how to copy a shopify store

How to COPY Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores TO MAKE MONEY this video we're going to be going

Matt While

Updated on Jan 16,2023

How to COPY Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores TO MAKE MONEY

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How to COPY Successful Shopify Dropshipping Stores TO MAKE MONEY

this video we're going to be going over,how to copy successful Shopify drop,shipping stores so that you guys can,basically copy exactly what they're,doing and see what's winning on their,store so you guys can apply that to your,store so you can start getting more,sales and have your store look more,professional let's get right into the,video so for the first step in this,video what you guys will have to,actually be able to do is find a product,that you want to sell so once you guys,have that product and if you guys are,having trouble actually finding a,product make sure you guys check out,this video right here it shows exactly,what you need to know and what you need,to do to find winning products while,Shopify Drop Shipping so once you guys,have your product that you have found,you have to search up a store for that,basically to search up a store all you,have to do is find in another person,that is selling that exact same product,that you wanted to sell and then with,that store all you have to do is find a,professional looking store not just any,stores that you guys can actually look,up how many sales they're actually,making per month how much money they're,making per month and what exactly their,store is using in terms of theme in,terms of apps and everything you need to,know to actually make your store look as,professional as theirs so with copying a,Shopify Drop Shipping Store to make,yours actually get the increase and the,same engagement that they're getting,it's not just gonna happen in a click of,a button there's no Shopify website that,says copy and paste their store to yours,you just have to copy every single,element that is in their store and this,video I'm gonna be showing you guys,exactly once you guys have found that,store that you actually want to copy the,first step is actually copying that,theme so the theme is basically the,outline of a Shopify store and to do,this all you guys have to do is head,over to your website called,,you guys are on this website all you,have to do is press on add a URL where,you're going to copy the domain which is,a web address you're going to,copy that domain and put it into this so,for this this video I actually did copy,a Shopify theme and I actually made it,into a complete other store in the first,step in this is I'm going to be showing,you is go to this website put in the,domain just like I have here in, if I'm saying that right that,is the Shopify store that I actually,copied to another stores that I could,see what they're doing see how many,sales they're doing and then actually,copied that so and then you go over here,and you're gonna see that this theme is,actually using ride every theme is,different but this theme actually is one,that I now recommend after I found this,for the sake of the video so I'm gonna,actually be using all Shopify Drop,Shipping theme stores with this theme,known as ride and then once you guys,have found that theme all you guys have,to do is head over to Shopify over here,and then actually Implement that theme,into your store now a quick word from,our sponsor this app will actually help,out your Shopify dropshipping experience,tremendously this allows you to easily,test product prices within seconds this,allows you to increase profit and,revenue as you guys can test different,product prices where you guys can either,increase it or decrease it according to,your customers needs now to download,this app all you have to do is click the,first link in the description and this,app will actually help your store,increase their profits because of the,rising prices of inflation so if you,guys have not downloaded this app or,added this app to your store make sure,you guys do do this because within,seconds you guys can book change product,prices to actually increase them so your,store stays making money with the,inflation percentages that we have today,this app has greatly increased my store,and it can greatly increase your store,by just going to the Shopify App Store,and downloading that within a minute you,guys will have it up and running the,download click that first link in the,description and let's get on with the,video now the next step is to actually,incorporate everything on that website,and to your theme once you actually have,installed that so over here on my phone,this was the website that I actually,decided to start copying into my store,so as you scroll down what we can see in,the beginning is actually the product,like this and then we have a little,announcement tab at the top and then as,we scroll down we can see that there is,a gif just like that and then as you,scroll down there is a bunch of text,just like that and then at the very,bottom you can see frequently asked,questions with a reviews tab at the,bottom so this website looks very,professional if you guys do want to go,to the website that is the domain right,there and but we are going to,be copying everything from this website,into our own website and this brings us,over to the laptop over here where I,actually did copy almost everything,except for the color scheme I made a,lighter blue and the logo because those,two things you can't really copy you,have to it unique you have to make it,yours so that you actually stand out,from this other one even though you're,copying the website so I put the product,over here and then I put 22.99 to sort,of undercut their prices to actually get,some of their customers onto mine,because they're buying it for Less let,me press on view full details over here,we can see that we have the add to cart,to copy the exact shipping info 30 day,money back guarantee and package content,except we changed up their name with,ours their logo name was in goatee and,ours was the Snoopy sensor which I,believe is better than theirs so then at,the end we had the exact same,description as they do we copied the,same exact video from them and they,frequently asked questions I actually,did this a bit differently even though I,did copy the same exact text I actually,made that color,um the color scheme by myself I do,believe that that is a great color,scheme let me know if you guys like that,too and at the bottom we have customer,reviews which on the laptop is not going,to show the custom ones it'll show the,default ones but if you do want to see,the customer review is just go to this,website on your phone it's going to be, so as you scroll down,that is basically it and then you have,the footer which I copied there by now,check order contact and then all the,policies like that so that was the exact,store,um basically what you guys need to do is,just copy their store and you guys will,know how to do this with this left,sidebar right here if you guys do not,know how to use Shopify make sure you,guys learn there's tons of YouTube,videos on it and if you're gonna have a,Drop Shipping Store you can't make one,without knowing how to use the platform,itself so it's very easy to learn just,look up some videos or if you guys do,want to learn one-on-one you guys can DM,me on Discord and join that server where,you guys can actually join a community,of so many people who are looking to,make money online whether it's through,side hustles Drop Shipping real estate,or anything uh sort of in the online or,the in-person you know categories that,is the end of the video I hope you guys,did enjoy another one of this shopify's,series if you guys do want to see more,videos on how you guys can actually make,your shop Shopify Store look more,professional or how to find products or,in the end make more sales or how my own,personal Shopify stores have been doing,which you guys do click on that Shopify,playlist it'll be the first video,section when you guys actually click on,my channel has such great updates tips,and tricks where you guys can actually,make your store look more professional,or just make money because at the end of,the day that is the end goal so do check,out that playlist this that is the end,of the video so if you did enjoy me if,you guys do leave a like and hit that,subscribe button my name is Matt and,we'll see you guys in the next video

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