how to create a customer group in shopify

How to create customer groups and add discount code for them hello everyone and welcome I hope you'r

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How to create customer groups and add discount code for them

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how to create a customer group in shopify catalogs

How to create customer groups and add discount code for them

hello everyone and welcome I hope you're,doing great in this week video I want to,continue over where we left last week we,saw how to add customers how to import,them or add them manually one by one,what I want to show you today is how to,create a customer group and also how to,add a discount code specific to that,customer group so let's first start with,creating a customer group or a customer,type or whatever you want to name it the,idea is we want to build up a list of,customers that have something in common,so for that we're gonna use our search,here search for customers you can type,whatever you want to type for example if,you want to look only for for New York,it will show you everything that has to,do with with New York if you want to,target all customers that their name are,Robert well you can also do that why was,this showing up Robert,because of the email so that was was,showing up because of the email so as,you can see it's not that specific so,you can New York obviously will be will,be specific enough so but let's try,something that makes a little bit more,sense you have all these filters that,you can use to make a search and and,build up a list so you can select with,the amount of money they spent number of,orders when they placed an order they'd,created the account if they accept,marketing abandon if they abandon an,order account status if you also tagged,them with something because last week we,did tagged some customers so let's just,take a look at that you see this one,I have tags I have Facebook and I just,wanna have Facebook so let's use this,example let's go back let's build a,group of that it's tagged with Facebook,because obviously I will know they come,from Facebook so maybe I want to give,them a special discount or send them a,special email so once I have my search,and and my results what you can do right,here is save this search save as new,search and what we wanna call it in this,case we want to call it Facebook so,right now,it added here and not a tab Facebook so,if I go to it it basically remember my,last search so that's what I have it's,it's those two there and obviously when,you have more customers that will apply,to the same rule it's gonna be added,over here same thing for you added tabs,that you have except marketing repeat,customers prospects and binder in order,last month okay so this is what they're,considering for prospect when somebody,abandon an order within last month so,those are your prospect maybe if you,want to send them a discount code a meme,or something like that or here from,Canada you can do the same thing if you,want from the United States so let's,let's let's work with the Facebook so we,just created a customer group this over,here let's go and discount codes so if,you never created discount codes,basically just click over here at a,discount you're gonna give this is the,discount code you want to apply so let's,see Facebook 20 so because I want to,give 20% off your conditions you have,you can use an amount you can use a,percentage or after free shipping in my,case I will do a percentage I will do,20% you can apply it on all orders,orders over a certain amount a specific,collection specific product a specific,product variant or and this is what's,important customer in a group so our,customer in a group we want it to be,Facebook we can put it usage limits,those are how how many times they can,use the discount code so this is for the,quantity and this is for how limits per,customer so if a customer can use it,more than once or not you can leave it,checked or unchecked whatever it's it's,as you wish I'm gonna leave it just like,that,you can also set when it should start,and you can make it start in the future,if you want you can also have it with an,expiration date which I suggest that's,how I normally do it so maybe just give,it a month don't leave it run for for a,year so maybe do something a little bit,more specific and I have it good for for,a month and you can also say it in your,email that that the discount code is,available,until the end of next month so that's it,this is how simple it is after you did,create your your customer group so if,you have more don't then than those,you're gonna be able to see them here,and select so just click Save and this,is my discount code and you have a small,resume year of this again is your,discount code what does it do this is,the rule 20% off on all customers in,group Facebook it wasn't used yet,obviously when is it starting when it's,an ending you can disable it you can,delete it and you can also click on your,Facebook group,customer group and see who's part of,that thank you very much for your,attention,this is it for today if you have any,questions as usual please use the,comments below also in the description,you're gonna find my information being,my skype my email my Twitter LinkedIn,Instagram everything is there for you to,be able to reach me and ask your,questions so don't be shy it will be my,pleasure to answer them all so please,subscribe to my channel I'm releasing,videos like this one each week so like,that you will be sure to not miss,anything,also I'm teaching a free class to show,you how to modify the look of your store,which is about CSS I just want to show,you really quick and again for free how,to play with CSS and be able to do some,changes to the look of your store and,finally if you need my help on analyzing,your your website you can do that with,by clicking on this link directly it,will be my pleasure and you will get,really good input about what's wrong on,your website concerning design,concerning SEO,your colors branding speedtest take a,look,I'm doing all of that and again giving,you a really really good information and,feedback about your website so that's it,thank you

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