how to create a loyalty program on shopify

Launch a Loyalty & Rewards Program on Shopify in Minutes | hi I'm Paige from smile and in t


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Launch a Loyalty & Rewards Program on Shopify in Minutes |

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Launch a Loyalty & Rewards Program on Shopify in Minutes |

hi I'm Paige from smile and in this,video I'm going to show you how you can,launch a smile loyalty program on your,Shopify store in minutes if you're,looking to build a powerful loyalty,points or referral program boost repeat,purchases and build a brand community,that keeps customers coming back and,spending more than keep watching ok,let's get started we're going to be able,to add a real-time rewards program right,to our Shopify store first let's head on,over to the Shopify app store and we're,going to search for the app smile and,we're going to add the app to our store,next we're going to create a customer,account so add your email and make a,password,and now it's time to name our rewards,program so our stores called maple rose,home quality goods so we'll name our,program Rose rewards make sure to get,creative with this and you can choose a,brand color so I'm going to pick a nice,rose color and you can also change your,text to black or white but we'll stick,with white because it contrasts nice on,the background now it's time to choose,our average order value so because we're,a home good sword the orders are a,little bit higher so we'll choose 150 -,350,you can either start with points or,referrals to get started and whichever,one you don't choose you can always add,later so we'll stick with points to,start you can see the customer journey,here that they'll experience with your,points program and here are the,different ways to earn and redeem so far,and we can add more later so currently,if a customer places in order they'll,get five points for every dollar spent,and a hundred points is equal to one,dollar you can also preview the email,notifications that your customers will,receive like points earned and reward,redeemed now let's launch our points,program,awesome so at this point our loyalty,program is now live on the store so,let's go take a look and see and there,it is right on the right-hand side,before I dive into the panel I want to,quickly show you around the dashboard,and then I'll dive into what the panel,looks like on our store so let's head on,over to the branding section in the,branding section you can edit the look,and feel of your loyalty program so you,can come in and edit colors you can edit,the policeman of your panel and the,visibility currently we are on the free,plan so once you upgrade to a paid smile,plan you'll get a ton of new features in,this section you'll be able to add a,banner image and more colors now let's,head over to the program section so as,you can see our points program is,enabled and you can actually add more,ways to earn in this section these are,all of the different ways you can add,your customer to earn points and you can,also add more ways to redeem,another great feature is you can name,your points currency so because our,programs flower themes let's name our,points petal points now let's head over,to the referral section as you can see,referral programs disabled right now so,let's add this to our loyalty program,right now if a customer refers a friend,their friend will receive a fifteen,dollar off coupon and if that customer,makes a purchase,then the refered friend will also get,$15 off so I actually like this setting,so we'll keep we'll stick with this here,is where you can edit the text for,social sharing and down here is where we,can enable our program once your,programs live and members start joining,you can take a look at your analytics in,the performance section and in the,notification section is where all of the,customer emails live so when your,customer completes an action they'll,receive an email notification which,looks something like this and you can,either enable them or disable them in,this section here I want to make one,more edit which is under the laundry,section so we can actually change what,our launcher button looks like on the,site so I'm gonna add Rose rewards and,I'm also gonna change the icon to the,crown which looks kind of like a rose,let's take a look at what our loyalty,program looks like live on the site so,it's here in the bottom right hand side,and it's fully responsive meaning it,scrolls with your website which is great,for visibility because any new visitor,will be able to see it and engage and,join with your program so when you open,up the panel there's a clear,call-to-action for members to join,existing members can sign in and they,can get,educated on your program I already have,an account so I'll show you what it,looks like once you're logged in,once you're logged in to your customer,account you open up the panel and you'll,see the member view so you'll be able to,see the different rewards you have of,course I don't have any yet and the,different ways to earn and you'll also,have access to your unique referral link,which you can share with friends and,family and that's the end of the video,yes it's really that easy to set up your,own smile loyalty program on your store,so make sure you head on over to the,Shopify app store where you can install,smile and check it out for yourself,thank you so much for watching and I'll,see you next time

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