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How To Run A Shopify Dropshipping Store If You're Under 18 what's going on guys standing with,anothe

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Updated on Feb 28,2023

How To Run A Shopify Dropshipping Store If You're Under 18

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How To Run A Shopify Dropshipping Store If You're Under 18

what's going on guys standing with,another video and then this one I'm,gonna be going over a roadblock I have,when I first started drop shipping as,well as a question I get a lot and the,question that I get a lot is how do I,start a drop shipping store if I'm under,18 like how do I receive payments if I'm,under 18 how the taxes work and,everything like that so in this one I'm,gonna be giving a little bit of overview,of how I worked around it and figured,out how I could actually receive,payments and have everything verified,correctly so if you're new to shop buy,you can create a store under your name,that's not a problem,but then once you reach a certain amount,of sales Shopify is gonna ask you for,identification to verify you so if you,turn in your ID and you're only 16 years,old they're just gonna lock your account,and shut you down just because you're a,minor and it gives their terms and,conditions of being a minor and owning a,Shopify store that's just how their,legal business runs they don't accept,minors so if you're a minor then they're,just going to completely shut you down,and then you're no longer gonna be able,to make sales or receive payments and,then that stores just done so that's,pretty much what happened to me when I,first started I had no idea what I was,doing I had connected my checking,account that's under my mom's name and,then I was just using that to receive,payments and using my personal PayPal,and then my paypal got locked because,they try to verify me and I'm not 18 and,then that got shut down money was locked,your PayPal will instantly get locked if,they figure out you're under 18 and then,my bank account it was fine I could,still receive payments but Shopify,didn't like that I was still 16 so it,shut that down and then I tried to,figure out what I wanted to do something,I've talked to my parents a little bit,so what you can do is have one of your,parents enter their social security,number on your shopify so that verifies,that there is someone over 18 managing,this Shopify store and they own the,store and then if they ask for identity,verification then you can turn in your,parents ID and then they'll verify you,and your and your account will be fine,but my parents really didn't want to do,that because that social security number,can affect their taxes so instead of,having your social security number on,there you can actually use an EIN,which is what you can get once you,create a legal business entity so what I,did was I started an LLC a limited,liability company with my dad as the,organizer and on the 100% owner so I'm,the owner of this company and it can,hold all my stores any business ventures,that I go through and I'm able to use,that IIM that I,with that LLC as a social security,number sort of it basically keeps track,of all the taxes and verifies that this,is a legal business and they're able to,run this they're 18 whatever because my,dad's on that he's over 18 so then also,it's sort of the same thing with PayPal,I had to create a business PayPal,account for my Shopify stores that I use,for all my Shopify stores this one,PayPal account so I have to use my dad's,name for the PayPal because he's over 18,I can't use my name just in case they,find out some way and locked my account,or something and they actually did for,some reason I have no idea why but they,have locked by 10 grand right now my,PayPal and I still haven't got it,unlocked it's been like a month sort of,annoying 10 grand is stuck and I've been,having to use another PayPal so PayPal,off to my account but I'm actually still,able to receive payments from customers,I just can't take the money out so that,money's sitting there at my PayPal I'm,not able to use it to buy orders on,Aliexpress and fulfilling or buy,anything or transfer it to my bank it's,all just sitting there and I can't do,anything with it and I'm still trying to,figure it all out spent too long with,them still holding my money so sort of,annoying but anyways my stuff's all,verified is with my ein my legal,business and my dad's name on there so,I've no idea why they locked it it's,really just an annoying situation I mean,that's just how it goes when you start,making money with drop shipping there's,always going to be some kind of problem,that comes up so back to what you need,to do if you're under 18 and want to,start drop shipping there's two options,first off you can use your parents,social security number and use them as,the name on the Shopify count and then,you just manage everything but their,names on it so they can verify that,they're over 18 or secondly you can,create a legal business entity and use,that use the ein from that entity to,show that this is a legal business and,one of the members on the business is,over 18 years old and then you can,verify it that way and if they ask for,verification they'll ask you for the,legal business documents of the,organisation so then you can send that,to the name and know verify your account,and everything will be good so right now,my Shopify is all good I use my legal,business entity for all the Shopify,stores that I create and it's worked,fine so far and then the ein is there so,it keeps track of all my taxes as an,income and everything like that so the,IRS can keep track of everything so,basically my dad's name and my business,name is on everything but I'm,essentially just,the owner of the business so I'm able to,manage everything and I can pretty much,do what I want and my dad is just there,to show shopify that my business account,is not made by a minor in that legal and,then I'm able to run these stores,illegally and taxes and everything or,set up five so those are the two options,on what you can do if you're under 18,but I mean I with the legal business,entity I think it's more useful because,you can use it for all your Shopify,stores easier to keep up with taxes and,stuff like that so hope you enjoyed this,video guys make sure to leave a like,comment and subscribe peace

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