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How to Find Successful Shopify Stores & COPY Them to Make Millions (Products, Ads & Targeting) Hey g

Rafael Cintron

Updated on Jan 20,2023

How to Find Successful Shopify Stores & COPY Them to Make Millions (Products, Ads & Targeting)

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How to Find Successful Shopify Stores & COPY Them to Make Millions (Products, Ads & Targeting)

Hey guys in this video,I'm gonna teach you how to find and copy the top Shopify stores in the world their winning products the winning ads,They're targeting and literally everything they're doing to make all their money. It's a tool called Pexgle,I'm gonna teach you how to use it right now. Nobody is talking about it,And it's absolutely mind-blowing how it works everything that it tells you about a store,So I'm gonna show you in my computer right now. Let's go and find out,So before we go into how to actually find products and stores that are doing really well on Shopify,I want to tell you about this tool called pixel right and they didn't pay me at all to do this video,I didn't get paid in any way shape or form,But it's a tool that essentially analyzes a Shopify store to its core winning products winning ads,what pages are using to advertise literally everything of the traffic that's coming to each and every product and,Literally everything that you need to know to copy them and just do it for yourself,so,Let's go,Should we go I'm locked in so we can log into the dashboard and let's say you want to look for a store and analyze,everything about them,So let's go to inspire uplift calm which is a store that I know that's making a lot of money millions on Shopify,Let's take the store inspire uplift calm. And all you have to do is put it in there. It'll analyze the store for you and,Now these little cool things that it's going to tell you about the store,It's gonna tell you traffic by countries how much traffic it has every single month and the difference in months,So last month, it had 2.2 million. That's a lot,That's a million dollars to 1.5 million in revenue estimated and then mobile,62% desktop 37 and the amazing just mind-blowing thing that this tool shows you is the refering Facebook pages,To the store. So all you have to do with these pages that are right here,It says it tells you the links right here the links as well,So you have to do is now, you know,the pages that are referring traffic to the store you take those pages and you put them on your browser on Facebook and,Then you go to the info and ads,section of,every one of these pages and,Essentially if they have more if they have from like four to eight all the way up to 10 pixels going to show you all,Those pages and you can literally go to every single one of them click info and ads and now, you know all of the ads,running to that Shopify store,You imagine how a mind-blowing this is you don't have to swipe millions of apps,You don't have to buy three different software's,All you have to do is put a website you get all the phrase four pages and that's it,now you check out all the ads that they're running the other cool thing that it shows you is the best-selling products, of course, so,The products that are on here are essentially their top products for months and they're Auto updated by the software,Plus like these are the top in revenue. It also shows you top traffic,so if you check on traffic and literally shows you how many people went to that page in total and,The changes every single month. So all you have to do is click on see more best-selling products,We're gonna click on that and then it's gonna show you even more products for that store. So let's check on that,These are all their top products. You can sort by newest my oldest my highest traffic highest change in traffic,Hi its price and literally anything that you want to know about their winning products,So this is like having a bunch of software's in one pretty much,So you get like inspire up live is selling all these products you can see the traffic,So let's say you want to test like there's a roller ball massager. They've only tested it with,1474 so their ad might have 5 million views,But the actual product page only has a thousand four hundred,So essentially, you know, oh maybe this is not as saturated as it seems I can test it. But if it already has like,50,000 70,000 maybe a hundred thousand people this and and then you know, it's saturated, you know not to try it,So it really gives you a lot of insight into the product,We're gonna go back so I can show you the last piece of the puzzle, which is obviously their top Facebook Ads,so this literally shows you all of their ads are running how many comments how many shares the traffic they,Generated so some of these ads,They might have like two million views,But that's because they're either on watch pages or they have like viral pages,I'm show you essentially the watch page section on Facebook, which I talk about a lot,these ads might have like two million views, but they only have,379 traffic which doesn't make sense, but it makes sense,If those ads are just being optimized for video views or they're being optimized on the watch page,Where people just watch videos they never click on the actual link. So it really gives you insight on their top ads,what makes them work what makes them get sales so you can just click on here see more videos and,Then from the website, it's gonna pull up all of their ads literally all of them,and these are the top ones of their running so you can just input a,Domain and I'll show you other face against all other Facebook pages that they're using to run ads to their Shopify store,It's literally telling you everything that you need to know to copy them you take let's say you want to sell this waterfall of smoke,All you have to do is click on that,It'll show you the exact ad right here and boom and now you know,What ad to run if it's running if it's selling or not, right? So you check on,Let's say this laser acupuncture pen,Boom now you have the I copy right here,Obviously, I don't recommend like straight up just stealing the a copy and putting into your own because some ad copies are very saturated,So people are just used to it. They're like app whatever. I've seen that a million times,So what you do is that you model it after this because you already know that this is working,Now you can model it and write it for your own. So this is why I love this tool again,They're not paying me anything for this. I mean, I don't even know the owners or anyone working up. Excellent,They don't know who I am. I'm too small for that. But literally this is like a tool that I discovered the other day,It's a little bit expensive. So I'm gonna show you the actual pricing. Ah,The actual pricing on the tool. It's a little bit expensive. It's,$200 a month, but there is a one-week free trial for just seven dollars,So all you have to do is just get on the free trial for seven days again,I don't have an affiliate link or anything to it,So all you have to do would be to just get on the seven dollar free trial,try it out for seven days spy on like,50 to 100 stores and then just dip out and then just cancel the trial so I would definitely recommend you you use it,it's it's definitely improved the way I look at successful Shopify stores and it's gonna improve the way my team and I,Write better ads in the long run and just find better products in the long run because this is this just breaking down,Who is winning to the core?,Products targeting ads literally anything that you would want to know about someone making a lot of money. This is gonna break it down,so the other section of this video which I'm going to show you is how to actually find,stores that are winners right how to actually find,Links to the products that are being advertised or just pretty much anything being advertised on Facebook,And what I recommend you do is go to the watch section on Facebook,It's a new feature that they updated last year,which essentially just videos of products or videos in general of,Cool things that people can share with each other. So I don't recommend going on straight up and just searching through there,That's good,but that's what everybody does and,I've been teaching my students to go on watch and they found,products that are that pretty much nobody else has found because they're not looking on watch what I recommend is you type in,product or products,You're on watch and the cool thing is it's gonna pull up all of the right awesome product. You must have,Let me see,This owl is a revolutionary product,So and then if you look up products is gonna actually give you lists of products. So nine home products,Products you need in your life, like boom. Now you have products that people are looking at and then this one has,90,000 shares and,22 million views that's insane. So and they actually don't even have a link to,Any of these products, which is crazy,All you have to do is like look up. So another trick that I'm going to show you now is,Look up the product name on Google and find the Google Ads that are running for that product check if the store has,Is based on Shopify like you can do that right now. So let's say it is like waterfall,smoke,Instance burner this is one of the things that a lot of my students are selling now,So all you have to do is that's how we find the store. I,Can't find a store. That's not Amazon. But let's say we find a store here,Life-changing products here. Let's say,life-changing products dotnet,All you have to do is download this Chrome extension called what runs and what runs is going to tell you,Does it run on Shopify WordPress?,WooCommerce, whatever it is. It's going to tell you exactly what it runs on,So if it runs on Shopify, you can just go to Pecola,I mean this one doesn't run at Shopify but let's say it did all you have to do is go LCP shop net,Input it into Pecola and it will tell you everything about it,It's gonna pull up like products ads targeting literally anything that you need to know to copy them,Do it on it like this just shortcut it,Months off of anybody's a learning curve by just copying what works so this is definitely something that I recommend,I mean I know know like a lot of people don't have the money to spend two hundred five hundred dollars a month on a,Software like this. So I just recommend doing the free trial seven days. And then oh, that's it. So it's not pulling up,I'm guessing it's because you know, it's a WooCommerce site,But that's not sure what I do,If I find a product in one of these videos that I like and I kind of know the name or the name appears,Somewhere here. All I do is I look it up on Google. I check the Google ads or the Google results for it,and then I go and check the,Actual store use that application called what runs to see if it's a Shopify site or not. Take the Shopify site,Put it into packs Allah,And now I have their top winning products their top winning ads and literally anything that I would want to know,About that store to copy them and guys,I have a special gift for you,If you want a list of the top 50 Shopify stores all over the world, and these are general stores,These are not like top brands like Kylie cosmetics anything else,No, these are top 50 general stores that are selling products,Just like you probably top 50 revenue stores all over the world,the link is in the description one of my,inner circle students actually spent a lot of time crafting this list and he's selling it for,$4. So if you go to a link in the description, you can find the top 50 stores buy it through there,I don't make any money off it all the money goes straight to the student,So if you want to support that student spent hours and hours and hours,Crafting this list of these 50 stores and making sure I made sure that those stores were highly,traffic where high-traffic stores and high revenue stores,And they are so if you want that list of 50 so you can just go to Pecola get a trial,Put them on Pecola find their products find their ads find everything about them,Then you can buy that for like $4 only and all the money as I said goes to my student. Nothing goes to me,Thank you so much for watching,This guy's if you want a special inner circle module that I did only for my mentoring program,But you want it right now, you know,I love you guys. I care for you guys comment secrets comment the word secrets down in the description,Sorry in the comments below,Comment secrets in the comments below for a special module that you can learn how to test and how to scale,Products through Facebook at properly and how to do it right now 2019 my most updated,most updated,Method and version you can comment secrets below. I'll send you that right away,and as always if you want to schedule a free one on one call with,This guy directly and one on one call with me. You can schedule it in the link in the description. It says seven-figure shop calm,/schedule call and you can schedule a free one on call to see if you're the right fit for a mentoring program to work one-on-one,With me and get you to your goal whether that's 5k a month 10k 150 km on under camera,Whatever that goal is we'll work on it one-on-one together and we'll figure out the best strategy for you,So make sure to schedule a call right now in the description as I said again get that,50 top stores all the money goes to my student not me,So do you want to do that get it down in the description?,Thanks so much for watching subscribe like this video,So it gets more views on the channel more people see it,If you like this video more people see it more people get value more people know about all these strategies and if you subscribe,YouTube keeps pushing me up. So we get more people more people excited our community grows and literally everything gets better,Thank you so much for watching comment below secrets for that special module. I will see you guys in the next one

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