how to create skus in shopify

How to Manage Your Shopify SKUs hey guys christian here and today i'm,going to share with you how to


Updated on Jan 17,2023

How to Manage Your Shopify SKUs

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how to create skus in shopify catalogs

How to Manage Your Shopify SKUs

hey guys christian here and today i'm,going to share with you how to manage,your skus,and i'm going to show you some examples,at the very end stick around for that,okay so what are skus skus stands for,stock keeping units and these are codes,that you use internally,to track your inventory and report on,your sales many business owners use skus,for inventory tracking and storage,many also label their products with,stickers that actually show the sku,for easier exchanges and returns and or,to handle questions from customers about,specific products,now skus are different from barcodes and,upc codes,for example although barcodes are unique,globally,and are issued by a standard,organization you can create your own,skus for math codes for your business,now before we get into the sku's,formatting i just want to say welcome to,everyone new my name is christian pinyon,one of the co-founders here at,bitbranding we've been helping,frustrated store owners 2015,become impactful store owners to,tutorials tactics,and strategies now the one way you can,support our channel is by hitting that,subscribe button and turning on,notifications,skus formats now although you can use,any format that you prefer,the following guidelines can help you,make your skus work best for you and,your business,number one characters you can use all,numbers,or a mix of numbers and letters avoid a,format where the numbers one,and zero could be confused with the,letters o,and i don't use special characters,symbols or spaces,because these can cause problems when,searching for those particular excuse,however dashes and underscores are,useful because they can separate groups,of numbers or letters,and represent different product,attributes such as style color,size pattern or even a storage area for,example now don't forget,at the end of this video i'm going to,show you some examples of different,companies and how they're actually,setting up their sku formatting so,be paying attention to that coming soon,all right so number two is the length so,keeping your skews as short as possible,possible all right number two is,length so you want to skip your skews,all right number two is length you want,to keep your skews as short as possible,no more than 16 characters now depending,on the number and variety of products,you sell you might be able to use excuse,formats,that as short as four to eight,characters,those are pretty good too another thing,that you need to take into consideration,is making them simple and understandable,so use a sku format that makes sense to,your staff,and can help with picking or packing,orders,for example each letter and number in,the sku needs to have a purpose,so it can be just all random and lastly,it needs to be unique so for effective,tracking,and sales reporting each sku number,needs to be unique,so even if i have this black t-shirt,with this logo,if i have this bit this variation on,white or maybe,blue each of those variations need to,have a unique,skew number based on that color in that,instance,hey if you're checking out this shopify,tutorial you might enjoy our latest,tutorial on how to add,shopify chat to your store alright,alright this is what you've been waiting,for these are some of the examples that,we kind of gathered here so that it,gives you a better idea on how you can,format your,skus for your particular store all right,so example number one paige she has a,boutique store,and all of her products have a brand,style and size,she chooses to use a ten digit numeric,skew format of,four three four right so we're gonna use,she's gonna use dashes in,these the digits are separated by,hyphens,and they wanna refer to brand style,and the size so for example she could,use the sku4225-776-3234,right so the first set of numbers the,4225 is the brand,the 776 is the leg style in this,instance,it could be the boot cut and the 3234 is,actually the size the waist and length,now example number two jimmy has a,wooden pen business and he prefers to,sort and store his products by what type,ink color,and point size so he decides to use an,alphanumeric sku format of,332. so for example he could use a wal,underscore blk underscore 25,and this refers to a pen made from,walnut with black,ink and a 2.5 millimeter point all right,there you have it now you should have a,better idea on how to create skus,and i gave you some examples so that,kind of gives you a running start on,your store and your particular skus so,start today,now don't forget to leave a comment,below if you have any questions about,skus how to use them how to create them,anything let me know down below now if,you've stuck around this long you're,probably someone who wants to,know the keys to ecommerce growth and,success in the long term,since i know this is probably you,otherwise you would have clicked away a,long time ago,then you need to check out our free,training on the five pillars that,must be in place in order to grow your,business,so check the description below for that,link thank you so much for watching if,you liked the video make sure to hit,that like button and again,subscribe it will help us a lot we'll,see you next time,you

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