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How To Change Fonts On Your Shopify Theme what's up everybody apex academy here,welcome to a new vid

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Change Fonts On Your Shopify Theme

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How To Change Fonts On Your Shopify Theme

what's up everybody apex academy here,welcome to a new video today guys we're,going to be doing a tutorial very quick,tutorial on how to edit the font on your,alpha wolf theme this was a video uh,requested by one of the viewers shout,out to you sorry i forgot your name i,completely apologize but shout out to,you you know who you are um today we're,gonna be changing the the font here on,the uh alpha wolf theme so for those who,don't know this is the theme that you,guys are looking at the alpha with theme,i used it to build this shopify store,here as you guys can see and i built a,few others um,but uh let's go ahead and hop on that,real quick so the alpha of theme you go,to wolf click the second,link right here here it is this is the,alpha wolf theme,uh,for sale for 455 currently 259 as we all,know,um,and yeah i mean it comes with a few,things it comes with the facebook ads uh,guide starter guide it comes with the,uh shopify checklist uh it also comes,with uh the theme right and you know,they have a bunch of features etc you,guys know how the theme works right i,don't have to explain too much about it,you guys have seen me use it before and,i built this beautiful store with it of,course,so today we're going to be talking about,how to edit the font very simple let's,go ahead go to the back end of our store,hit the online store button okay let's,let that have that load up and then we,just come over here and hit the,customize button and it will open up for,us uh the preview of how the store looks,and we go over here by the way this is a,shopify 2.0 store,you see here the shopify user interface,um the new user interface that is let's,go ahead and hit the theme settings,let's hit topography and that's,essentially how you get to edit it now,let's go ahead and hit change,for one of them wait let me just do this,a little bit slower uh hit theme,settings guys go to topography i'll do,this one more time if you guys don't,didn't catch the first time go over here,theme settings all the way on the bottom,on the left side right and then on the,right side hit the top typography,typography button click on it it will dr,it will do a drop down and then here we,have headings and buttons and the font,right we can edit the font and right now,it's archivio narrow semi bold i guess,right and the next one we want to select,is um the change button,we want to select the change button so,let's go ahead and select change and,let's say we select april uh fat face,for example do you guys see how it just,changed here okay,let's say i want to keep it i'll keep it,let's say for the body text i want to,change that to april fat face for,example,you could see here how it changed now so,this is essentially what the uh,topography settings are and uh very,simple video all right if you guys,enjoyed the video leave it a thumbs up,you know like the video do all that if,you you know hopefully this video guys,helped you guys out alright talk to you,guys later peace out bye

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