how to create a business email with shopify

How to Setup a Custom Domain Email Address for Your Shopify Store hey shopify users,in this tutorial


Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to Setup a Custom Domain Email Address for Your Shopify Store

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how to create a business email with shopify catalogs

How to Setup a Custom Domain Email Address for Your Shopify Store

hey shopify users,in this tutorial i am going to show you,how you can create a professional email,with your shopify store,now what i mean by professional email is,that when you create a new store,you,have your email already with your,shopify account so,your shopify store generates a lot of,emails like one of the most common one,is say order confirmation so all those,emails your customers receive they come,from,another email address you know you see,in the in the from field,so,if you go,into your store,and go into,settings,and,on the right side you will see your,contact information,with your phone number and these couple,of emails,go in here,and you can see how it says shopify uses,this to contact you so this first email,is just the email that you signed up,with and then the second email sender,email customers see this if you email,them now,that can be,um and,when somebody places an order then they,receive an order,confirmation and that will come from,this,email and then also,if you have a contact form on the site,somebody,submits a,question or something and then you get,an email to your personal email which is,fine but if you reply to that email,that's gonna go from your personal email,which again is,not that professional so,so most people would like to set up a,professional,email,so there is a couple of services that,shopify promotes i believe it's g suite,and soho i believe,but i am not going to be,connecting to those services,so for those i'll make separate videos,so in this,i will show you,if you are using cpanel with your,hosting account on a different,service,and,how you can make these changes so,um for you it,it might also be slightly different but,the main idea what you need to do is,uh,go in there and,look for this zone editor so,right now here you're seeing this zone,editor i am in cpanel,and for you if you don't have this type,of interface but you probably have,access to some type of place where it,says zone edit zone,something like that so all right so how,we are going to start this process is,first,we will go into our store where we were,earlier so,the first email that you have you can,leave that that's how shopify contacts,you that's your,tie to your account second one,is the one you want to change so,um,let's first create an email that we need,to use here so,go in,i'm here,same thing you will have access to,create emails wherever you're hosting,your email,you will go into say,i'm here in email accounts,and i can create an email,admin,and i will just leave these default for,now,and,create,make sure if you have different domains,to make sure you're creating it on the,right domain,and,now that you've created your email,now we will,go back,to,shopify and put that email in there,and,save,and just earlier you were saying fix,this and there's an exclamation mark,here and,you will go into,fix this,so here you can see your customers might,see no reply at, instead,fix this,and it takes you to this,page right here,now,we saved this earlier so that is showing,there your email may be shown in inboxes,as admin,this via shopify so before if,the emails were coming from,your personal email now it's going to,show this but then it's going to say via,shopify which again you,probably don't want that you just want,your email to show,so,down here you see domain status not,authenticated so click on this button,right here,and you will see this opening up now,this here is a very,um,useful information,and,this is all we are going to need to,create these records,at our email host providers so,one by one so be very careful,with where you are putting these values,and,you could have two monitors you can have,one,uh,with your,where you're,updating the records at the email host,and then on the second screen you can,put this so either side by side you're,not switching screens for in this video,i,am,working off of one monitor so i have to,switch the tabs to update these values,anyways let's get into it so the you see,there's four records here so,i am first going to go back to where we,were going to see panel here,zone editor,and in here,i have a couple of domains so i am going,to manage the domain that i want to go,into,here and then you see add record,click on that,you can see it opens up these fields as,a record so some are already filled out,so,you start by,going here,first one there's a type,c name you can see they're all c names,so that's important cname then host name,then value,hostname so let's copy for the first,record copy this you just click this and,it'll copy it,to the clipboard so,and then we go back,here first thing,select cname,and then that name that we just copied,goes into this name area,and then,we have to go back and copy the value,and,do note that up here as it says the host,name may also be called label or prefix,so based on where your domain is,you know it's possible this host name,shows label or prefix and for value,um i guess,that,in here like it says,it's not a value but you know it's just,saying this,record so,it can be slightly different but it's,it's easy to figure out type is the,easiest one and then you see some sort,of name and then this is where the value,is going to go,um so,we will paste that value in here,double check one more time yes,and add record,all right now we're gonna add a second,record,go back,copy this one,here,again cname,name,paste that in here,and then copy the value,and,add,riker,okay,third one again it's cname copy this,cname,peels this in here,and then,let's get the value,post,paste that in here,and,i'm doing control,v to paste it so you could just do right,click paste also,and then add record,all right so now we have the last one,left right here again copy go back,cname value,and then,paste this,last one,and,that's it add record,and we have added all four records so,so um just make sure i mean i am,this might be too fast as i did it but,make sure you go very slow and check,again that you don't mess up the values,because you must have one value then,it's uh you know then you have to go,figure out where the record is and,change that again,anyway so we have updated our records,we'll go back to our shopify,and down here you see this authenticate,domain you will click on that,and,you can see it says domain,authentication is in progress,this should take about an hour but,may take up to 24 hours so it can,all these type of changes can sometimes,take a uh,take a while i mean sometimes it's done,in,an hour or so but yeah sometimes it can,go up to 24 hours or even more so,all right so,we've done the changes and that's all,you need to do when,this is done,you will see something here,and,you know,that will tell you that this is all,working fine right now here this is,pending mainly this probably will,turn green and um so if you have,performed the steps,till now,and,just leave it there,uh you might have a problem with,either you're not receiving emails or,your emails,keep going,to spam folder,and,the solution to that is,we have to go back and add one more,record so,let's go back,to,where we were before,the same way in your site wherever you,are changing your records you're gonna,go in there,and this time you're gonna go into txt,so,look in the existing records that you,see and look for something that says,like this v equal to spf1,now if you already have this,what you are going to do is say,say,i have this in here already for shopify,but you might have something like,this,so what you are going to do is you are,going to,add,this include colon,and,the rest stays the same,now if you don't have a record like this,then you are going to add a record and,in the name,you might have just add which means,your current domain that you're in,and then this stays the same as this,and it's a txt type and here you will,have something like,just,this,this is if the record doesn't exist and,you are adding a record so this is what,you're going to do,and then after this you will save the,record i'm not saving it right now,because i already have it,so mine looks like this because i,already had a record so,and,you will just add this part in there,and that's it,this here is very important it's going,to make sure your the emails don't go to,spam,folder so what's happening is like,you shopify is sending the emails and,then,you know the emails are coming from this,domain so,for spam reasons the servers that are,receiving the emails they need to,validate hey do can we really trust this,email so,this is what will,make them trust your email and your,emails get delivered so,that's it,don't leave out this step,and,that's it for now thanks

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