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What To Know Ahead Of Shopify (SHOP) Stock Split stock splits about shopify joining in,shares up tod

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

What To Know Ahead Of Shopify (SHOP) Stock Split

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What To Know Ahead Of Shopify (SHOP) Stock Split

stock splits about shopify joining in,shares up today let's talk about it with,brett seiferling joining us from gerber,kawasaki brett good to see you so uh,shopify the latest to split the stock is,it a cheap trick to get the shares up,for a day or does it really make a,difference,it kind of is oliver you know stock,splits they're generally a non-event,when it comes to the stock price,generally throughout history you know,higher priced stocks have been viewed,you know it's more favorable but with,the recent trend change between like,tesla splitting their stock and other,companies like apple and having such a,positive psychological effect um i think,that really management's just trying to,to bring attention to the name really so,what's the idea then it just becomes,more uh tradable on a single share basis,uh you know i guess some,1700 that was pretty expensive too,but,391 i guess also the same,yes it obviously makes it cheaper right,psychologically for retail investors,specifically um it's it's kind of silly,though right because most platforms,allow stock slices already where you're,able to purchase fractional shares um so,you know,another way to kind of look at it is,maybe amazon since they just did their,stock split as well a lot of people kind,of group these two companies together,you might own one or the other and they,didn't want maybe the stock price to be,a deterrent uh thinking that you know,amazon share price is technically,cheaper when obviously the values of the,companies are massively different,and this market already gave it a four,for one stock split,but i guess,we'll add on to it the bold case for,shopify are you guys believers there,right now brett is this a buyable dip,yes we have owned shopify for quite a,while now it's not a huge position for,us but we do believe that it you know,earns a place in some of our clients,portfolios,we like the e-commerce sector uh this,last earnings report i was on tda we,kind of talked about the deceleration,and the revenue growth which wasn't,encouraging to really see um but really,what's the focus here is the gross,merchandise volume and really attracting,people onto the shopify platform and,making it so sticky that they're,refusing to leave and so this is just a,leader in the space when it comes to,small business e-commerce and they're,clearly not going anywhere what do you,guys mostly ascribe this uh big draw,down in the e-commerce space too over,the last six months is it just the same,kind of macro pressure has valuations,have been coming down or is there,something specific here about some of,those sales metrics for these e-commerce,businesses pricing in a bit of a slower,post-covered world,yeah i think it's uh overall the,weakening macro backdrop right we had,inflationary pressures we had supply,chain pressures um and mostly just all,growth companies across the board were,really hit when the feds started raising,rates and people started questioning,valuation so,ultimately it's something that we're,cautiously optimistic about it's not,something that we think that we're,completely out of the water with yet,shopify could definitely go lower from,these levels but it's much more,attractive after you know it's obviously,down nearly eighty percent from its,highs i think this thing can ever get,back well i guess it won't get to 1700,if they're going to do a 10 for one,split but uh adjusted is there a,potential for this thing to get back to,a high like this decade,i do think that there is the potential,for that to happen obviously they've got,a long way to go,but the way that they've been executing,you know management specifically has,done a great job with shopify,i'm not thrilled about how they did also,vote to change the shareholder class and,give the founder a ton more control now,he has 40 percent of the voting rights,so you know as a shareholder we want to,be able to voice our concerns when,things are going wrong in the business,and ultimately this is just bad for,their corporate governance overall but,it does incentivize you know for the,founder uh to stick around and really,build the company,okay brad thanks for the update here and,uh a cheap trick but uh long term might,still be a good way to generate some,interest and a stock beating down here,uh good to have you again thanks brett,mr seiflin joins us from gerber kawasaki,the director of get invested at gerber,kawasaki wealth investment management,you

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