollars and we'll want,to multiply that by three so thirty,dollars that would be our desired sale,price at very minimum if we can't mark,it up this much then in my opinion i,don't think it's a healthy product to,sell because we can run into so many,issues if we're spending money on ads,when we have payment processors when,we're paying for apps when we have to,pay for our accountant and a list of,other expenses so make sure that you're,going after good margin products and one,thing you're probably curious about is,how can you determine if the product is,priced reasonably so what i would do is,after i've multiplied that price and i,have my desired sales price i would want,to do market research and seeing what,other competitors are offering that very,product for so looking at amazon looking,at other e-commerce websites will give,you a really good indication now keep in,mind amazon usually undercuts everyone,in the market so you can still be more,expensive than amazon but make sure,there's not some significant overlap,where you're charging just a crazy,amount compared to them now the final,piece of criteria that i look at which,is a very subjective metric because it's,hard to determine would be saturation,there's a few different ways we can,differentiate saturation but what do i,actually mean by this when i say the,word saturated i mean a product that has,been sold numerous times by other drop,shippers the reason why i try to avoid,products that have been sold by other,drop shippers is for a few reasons,number one a lot of drop shipping stores,don't have great reviews so sometimes,i've even sold a product that another,store sold before and i had customers,who thought they ordered the product,from us and they never received it so,this is one example of why you wouldn't,want to sell a saturated product is,because people have already seen it,before number one because there's been a,lot of customers before and also that,product doesn't have as good branding,potential which is something that,personally i like to focus on a lot now,as a beginner it's not something you,necessarily need to focus on but i think,this is something that really helps me,tap into blue markets and be able to,brand the products properly but we do,talk about that in some of my mentorship,program i'm not going to be getting that,into that in today's video,all right guys so the first thing that,we're going to want to do is start our,free shopify trial they give us 14 days,to get our store ready to go with,completely no upfront cost and in my,opinion this is enough time to start,getting sales so hopefully we can make,enough profit to pay the subscription,off after the trial ends and if you guys,want to sign up for a trial please use,my link down in the description it costs,you nothing extra but it really helps,the channel out so thanks for doing that,now once you start your trial you should,be on a page very similar to this and i,know it might look a little bit,overwhelming right now but the first,thing i'm going to want you to go to is,this product section this is where we're,going to be hosting the product and,where we can actually add and,merchandise our product so we're going,to click this green button over here,we're going to go to add and then we're,going to be naming our product but,before we name our product there's one,thing that we're going to want to do,we're going to want to come up with our,brand name this is super important and,it's actually an easy process as well so,i'm gonna show you guys my method for,naming websites when i am using the one,product store approach i really like to,name my website something that sounds,like the originator of a product or,really describes the product that we're,gonna be selling so for today's example,i'm gonna be using this mini juicer,blender over here and a great brand name,in my opinion for this could be,something like portable blender shop,porta blender and if you notice those,brand names are all names that really,represent the product we're selling i,found this is pretty much the best,method to name one product stores,because right when the customers see,your website they're gonna know what the,product is now of course some of those,website names i mentioned to you might,not be available so how we can check is,we can go on to a website like godaddy,and we can just search up different,domain name ideas so for example i said,porta blender now i really doubt this,domain name is going to be available so,as you see this domain is taken now one,thing that we can do is we can literally,just put shop in front of it so shop,porta blender and as you see this is,available now one thing that i recommend,is don't put shop in front of a brand,name that already exists but if the,website's just taken and there's no,website being hosted on it then it's,definitely a great opportunity to get a,great brand name super simply now after,you come up with your brand name we're,gonna need to get to the step to create,our logo and honestly this is super,simple task i love to use canva a lot of,people think you need some amazing logo,when you're getting started for your,website but i'm here to tell you the,truth all we need is a simple text based,logo and canva helps us make those in,seconds so what we can do is literally,come over this logo section click it and,they have tons of different templates,that we can use so we could type in here,if we're selling a kitchen item we can,type in kitchen and it will populate,kitchen templates for us so we could,just take a couple of these templates,over here,and i'm gonna remove these icons we,don't really need icons in our brand,name especially on our website in my,opinion it looks better without icons,and we could just drag this text to the,middle i'm gonna remove that and we're,just gonna call this porta blender,and this is super simple logo this logo,isn't great but i'm gonna try this one,this one might resonate a little bit,more with me so we're gonna do porta,and then right under here blender and i,think this one actually looks pretty,solid so what we can do is we can change,the color scheme just by going over here,so let's say we want to go for a,green color scheme then we can put green,right there and we can put green again,and one thing that you're also going to,want to note is if you come over here,you're going to get this color code and,you can just copy this and you can put,it in a notepad because we're going to,want to make our website congruent with,the color scheme we're using for our,logo so just save this in a notepad it,will come in handy later down the line,now once you have your logo ready to go,you're going to want to remove the,background over here because if you're,on a free plan canva doesn't let you,save it without a background so as long,as you have it white you should be fine,and we're just going to be downloading,this image and then after it's,downloaded there's going to be one last,step we need to do we're going to open,this up and we're actually going to want,to remove the background over here,you're going to want to crop it out so,it fits nicely in our website when we,start designing it now i don't mean to,overwhelm you we haven't gotten to the,website part yet but it's important we,create our brand name because once we,come back over to this product section,you're going to want to name the product,exactly what we just named our brand,name since we are only selling one,product on this store so i'm going to,type here in the title porta,blender so it's that simple now this,description section we're going to come,back to in a few minutes but what i want,to focus on is some of these other,aspects in this media section it's going,to control the images on our product,photos so how you can get those product,photos if you are sourcing your product,from aliexpress is going back to your,supplier and i use this tool called ali,safe plus it's a free chrome extension,tool where if you just press this button,over here,it's gonna save all the images so you,don't have to spend any time right,clicking and trying to save these images,i just want to show you guys some tips,and tricks that will save you guys some,time so after you have the images ready,all you have to do is drag them over,here so if you want these four five,six images they'll take about a second,to populate now one thing that i do,recommend is that you really look for,aesthetic images when you are,merchandising your product so in my,opinion i don't think these images are,great to put on the website they have a,white background and overall it doesn't,go with the lifestyle theme of these,other product photos which i think came,out really good so we're just gonna,delete these two images and now they're,gone,the next thing that we're going to want,to do is come over the pricing section,this is where we're going to control the,pricing for our product so one thing,that i recommended to you guys before is,that we're going to want to be marking,up our product by 3x so for example if,we were selling this product we could,sell it for,54.99 now i'm not saying this is the,best price to sell the product at i,would want to look at some competitors,who are selling this as well on other,e-commerce website so you can get an,idea on what a good pricing structure is,for your product so that's something,that you will have to research there's,not a one-size-fits-all for every,product's price so i hope that makes,sense now this next section over here is,the compare app price what is the,compare app price this price determines,whether your customers see if the,product is on sale or not so let's say,we're doing 20 off on our website we,could say that this original product is,20 more than this so 20 more than this,would be roughly 11,so we could add this up to 65.99,or something like that so the customer,knows that the product is at a discount,and yes whenever we are advertising it,is good to let the customers know there,is some sort of discount offer or deal,going so a simple 20,is usually a decent way to track,customers now this next section over,here it's asking if we want to charge,tax on this product that's up to you i,personally don't charge tax on the,product so you can uncheck this and then,the cost per item this is just something,on your back end where you'll be able to,see how much profit is coming in since,our product is 17 we can enter it right,here and we'll see that we have a 69,profit margin with 37.99,profit every time someone orders this,product so that's a pretty decent profit,margin now the next thing that we're,going to want to do is come over this,inventory section,in my opinion when you're getting,started and using aliexpress suppliers,none of this stuff matters so i would,just click continue selling when out of,stock and i wouldn't track quantity as,well because if you're sourcing from,these aliexpress suppliers chances are,you can find another 20 listings of,people selling the same product which,means that there's a good amount of,inventory and worst case if one of the,supplier ran out you could just source,from another so don't worry about this,inventory section and on this shipping,section as well since you aren't going,to be shipping the items out yourself,you're not going to really need to worry,about this until you have custom,logistic processes so right now i would,just completely avoid this but what we,are going to want to do is come over,this option section so as you saw on our,product there's a few different options,over here there's a pink and there's a,white variation so what we can do is we,can click this button and it's going to,populate an option name section so we,can customize this to whatever we want,but i'm just going to type in color over,here,and then it's gonna have option values,so option value means what different,types of colors are we offering so we're,offering white yes and we're offering,pink so now we have our two options in,here we're just going to click done and,those are going to be our two variants,on the product which is great because,this section is pretty much almost,completely finished now what we're going,to want to do is we're going to want to,come back up here and click save,now i'm not going to be writing a whole,product description in front of you,because this is in my opinion the most,important part of starting any drop,shipping website this is where customers,are going to go and purchase from so if,you don't really spend the time here and,optimize the product page then you're,not gonna have success now i'm gonna be,leaving something down in the,description where you can copy along and,it will give you a template that you can,insert your information for your product,to help you come up with your,description but i want to show you guys,a product page that i recently worked on,for a drop shipping challenge so you can,get an idea on what these should look,like and i'll break down this template,and after you guys watch this hopefully,you'll have a really good understanding,on how to create these product pages as,well so let's come over to this store,perfect neck that i created which,literally follows all the fundamentals,that i've been teaching you with the,simple text based logo over here a,congruent color scheme but let's scroll,down and i'm going to show you this so,this is going to be our product,description this is where this section,is going to host all of this information,so if you see the product we're selling,is for this neck posture corrector,basically you lay down on this pillow,and it helps your posture so if you come,down here the first thing you see is,sick of constant neck pain and ready to,take things back into your own hands,this is a very clear selling point we're,telling them what this product solves,right off the bat so when customers see,this they won't have any confusion why,they're on your website and if they,actually are struggling with this pain,point then they'll continue browsing on,your website and then i say get rid of,your pain with 10 minutes of perfect,neck and then i use a very impactful,graphic over here this photo showing,before which is talking about someone,with poor cervical posture and it's,saying that poor cervical posture can,have neck curvature back pain neck pain,and headaches poor sleep and disrupted,digestion but on the other hand it's,showing a photo of someone standing,upright with good cervical posture with,better breathing high self-esteem back,relief improved mood and optimal,digestion so when they see this graphic,right off the bat if they are struggling,with any cervical posture they're gonna,understand the benefits of having good,cervical posture and obviously our,product is the solution for that,cervical posture so if you understand,what we're doing here this is marketing,101 we're talking about how our product,solves that problem now i always love to,put an image right under my headline i,got these images custom created but you,could simply use one of these graphics,you find on here like this graphic is,impactful actually it's showing what,this could be used for so soy milk ice,cream baby food fresh juice and some,other use cases so you could download,this image and you could potentially use,it as this graphic if you were creating,a product for this store now the next,tech section we come into is a few,different paragraphs talking about this,product so you can see we said using,smartphones or small electronic devices,can mean you spend a lot of time with,your head bent forward the problem is,this head action is taking a serious,toll on your neck so this is another,impactful statement over here we're,talking about how smartphones or small,devices could mean that you have your,neck bent forward so this is calling out,our potential customer if you're on your,phone a lot or you use electronic,devices you might suffer from this so,you probably want to keep reading now we,could have done something very similar,with that blender bottle talking about,nutrition or talking about not having,nutrition while you're on the go so if,we keep scrolling down here you'll see,the next paragraph is talking about a,study that talked about how smartphone,usage can actually be a risk for neck,pain and ultimately we get into this,next section talking about how the,perfect neck is your solution and with,10 minutes a day it's going to give you,120 degree stretch to release up penta,tension from your poor posture in your,seventh cervical vertebrae so if you see,what we're doing here also we're,highlighting some of the words that,we're using in our product description,and that's super easy in this,description section over here let's say,we said blender bottle,blender bottle and then we could just,come over here and we could click bold,so they'll be able to see this text and,it will be able to stand out from the,rest of our website now if we scroll,through the rest of this you can see,that i used another graphic over here,talking about how this improves our,posture and i elaborated a little bit,more information on how our product,assists with that so your product,description is going to be different for,every single product now how you can,actually do enough research to compile,enough information to write impactful,descriptions is by looking on amazon,this is my best way to actually curate,product descriptions because what we can,do is we can look up blender bottle over,here and we can see some other people,that are selling products similar to,this so electric blender bottle we'll,see that there's a few different models,over here,and a few ways that we can get,information on our product is looking,through their description and seeing how,they're merchandising this product to,show what's impactful for the consumer,because these amazon listings are,already doing millions and millions of,dollars per year in sales and it will,give us a great idea on how to properly,merchandise things so as you see over,here they listed a few different use,cases for the product which i think came,out very impactful and then if we keep,scrolling down they talk about some of,the benefits this product's easy to,carry this product has a magnetic sensor,design and it's easy to clean now one,thing i want you guys to notice is to,not go over features features would be,hey this product has 320 mha battery,that is honestly not a great way to,merchandise a product how i like to,merchandise a product is to talk about,the benefits so over here they made this,very clear it's easy to carry it's easy,to make juice milkshakes smoothies and,other baby food so i think that's a very,big benefit for everyone and then easy,to clean as well that's another benefit,in just five seconds you can clean this,so they're doing exactly what we need to,be doing on our product page so make,sure you're looking at at least a few of,these similar products and also go over,to aliexpress and read all the,information that they have because,usually they do have quite a bit of,information in here and they do have,good graphics we can use like this a,nice graphic and if we keep scrolling,down here they're probably going to be,more graphics and another pro tip that i,recommend is actually save these images,over here and once you save them go on,to google image and reverse google image,search some of these products and what,you're gonna find is other people,selling this exact same product now once,you see other people selling this,product you're gonna learn how they're,selling it and you can take inspiration,from them,never copy anyone with product,descriptions make sure that you're,following a template similar to what i'm,showing you with an impactful headline,and using an image or a gif a gif is a,small section of a video that can be,compressed and added into a website like,an image so gif would be another great,idea and then at the end of my product,description you'll see that i say try it,risk free for 30 days this is something,that i do like to offer my customers,when they are browsing on our website is,to have a lenient return policy this is,really important when you are operating,an e-commerce business is to give your,customers some sort of period where they,can try your product or you can honor a,policy where they don't feel like,they're gonna get ripped off if they,don't enjoy the product because most,businesses that we shop at have some,sort of return policy and we need to,think for the consumer as well now after,your product description is ready to go,we're going to want to come back over to,our store we're going to want to click,save and we're going to want to come to,the online store section this is a,really important part because this is,where we're going to be creating the,brand behind our website this is where,the storefront is going to be so as you,see we already have this theme dawn into,our website right now,and what you can do is you can scroll,down and go to explore free themes and,check out some of the options they have,you might like some themes better for,the products you're selling for today's,example we're gonna try out this refresh,theme it looks like a really clean and,new theme they've actually updated this,recently with much better themes so,shout out to shopify,but give it about a minute to install,and once this is done installing we're,going to be able to click this customize,button and we're going to be able to,start adding our logo and our secret,sauce to make this website ready to go,live okay guys so it's ready now we're,gonna go into customize and you're gonna,be on something very similar to this now,the first thing that we can do is we can,add our announcement bar this is where,we could tell customers about any sales,that are going on so if you are going to,honor that 20 sale that we talked about,earlier that you set up on the product,page then you could just come up here,and say 20,off and then you should set a timeline,if you are going to be selling this,product on sale for a week then you,could say 20,off until july 12 or something like that,and then the customers will have an idea,now i would capitalize some of these,letters over here just to make it look a,little bit more professional,but once you've done that the next thing,that we're going to want to do is come,over this header this is where we can,actually insert our logo we're going to,click change change dynamic source it's,going to take us to this section over,here and we're going to be able to add,our logo so since we just saved that,we're going to enter it in,and give it about a second to populate,and we're gonna click done,save,and now when we come back over to this,section our logo will show after we,refresh this so let me just refresh our,screen so we can get back to working,while we see our logo now the reason why,this isn't blending into the background,is because this section is blue so we,can change that or if you wanted to,subscribe to canva pro you could also,remove the background it's pretty cheap,it's up to you guys but i'm not going to,be doing it for today's example that's,just to give you guys an idea on how to,do it yourself now the next thing we're,going to want to do,is we're going to want to create an,impactful slideshow for our product as,you see the slideshow section has three,different slideshows we actually don't,need three i usually only use one,impactful banner photo and we can click,select image so we can enter one of our,product photos if we want showing the,product off if you notice this product,image is a little bit too long to fit in,there now we could obviously use an,image of our product or we could even,come over this free image over here and,look up something like fruit and we,could see if there's some aesthetic,images that we could use as a background,so let's see how this one looks i,actually think that looks great so we,could just save this and we could come,back over this slideshow section and we,can do a few things so we could put the,portable blender,bottle now this tells customers exactly,what the product is as soon as they come,over here and then we could use a,subheading over here so i could say,something as simple as take it with you,wherever you wish,now the next thing that we're going to,want to do is we're going to want to,click save over here and one thing that,i recommend you guys do for your one,product stores is to go down and remove,all the other sections because we really,don't need these sections i'm going to,remove,all of them over here so we can start,out with a blank template and we don't,have to use all of this stuff that they,have in here for us because it doesn't,really make sense for one product stores,this is usually for a big storefront and,i don't want to overwhelm you guys so,now that we have everything removed,besides this footer section and our,header banner over here let's come back,to add section and i want you guys to,scroll down until you see something,called an image with text section so i,want you guys to add one of these,and then i want you guys to add another,one of them so we're gonna be using two,or sometimes three image with text,sections for a one product store,obviously things can change when you are,creating your home page but i'm just,giving you guys a template that you can,follow you guys can be creative but this,is something that's worked personally,for me that's pretty simple to get,started now once you created these two,image with text sections let's grab this,button and let's bring it above the,email sign up section so for both of,them,and now what we're going to want to be,doing we're going to want to come over,this section and we're going to want to,add a product photo something that looks,aesthetic and shows our product off and,we're going to want to add some,information by coming over to this,section so you could put a heading over,here and you could say blend,wherever you're at,now we can make this shorter or we can,resize things by coming down here and,clicking small or medium and then you're,going to want to come to the pair tax,with image section and you can just put,a little paragraph about your product so,you could come over to your product,description after you've wrote it and,take some of the information you wrote,and just put it over here as well so if,customers come to the home page there,will be some congruency on your website,now save this and you're going to want,to do the same thing with this second,image with text section over here but,what i recommend you do is you come over,this desktop image placement and click,image second so when you are scrolling,the images are going to be on opposite,sides and it will just make your website,look a little bit more aesthetic so put,another product image over here put some,more impactful text and then you're,going to want to come over to this,section in your email sign up and you,can put your own custom text here so if,you want to say join our email club then,you could put that over here and you,could change this out but a lot of the,stuff they have pre-put in here is,pretty optimized for conversion so i,wouldn't really worry about the footer,email section but i would come over this,footer section and i would add some,information about our product so as you,see there's a section that says shop,this is going to be controlled in our,menu section which i'll show you how to,set up in a few minutes but don't do,anything with this right now but what,you're going to want to do is put about,in the about section talk a little bit,about your brand and talk about why you,guys are in business or what your guys,objective is this is an opportunity for,you to create trust with the customer,now the next section you can focus on is,our mission you don't need this you,could actually remove this by coming,down and remove block but if you want to,add it it could be another way to impact,your customer and then i'm just going to,remove this image section because we,actually don't need that so as you see,we have shop about and then we can,toggle a few different settings so if we,want to show our social media icons and,we can but if not we'll just uncheck,those and if you want to leave your,payment icons you can do the same thing,so there's a lot of settings that you're,going to want to check out and there's,not a one size fits all that works for,everyone i'm not going to be giving you,guys every setting to go after today i,just want to get you guys started on,drop shipping if you guys want me to,make like a free couple hour long course,then definitely let me know down in the,comments and i'll cover absolutely,everything now what we need to do is,click save and after you've saved your,website your website should be looking,pretty good obviously i didn't design,this all right now because i'm giving,you guys an overview but if you,successfully did this then there's only,a few things that we really need to do,before we get ready to start advertising,our product we're going to want to come,and we're going to want to scroll down,to this section we're going to want to,come to our settings section over here,and we're going to want to click domain,so you can buy your domain you can add,it over here so if we're going to do,shop porta blender,then you can see we could just click buy,after it loads up and this will be added,into our domain now the other things,that we're going to want to do is come,over this shipping and delivery section,and you're going to want to click manage,so if you are offering free shipping to,customers then what i recommend you do,is you remove all these other rates,besides the free one over here,since i'm in the united states it's,going to be domestic as the u.s so then,what we're going to click in here is,edit rate and as you see it only gives,free shipping if the condition is the,price is over 50 dollars now i'm gonna,give free shipping to everyone so i'm,just gonna click zero over here we're,gonna do done,and you're gonna wanna do the exact same,thing for the rest of the world if you,are offering free shipping to the rest,of the world so now that you've done,that click save and one of the last,vital things that i'm going to tell you,guys about your website is add some,reviews to it so you could come to,customize your store over here and you,could actually add some product review,tools one that i recommend is ride view,and there's a couple other really good,ones where you can actually come to,aliexpress and you can integrate reviews,from the aliexpress listing and this is,great because when customers are on your,website if they don't see reviews then,they're probably not going to trust you,that much so definitely do that and your,website right now with all the,information i talked about should be in,a decent position to advertise of course,i probably didn't cover every aspect of,information i'm going over this quickly,because i want you guys to understand,but i don't want to overwhelm you guys i,will link a tutorial of something that i,did for over an hour and a half that,might go over a little bit more in-depth,details that i didn't in this video but,let me know if you guys did like this,section and got some value but with that,being said let's move on to the,advertising part of this where i'm going,to show you how you can take your,product where you can start advertising,it for no cost and start making the best,out of your website alright guys so now,we're finally moving on to the,advertising section of this tutorial,advertising is one of the most vital,parts of our business because if we,can't get customers to our website then,our business just won't get sales a lot,of people think you create a website and,the customers are gonna come and that's,simply not true the website's a method,for customers to purchase from you but,that will not attract the customers so,i'm going to be going over my favorite,way to advertise for completely free,which is using tick tock you guessed it,as you saw some of those other products,we're looking at when we're finding,products some of those products were,getting millions of views for completely,no cost and guess what that means they,were getting sales for completely no,cost so we're going to be talking about,how you can do that yourself this is a,product that i've created some tick,tocks with and you can do pretty much,the same thing the strategy that i'm,gonna be teaching you guys today is,gonna be getting a hold of the product,yourself so whether that be ordering it,from aliexpress ordering it from amazon,being the exact same model you're,selling or contacting suppliers with,another method you're going to want to,get the product in your hand because,we're actually going to be recording,tick tocks ourselves because that's,going to help us get hoards of traffic,for no cost and here's a really good,example of a brand doing very well with,this exact strategy i'm gonna tell you,guys to go after so what they're selling,is these water balloon type things so,basically it's a reusable water balloon,we can see on their link they're selling,these for twenty dollars now check this,out guys this website got started,only six days ago and they've been able,to generate over 1.9 million likes yes i,said million and 45 000 followers in,just six days so how are they doing this,well first let's look at some of the,tick tocks they're using so as you see,this tick tock is my wife's boyfriend,got me reusable water balloons and as,you see it's just videos showing how the,product works in an aesthetic location,now if we take a look at more of these,you can see that they're using a meme,style of advertising trying to make some,of these things a joke now i think this,is a very smart strategy that they're,using because obviously tick-tock can be,a predominantly younger audience and,tick-tock virality is based off watch,time and retention on that video so by,making these videos very entertaining,like they're doing it is helping their,tick tocks go viral literally every time,like this one has 27 000 views these are,nothing special this is just you taking,the product and doing unique and,creative things with it so anyone can do,this and that's why i'm saying that this,is such a good opportunity going on,right now and yes you do have to order,the product but once you get this one,product you're gonna be able to make,numerous advertisements with the exact,same product so you order this product,for thirty dollars it gets delivered to,you every single day you're going to be,able to go out there and create content,now here's a good content schedule for,you guys at home when i'm starting out,and i'm trying to launch a new product,organically on tiktok it's a good idea,to try to curate at least two pieces of,content a day but if you can only curate,one then focus on creating the highest,quality content that you can look at,other creators look at what other posts,are going viral and look at similar,products as yours going viral on tick,tock too and also look at trending,sounds and tick tock trends that are,going on right now this will be a great,way for you to get your product to go,viral without much upfront work and just,writing the algorithm that's what we,really want to do at the end of the day,we want to take advantage of some of,tick tocks features so we can get pushed,out in front of all the customers that,they have now here's the craziest thing,once we start getting traction on our,tick tocks once we see a tick tock,that's blowing up and getting a ton of,views we're gonna start getting a lot of,traffic to our website so those people,who saw the video they're gonna go on,your website and hopefully purchase now,if you do have a video that's getting a,lot of people and a lot of purchases,this is where you can turn up the fire,and this is where it makes it super easy,to create a relatively successful brand,once you have that tick tock that's,going viral and getting sales then you,can actually use the tick tock ad,manager which i'll make in a different,video if you guys want to see how to do,it and you can take that tick tock and,you can start paying for views on it and,tick tock will push it out as well using,spark ads and that's another way where,you're going to be able to double down,get more sales and really build a brand,behind a product so this is why i think,this is the most efficient way to launch,a product up right now and the process,is relatively easy all you really need,is a tick tock the product an iphone or,an android and some ambition to shoot,some content so i dare all you guys,watching this video right now to go out,and try this strategy a lot of people,who watch my videos think that the stuff,i teach doesn't work because it's free,but no that's not true i give you guys,course level value for no cost and all i,want from you guys is to actually test,it out because this stuff could change,your life i remember when i first,started e-commerce if i didn't take,those risks and actually follow what,people were telling me then i wouldn't,be where i am today so i really,challenge you to go out there and put,the work in to make this happen because,yes it might not be super easy and it,might take you a little bit of time but,imagine you find that one product that,could make you ten thousand dollars in,revenue per day at a 25 margin that,would be over 60 000 per month now i,know that sounds crazy right now and,that might not be your goal but this is,literally what's feasible with,e-commerce and it's out there and it's,available for you to take advantage of,so make sure to do this let me know your,results down in the comments and if you,did like this video and you want me to,make like a three or four hour video,showing you guys absolutely everything a,to z going over the marketing strategy,going over how to increase your revenue,going over how to increase your average,order value email sequences all the good,stuff then please let me know down in,the comments because i'm coming out with,some fire videos for the rest of the,year and all i want from you guys is to,test this out and give it your absolute,best shot so i appreciate you guys,watching this video if you got some,value remember to smash that like button,and leave a comment down below for the,youtube algorithm and i will see you,guys in the next video next week take,care and peace out

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