how to create a second shopify store

Can I open two shopify stores under the same account? what up boys and girls it's flynn here,um toda

Flint Tolley

Updated on Jan 19,2023

Can I open two shopify stores under the same account?

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Can I open two shopify stores under the same account?

what up boys and girls it's flynn here,um today's video i want to talk about,setting up two shopify stores um is it,easy to manage them what what is,required,uh so in the last 24 hours i've been,doing this and setting it up basically i,have a,domain website for australian customers,and then i purchased a, which i wanted to,use for us customers you can't run two,shopify stores under the same account,but you can set up a second account with,the same email address,now,this led me to some confusion and it,also led my computer to some confusion,when logging in because it tries to save,the password from the other account,using the same email,and that actually locked me out because,i stuffed it up the password because it,was using the autosave password and then,i had to contact shopify support and,reset the password for the second,account which is for the us store and um,eventually fix the uh problem,and now i've got one tab another tab a,bookmark for the us site and a bookmark,for the au site so that when it logs in,it knows which one i know which one i'm,logging into,um now this is kind of the only option i,had because the sites had different,products available the ones in australia,the ones available for strand customers,were different to the ones in the us,um,so my u.s store yeah i had to set up a,whole separate um shopify store for that,now both running on the same theme but,um yeah i just had to set that up now,i've done all this within the last 24,hours like i was up until 2am last night,doing it,um because i was just so keen to get the,us site up and running,i'm slowly getting more and more of my,inventory over there,and um,then it's uh it's currently up but um,soon i'll have all my products on there,that's the plan,and um,yeah so setting up the second account,um you just have to do it you can't have,the same,account the only circumstance when you,have the same account but you have two,stores is if you duplicated the exact,store,say just to change the currency but,everything else was the same same pages,same product same shipping,um,that would be the only case where you,can have two shopify stores under one,account,okay because when i was talking to,support that's what they mentioned but,because i have different products and,different,shipping rules and all that i needed to,create a second account so that's what,was involved for setting up a second,account,you obviously have to pick a plan as,well once for it to go live,um otherwise you have 14 days to set,things up but uh when you get used to it,you know you can easily set it up within,24 hours,heck you could set it up within a couple,of hours,but yeah that's all for today's video,any questions pop them down below i'm,happy to make videos for you guys,covering any topics that um i have some,uh,experience in otherwise yeah i'll give,it a crack anyway thanks for watching,and we'll catch you in the next video,you

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