how to collect paypal payment on shopify

How To Get Paypal To RELEASE Your money FAST 2021(SHOPIFY DROPSHIPPING) as you guys can see i have s


Updated on Jan 17,2023


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as you guys can see i have some money on,a hold but this money used to be,thousands of dollars,a couple years ago probably every time i,was selling i i kept having holds on,paypal,all the time and in this video i'm gonna,show you the things that you need to do,to never ever get hold it's not,guaranteed but it's gonna help you,a lot with your paypal holds so if you,want to see what they are keep watching,what is up beautiful people it's nas,here and in today's video let's talk,about paypal,their hold and how annoying it is when,you start your business,including e-commerce or ebay or anything,else that you're,starting to do and you keep getting hold,first of all let's talk about,why you need to use paypal it's been,proven on your e-commerce store,probably 20 to 30 percent of people are,gonna check out through,paypal so that means that they trust,paypal more,they think paypal is safer which is,understanding i personally myself,like to pay through paypal the reasons,are if anything happens with the product,it's really easy to go dispute the item,compared to if you paid with your credit,card you had to get on the phone,so that's one of the reasons that i,think people really really like to pay,with,paypal is it's safer they can dispute an,item easier if it's not something that,they ordered they want it let now that,being said let's talk about a couple,reasons,why your money would go on hold before,we get started don't forget to like this,video and subscribe,it helps the channel grow so i can make,you guys videos like this and help you,out with your business,so these are the reasons why your money,would go on hold,and after this i'm going to go ahead and,cover the solutions the things that you,could do,to not have your money on hold reason,number one is,you're a new seller that means that you,just started your paypal business,account,and you started selling in the beginning,the first three months,paypal just keep an eye on you and they,watch all your activities everything,that you do,and they want to make sure that you're,legit and you're doing the right things,and all those good stuff reason number,two is that you've been selling but you,stopped selling for a period of time,let's say you were selling last year and,you were doing great your paypal account,is good and you stopped selling for 12,months,now you got back to it again uh paypal,really,feel weird about this they want to know,why you stopped and you're getting back,to it so they most likely gonna put some,of your money,on hold there are different types of,holds which i'm gonna talk about later,but for now let's cover all these six,reasons reason number three you had a,lot of customers,disputing your orders or they complain,about something that you weren't selling,that's another reason that paypal would,put your money on hold and ask for,documents,usually the documents they ask for any,kind of hold are,you your address your business name your,business address,your your tracking information,and many more depending on what you're,selling and,how you're selling it reason number four,your selling habits,seem to change or be unstable so let's,say one day you're having a big amount,of money coming in and then the other,day,there's nothing and the other day you're,selling a lot then again,not selling at all paypal usually,watches all activities from your,patterns or anything that you do so any,kind of unusual activities,they do not like and they would put your,money on hold number five you're selling,high risk items that includes travel,packages,electronics events event tickets,and gift cards now let's talk about type,of holds,that you would get not all of the holds,are bad but some of them can really,really limit your cash flow,so let's talk about them number one is,24 hours,after the item being delivered so let's,say you updated your tracking,information,which you should do so you don't get the,bad bad holds this is not that bad,um usually it's 24 hours after the item,got delivered,so that's number one now let's say,you've been drop shipping one of the,things,that i don't like about aliexpress you,have to kind of give estimate of the,date,that you're getting the product,delivered is if you have estimate it's,going to take six days after your,estimated,date to get your money so let's say you,have three weeks of delivery time and,you're estimating that the time gonna be,around there,so it takes six days after delivery time,to get your money,another hold is 21 days after you mark,the item as,shipped so whenever you ship your item,they decided to put your money on hold,for 21 days,and this is usually when you don't,upload tracking number on paypal,let's talk about the solution,specifically in e-commerce since a lot,of you guys that are watching this,probably are running a dropshipping,store or have some kind of e-commerce,store,you should definitely 100 have,some type of method to upload your,tracking information,into your paypal it's not enough to just,put it on shopify so let's say if you're,using,shopify as a platform there are apps,that you could use to pay a little bit,extra,so it would automatically every time you,get a sale on paypal,or through paypal they would upload the,tracking number from your shopify store,to your paypal account which is very,beneficial,now paypal knows that you have a,tracking number your package can be,tracked,and you're just automatically more,reliable one of the apps that i usually,use on my all my e-commerce stores,and my shopify store when i'm drop,shipping is paypal's,tracking info on autopilot what it does,basically,you got to pay i believe 10 extra for,each transaction you get through paypal,but what it does,once your supplier upload the tracking,number,which you should look at your supplier,to do it automatically uploads your,tracking number,from your shopify to your paypal account,this is definitely something you should,be doing this is number one thing i,recommend,everyone to do and whoever i work with i,tell them that you should definitely,upload your tracking information into,your paypal number two is,get off of aliexpress if you're drop,shipping you need a good supplier is,supplier that,be able to fulfill your orders daily and,get you tracking number,every day if you get tracking number,every day most likely paypal,would leave you alone however keep in,mind it's not always about your tracking,number you gotta also keep your,activities kind of normal not have any,unusual activities,and any of that so make sure that you,can talk to your supplier directly,not just through aliexpress a lot of,suppliers on aliexpress,they're actually drop shippers they wait,till they have enough orders,maybe seven to ten days before they,order the product so if you're taking,seven to ten days,uh to upload a tracking number to your,paypal,be kind of ready to get that big hold i,personally,in the beginning when i started i didn't,know any of that and i got holds usually,the worst one is when you,your account gets limited and you have,holes for 180 days i,had that for a while and then after six,months or so i think 50,of my money was always on hold for 180,days then,it kind of dropped to 20 and now it's,like i think,five percent uh or less the third thing,that you could do,to protect your paypal no matter what,supplier you work with,always check what kind of uh shipping,they're using,and ask if they provide a tracking,number again i'm talking about tracking,number but,also ask for tracking number how what's,the usual time of delivery,uh paypal tend to not like drop shippers,so what i usually do when i'm scaling in,the beginning when i'm testing i don't,worry about it,too much but when i'm scaling i,technically buy,in book and i would recommend you guys,do that if you're scaling and you have,some money,buy a little bit in book and keep it in,warehouse if you ever have to talk on,the phone with paypal,they're going to ask you if you have,inventory and you want to have,inventory to show them that you actually,have it and,you're getting it delivered that's what,i usually do to avoid any kind of not,only a paypal also for,if you're using a shopify payment stripe,or any other payment processors,they do not like it if you do not keep,inventory again,i know we always talk about drop,shipping but i use,drop shipping method for specifically,when i'm testing,but when i'm scaling i like to buy a,little bit in bulk and keep it there,now now that you have a safe supplier,you're uploading the tracking,and you also using a good shipping,method,i personally do not use uh epacket,anymore,i would like to get to unixpress dhl is,a little bit pricier but honestly,it's so much easier to track and um i've,been using it,i have to kind of bump up my price when,the selling price usually,but it's really easy to track honestly i,really really recommend you guys getting,your own supplier the reason,i say find a private supplier or an,agent is that it's easier to communicate,with them once you get your paypal,limited they're going to ask for a lot,of things and a lot of things going to,include your supplier if you're just,scaling on aliexpress,it's really really hard to get in,contact with your aliexpress supplier,to get their information so it's easier,to have the actual supplier they're,going to ask for your supplier address,sometimes,their phone numbers a lot of details,about even their warehouse a picture of,their warehouse,a lot of things and that's when you when,you get a limited account,the limited account is when you can take,payments from people,but you can't use your money you can't,transfer you can't pay you can't cash,out,basically all your activities are,limited,but except taking money which is kind of,weird um so,yeah when you get limited accounts it's,really important to have an actual,supplier,to give their information to paypal and,kind of connect,them and make sure the paypal knows that,you have a trusted supplier,and you're taking care of your customers,properly all right guys if you like this,kind of videos,please don't forget to like this video,and,subscribe also if you have any questions,about,paypal drop shipping online businesses,drop your questions down below i answer,pretty much every single question that,you guys have,also if you want to learn more about,drop shipping go follow me on instagram,i pretty much,post there every day about dropshipping,online businesses and everything,thanks for watching and i talk to you,guys soon,you

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