how to change the theme on shopify

Shopify theme change okay so you've made it this far and,we've gone through all the general uh,shopi


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Shopify theme change

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how to change the theme on shopify catalogs

Shopify theme change

okay so you've made it this far and,we've gone through all the general uh,shopify admin settings and now we're,gonna get to the meat of this course,with setting up the online store which,i'm sure a lot of you have been waiting,for so the first thing we're going to,cover is selecting your theme,so let's go ahead and take a look at the,store right now,and this is just a random name i,selected,okay so this is the default theme called,debut that shopify gives you,pretty basic,and we can also so we can click here to,view our store and if we click customize,right here,it'll then take us into,how to change the layout of our store,with these options on the side,and then,where it says actions this will give us,a drop down menu this again will let us,preview the store so let us rename,the theme,so it's debut we just change this to,whatever especially if we ended up,altering it later we want to save a copy,of it and then maybe change the theme,again,this will allow us to duplicate the,theme download the file editing the code,so take a look at that and then edit,languages,so this is the actual theme of the the,uh,or the actual code of the theme,so layout will be,um the home page and then you can see,specific templates like the blog,sections and this might look super,confusing especially you have a no code,background but um we'll come back to,this later,and then edit language this is the,language of your site so in other words,um,great example this is the cart page,so if we go down to checkout,then let's go to our site,so we go to the cart okay so i guess we,actually have to have a product in the,cart but normally if there's a product,in the car it'll say check out and then,if we change this language we can change,the word checkout into something else so,um,let's go back here we'll get into more,detail with all this stuff just wanted,to,show you those and then here down you,can check out uh free shopify themes,upload your own or go to the theme store,so,whoops,let's go back to online store i thought,that was going gonna open up another tab,so let's explore free themes,so we've got a few that you can use,it looks like they've actually added,so oh no these are the same,i guess they have more than i thought,they did so you can go ahead and use any,of these,so i actually think that you should,stick with the debut theme the default,and the reason for that is,i've messed around with all these and,the debut theme,seems to appear best on mobile in my,opinion so,you can go ahead and install one of,these,you know if you like one of them or just,want your store to look different but,in my opinion i think you should just,stick with the debut theme,and then once your store really starts,going and there are a couple paid themes,i would recommend that will just make,the site run faster,you can check out the theme store,but i mean especially right now i don't,think you should purchase a theme,and in my opinion if you're going to end,up purchasing a theme i think you should,just purchase uh,one of the ones i'll recommend just,because it'll make the site run faster,and a lot of people shop on mobile these,days and,i'm of the opinion that at least for the,most part a lot of the sites just kind,of look the same on mobile,so,i think the themes i'll recommend to you,and the they're both turbo and retina,they will make your site run much faster,than,i'm not sure like how many or how good,the these paid themes are but i know,those two i can verify will improve like,your site load time and your conversion,rate so,i'll just stick with those if you choose,to go down the paid route but for now,again i just recommend you stick with,the default theme,so we'll get into all this stuff,and then the subsequent lectures and,then go into the settings and then we'll,actually customize the theme in this,lecture i'm going to give you a,walkthrough of the customization menus,of the shopify theme,so we'll actually customize the theme in,a later section like i already mentioned,however if you'd like to change things,around now,i'm going to walk you through how to,navigate the menus so click customize,and then first on the left hand side,we'll see uh the sections menu and this,is how you can change the header of your,website,you can move around the logo,make it centered,move back to the left change the logo,image change the logo with,change which menu appears up here right,now it's the main menu once we get to,the navigation section you'll be able to,um,you'll understand,uh how to you know how to create more,menus like this and what this is exactly,um one thing i like about this theme is,it has a built-in announcement bar,um,where you can put any site announcements,up at the top,and,you don't have to install an extra theme,to do that,you can have it display on the home page,um,display only on the home page or on you,know any page on the website,and you can change the home uh,change what's on the announcement bar,alter the colors put a link in so when,people click it they'll go to it you,know if someone clicks the announcement,they'll go to a certain page,and then in the center of the,website we have all these uh sections so,these are actually all individual pieces,so we have the slideshow which is right,here,image with text it's this one a featured,product collection right here in the,center and then image with text overlay,so you can actually add in any of these,individual pieces so there's image with,text overlay,featured collection so these are all,individual pieces making up the home,page,and to start you really only need,i would suggest having the image with,text overlay and the featured collection,you don't really need anything else,um you don't really want to distract,people from your main goal on the site,which is getting them to purchase a,product so i would actually probably,just remove both of these unless you,actually have meaningful content to put,there and likewise,with the image with text overlay,uh if you do add a stock photo back here,related to your niche which i recommend,you do you need to make sure you have,text over the picture and fill both of,these out otherwise if you just have a,picture with no text it'll just look,like a template for a website um rather,than an actual business um so go ahead,and play around with all these,see what you like um there's no set way,how you that you should specifically,have the website laid out um in my,opinion,just having a header image and then one,featured collection is that's really,fine it's really all you need at the end,of the day,but you know if you want to have this,stuff down here um you think that,maybe having some sort of a,description about a specific product,would help with conversions then go,ahead and do that you can try it out see,if it works,so play around with these middle,sections,kind of explore like what you can change,in each feature,and once we actually go through and,optimize the site and add in products,you'll play around with these even more,so,likewise depending on what page you're,on on the website these middle parts,that you can uh edit will change so if,you go over to the shopping cart,now we can still edit the header in the,footer but now the middle sections are,gone and we just edit the cart page so,all we can change is enabling cart notes,um likewise if you go to the catalog,page here,now we can change the collection pages,and what what this these look like,so you can kind of walk your way through,the website and see what you can alter,then lastly at the footer at the bottom,here we can um add in payment icons if,you want to do that,um change the color of,uh the footer,the footer bar i'm not sure what you'd,call this just the base the website so,make it red,i wouldn't actually do that,it's harsh to look at and then again,similar to um,the center of the website we have four,blocks that we can move around,and so let's see if we delete one of,these,should give us options for different,things we can put in so,remove this one,and then yeah so we can just add another,menu,or just put in some text,yeah talk about your business,so we can customize the footer like that,and then when you remove one looks like,it,makes the newsletter sign up a little,bit bigger,okay so,that is the sections,menu of how customizing a theme,and in the next lecture i'm going to go,over the theme settings that's the end,of this video and i'll see you in the,next one

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