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How To Boost Conversion Rate & Stop Abandoned Checkouts On Shopify hey everybody,Justin Cena here ho

Justin Cener

Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Boost Conversion Rate & Stop Abandoned Checkouts On Shopify

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How To Boost Conversion Rate & Stop Abandoned Checkouts On Shopify

hey everybody,Justin Cena here how's it going in this,video I'm going to teach you how to,boost conversion rate and stop abandoned,carts on Shopify this is going to be,really powerful let's jump right into it,every single store I don't care what,you're selling I don't care what,conversion rate you have I don't care,what Revenue you have every store needs,to increase their conversion rate and,I'm going to give you a very easy,strategy to do it and again every single,store needs to focus on doing this it,doesn't matter if you're already making,a million dollars you can make more this,is the direct way to make more money,without spending more on ads and,implementing things like exit intent,pop-ups,urgency incentives helping stop,abandoned checkouts these are all very,powerful strategies I'm going to show,you how to do this all at the exact same,time now when you're trying to implement,this you're going to run into some pain,points there are no built-in conversion,rate boosting tools with Shopify it's,kind of crazy you're going to need to,use an app I'm going to show you which,one is going to handle all this at the,same time and the app needs to stand out,from the crowd I'm going to show you,just exactly why it does that and,feature the ability to work with any,type of store print on demand Drop,Shipping custom product digital product,any Niche any store type any theme,you're going to want to make sure that,the app works in your storefront and,it's very expensive to have separate,apps one for exit intent one for urgency,one for incentivization one for,abandoned checkouts these costs add up,and take away from your overall profit,so how are you going to do this the,right way you're going to use wheelio,this is what I use this is what I highly,recommend to all of my students this is,what I'm recommending to you you see the,link directly below this video make sure,you check out wheelio we're going to go,over the shoulder I'm going to show you,just why you're going to want to use,them to help increase your conversion,rate and stop abandoned carts this is,the wheelio app again you see the link,directly below this video and first of,all I want you to call attention to the,massive five star review average and,over 400 reviews at the time of this,video we can take a look at five star,review after 5 star review after five,star review we could just scroll through,here day after day literally page after,page non-stop five star reviews why,because wheelio does exactly what I was,describing it increases conversion rate,it helps up stop abandoned checkouts it,helps you collect leads it really does,so many different features and I'm going,to show you really kind of everything,that's inside here but really everything,inside is easy to use as well you see,the price over here you got a 14 I'm,sorry a seven day free trial on here,starting at 14.92 per month and really,again I'm going to be able to give you,this cool gamification where we have a,pop-up that doesn't annoy in fact it,doesn't even ignore annoy it engages,with our customers and we have this,really really really awesome wheel take,a look at everything that this wheel can,do I'm going to show you this in action,this is an exit pop-up that can collect,emails can collect phone numbers can set,messenger notifications can turn on push,notifications and of course the main,feature is actually spinning the wheel,I'll show you this live over the show,show they're spinning the wheel giving,an incentive so they remain on the site,and finish their checkout it's all about,increasing the store conversion we could,do this with incentivizations like,coupon codes I'll show you the back end,over here how it integrates with,everything so you can collect emails and,integrate them into your email list like,aweber clavio which I use activecampaign,all the big ones MailChimp right on here,for one click integration lots of,different themes as well so this is,going to look great on your site year,round and all that you need to do is,just simply press the add app button and,this is going to add this app into our,store so you'll press the green install,app button over here and then approve,you're gonna get that seven day free,trial before you'll even be billed now,you're going to be brought in to your,wheelio dashboard this is going to be,where you're able to create and manage,all your campaigns export all of your,emails you have your settings over here,as well you have chat support available,at any time but coming over here just,taking a look at the pricing table this,is really all about Impressions how many,Impressions how many times will wheelio,be shown but let's get this out in,action the easiest thing to do is set it,up and show you so we're going to come,over here into campaigns and we're going,to create our first campaign now there,are a couple of different styles here,you want a little rolly here you want a,nice scratcher you want wheelie 01 we're,definitely gonna go wheelio 2.0 the spin,the wheel campaign very popular they're,the original creators of this and you,know this is such a really really,awesome tool for stores,everyone wants to add engagement this is,the most engaging app in the app store,not just for exit pop-ups but for,anything out there really a big game,changer here so we're going to call this,our first campaign you can name this,whatever you want we're going to have it,turned on Apple will show again after X,amount of days so basically saying if,you see it today you won't see this pop,up this exit pop-up really what it is is,an offer here for another 30 days we,could change this into any time frame,that we want,how about just one minute just here for,testing purposes will allow duplicate,emails just over here for the sake of,the demo here but really you're going to,probably want to keep that off because,we're going to be collecting email,addresses here what they're going to do,is literally as you see they're going to,be able to get a spin of the wheel,for a little varying discount here in,exchange for their email address so why,are we going to do that of course well,we need to have their email address to,run further marketing we need to have,their email address to potentially,recover carts we need their email,address to hit them with follow-ups,right there's huge amounts of money in,the email address and this is also an,exit pop-up as well so we're really,killing like I said multiple birds with,one stone here what do we want to do,with incentivize here are we going to,Auto inject a coupon or not we can keep,this off you can allow a free Spin if,you want you can reset cookies if you,want to reset for everyone to just,restart or you can delete the campaign,as well you can have this run ongoing or,on a fixed date this is great for really,kind of testing and tracking different,things maybe you try one week using one,style one week trying another we're just,going to run this ongoing right now very,powerful over here and you can always go,over the little question marks to kind,of have more clarification of what's,going on but these are going to be,basically page filters this gives you,more granular control over what pages to,that will show it and which pages won't,but it's see over here if there are no,filters it's going to show site wide,which is what we're going to do over,here next we have the country filter,you're just going to set this to all,countries unless you don't want this to,be shown for whatever reason cool,feature over here email segmentation,this is going to add tags to the,collected email based on the URL so you,can create some really smart kind of,tags here that will allow you to track,things all the way down to a product,basis so I created a tag for my one of,my most popular products I'll show you,this over here on this fat cat shirt so,we put this over here and added this as,one you can create more segments as well,if you want now we're going to come over,here and of course first of all we're,going to be able to preview this and,this looks really good on desktop just,as important it looks really good on,mobile as well with that really cool,spin wheel over here we have our actual,email box integrated over here and I'll,talk about where that's going to go,where those emails are going to go after,this but I always want to save changes,here we're just in our first tab here,I'm going to move us now over into,appearance and what we're going to do,here is upload our logo and of course,upload and update our branding so I,uploaded my logo what we're going to do,now is we can actually pick through one,of these themes over here holiday,related themes let's say it was during,that time you see that nice Christmas,theme come up we'll come back to default,what we're going to do is customize to,match our color scheme so background,color and all that we have full control,over this and I have a nice red black,and white color scheme so I'm going to,go ahead and Implement that right over,here so I've set these all up to match,my color scheme you see how this is,going to look we again preview it on,mobile as well you see our nice red,color scheme there as well over here,we're going to click email address but,guess what we could add more Fields over,here as well if we wanted to add phone,if we're going to do SMS marketing first,name last name address as well typically,best practice though the fewer the,fields the easy it is easier it is for,them to do it so we want them to,definitely be entering in their email,address we're going to make the most,money off of that a really cool tool,here to drive sales with scarcity a nice,scarcity bar you see the preview over,here and basically if we turn this on,we'll have full customization over this,we can put something like you know hurry,up,15 minutes left we could put a limited,time right we can put whatever we want,we can obviously match our color scheme,as well so I'm going to come over here,and select my red see the code will be,automatically placed right inside here,we could also put the you see it update,right over here the scare the scarcity,bar right in the pop-up so really great,way again you see percentage offers,claimed hurry up see that it's almost at,the 100 bar here just adding urgency,scarcity and making it so you're going,to have them complete this at a much,higher rate come over here again let's,go ahead and change this to match our,color scheme you see it update in real,time we'll scroll back up here by the,way you could always be looking again,mobile desktop and Main and thank you,it's just going to really carry over,that same color scheme so let's save,these changes and we're going to move on,into the next section texts so as you,would imagine text is going to allow us,to really change every single text that,you see on the screen so shop name,obviously that's going to pull your,store's name automatically but we could,say secret bonus on unlocked or you,could add in some text that you want you,could really customize it to anything,you want so I put in some cat related,text here you can go ahead and match,your voice and your branding so you have,the ability to really customize,everything even the bullet points down,here you spin the wheel only once you,can claim your coupon for 10 minutes we,could have even the customization for,error messages if they entered an email,that was already used literally you have,the ability to customize everything even,the buttons over here I like try your,luck or maybe I'll add a couple of,exclamation points on here but you can,customize this as well using this as uh,you are using this to change it to like,I said match your Brand's voice and in,fact you really have control over,everything come over here your discount,code is really again every single part,of this don't forget to use your,discount code to check out Lucky Day,right uh lucky cat lover day right we,literally put anything that we want,inside here we're going to save changes,again and now we're going to move into,our triggers so this is going to be it,again hover over this at any time it's,going to give you a full explanation,about what's going on but what you need,to know are triggers are basically the,reason why this is going to pop up and,obviously this is an exit intent so,we're going to turn on desktop of course,we have mobile down here on exit intent,zero seconds after they do this we're,going to pop up the trigger I'm going to,show you this in action as well by the,way we have the pull out tab as well,that's this little button over here it's,going to look nice branded on our site,as well we can make a persistent meaning,that it always shows we're going to have,that off other options we could show it,with a time delay we could have a link,trigger where we send to a link that,always is going to pop up this wheelio,or we could have it based on scroll or,an event click these are some more,advanced ways to do it I really,recommend using this as intended for,exit intent you can start to play around,with it more after you start collecting,a good amount of emails and saving those,abandoned carts now what we have over,here are mobile triggers same as desktop,obviously just on your mobile phone,again we have those two different views,over here tablets mobile both right so,we're gonna have phones and uh tablets,over there iPad ads on users leave,intent they'll have the pull out tab as,well over here what we're going to be,able to do in kind of the same controls,we could add a time delay we could have,a link trigger we are adding a page,scroll in Mobile if you don't want to,have a page scroll basically them,scrolling down this much of the page 25,of the page you can simply turn it off,if you don't want to have that on there,remember to save changes at all time we,could show a pop-up as well in terms of,this little kind of sales proof pop-up,nice little extra feature not only to,build trust and credibility but it also,adds some urgency on here as well,showing the timeline on here so you,could add this into your store as well,come back over here and save changes so,again we're accomplishing a lot remember,we're collecting email addresses we're,saving abandoned checkouts we are saving,and stopping exit intent and we also,have this added scarcity and urgency,over here with our sales notifications,so coupon slices right we saw this over,here when we were customizing the colors,now we're going to customize what's,actually on here and again with wheelio,you have full control this is really all,about what is the customer going to get,and you could hover over this question,mark it's going to talk about gravity,but basically it's just kind of the odds,of what people are going to get and you,see that they're never ever going to,land on a losing tile here they're,always going to get something in this,case either going to be a five percent,or a 10 off coupon maybe even a free,shipping coupon or a 20 off coupon your,control over here basically eight out of,10 times it's going to give five percent,two out of ten times is going to give 10,so I recommend sticking with that you,can even play around with some bigger,discounts as well if you have the margin,for it but again this is really,controlling what the customer is going,to get when they spin the wheel and,remember we're always getting their,email address in exchange for this now,we're going to talk about gdpr again,those all these big regulations that,have come out definitely stuff that,e-commerce entrepreneurs need to be,aware of this gives you the ability,you'll see right over here if we click,on it's going to have this little check,box over here to have the terms here's,that little gdpr erasing feature where,you can erase all collected emails if,you have a gdpr request to do so we can,enable email consent you'll see this is,a bit redundant to gdpr so probably have,the option to one or the other SMS,you're going to definitely want to have,this on if you're doing SMS marketing,you have an additional field over there,or maybe even replacing the email with,SMS if you do that heavily but bottom,line is you're covered when it comes to,gdpr and consent making sure again that,we save throughout so let's say,everything is set up nicely and again,I'm going to show you it on the live,site but everything is nicely they enter,in the email they get a 10 off discount,and they finish the purchase great where,did that email go right well this is,where we're going to make the,integration over here this section will,allow us to first of all add,Integrations and then enable the,Integrations and in some cases SMS,Integrations or even Facebook Messenger,Integrations that are recommended over,here but what we can do is just add our,integration here and first and foremost,we want to go ahead and add our clavio,account or let's say our aweber account,or our MailChimp account all you need to,do is just simply select your,integration and it will walk you through,logging in and then giving permission to,this integration here with wheelio so,let's show it off in action so we're,over here and you even see the,notification down here about the coupons,so we're over here and let's say we're,going to have that exit intent right,here okay so about to leave the site you,see wheelio pop up and we have the,animal lovers Co cat lover bonus,unlocked why does it say that because we,put it there same reason why it's red,and all these colors match because we,customized everything here now we're,going to go ahead and put in our email,address you see everything set up as we,saw before so enter in your email click,try your luck literally the wheel spins,you see our logo right in the middle of,the wheel looking nice branded color,scheme everything here and what are they,going to win five percent off coupon,code here it is right here don't forget,to use it here's your lucky cat lover,day right we customized all this over,here copy and have this code available,now we're gonna be able to continue and,use discount right back onto the page,look at the bottom of the page now,everything corresponding to what we just,what just happened we now have a,reminder that extra scarcity bar here,ticking down 15 14 13 minutes,Etc giving that extra scarcity and,really we have the coupon code available,at all times let's say for example they,uh you know copy and pasted something,else they didn't copy it the first time,still available for them to go ahead add,this product to cart use that coupon and,take full advantage of the power of,wheelio here increasing your conversion,rate and doing a whole lot more it's an,incredible tool so that was the wheelio,app this is the original spin pop-up app,and it has an unbelievable amount of,features I invite you to go ahead and,take a look again the link is directly,below this video check out everything,that you're going to get in terms of the,gamification the emails all of the lead,generation tools and of course that,great abandoned checkout functionality,so link directly below this video highly,recommended get wheelio in your store,now I know it's going to help you make,some money

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