how to change copyright in shopify

How to Edit Copyright Footer Text in Shopify hello everyone,digitalgirl here with,to


Updated on Jan 14,2023

How to Edit Copyright Footer Text in Shopify

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How to Edit Copyright Footer Text in Shopify

hello everyone,digitalgirl here with,today i'm going to be going through a,tutorial on how to update the footer,text,within your shopify store specifically,the copyright text that is set by,default,so if you scroll all the way down to the,bottom of your shopify store,you'll see that shopify puts default,copyright,content here or text so you'll see,the copyright symbol the year the store,name,followed by powered by shopify there are,several reasons why you would want to,change this text,let's say for example you're creating a,website for someone else,you may want to put you know website,created by and then link it back to your,site so that you can get more work,you also may just want to slightly edit,this remove part of it,completely up to you but one way or,another there are many people who do,update this copyright text,so if you go over to your shopify admin,and click on online store it'll bring,you to,an area where you can customize your,theme so depending on the theme you can,actually,just hit the customize button,and the theme will allow you to update,the footer,so currently we have the debut theme,installed,and if you go to the footer,unfortunately it actually doesn't let,you update the,copyright information even when we click,on,theme settings you can update the social,media icons let's say you want to add,something,but it does not allow you to update the,copyright information,now if you are using a page theme most,likely you will be able to just simply,edit the,copyright information there will be a,field where you can just add or remove,information,but in this case we're actually going to,go into the code and update it there,so if you go back to the themes,customization page,let's say you were somewhere else again,you'd click on online store,and it would automatically bring you to,this page you'll want to click on,actions,and then hit edit code now i know that,this seems a little scary but it really,isn't,especially when you're updating,something that is only really just a,line of text,so go ahead and hit edit code,and from there you'll be brought to all,of the shopify theme files,in the search files field type in footer,and click,on the footer.liquid file,so again if you're not used to coding or,you're not familiar with,uh shopify store files this may look a,bit overwhelming,but to find uh what we're looking for a,little more quickly you can hit,the command or control f key,and type in powered by or just powered,is even,enough and it'll actually bring you to,the section that we want to update,so if you look here this is the,copyright symbol,this is the date and this,is your shop name along with a link to,your shop name,so again we're looking at the copyright,symbol,the year and then your shop name and the,link,around the shop name on the next line we,have the powered by,shopify link so again that would be,this portion right here,so let's say we wanted to add you know,website created by,by me let's say,now you'll notice here that there are a,few different powered by,links so these are just different,instances of where,this information shows up throughout,your website,depending also on you know which device,you're on,that kind of thing so you'll want to,copy this,and add it to the other,section as well the other section sorry,so now if we hit save,we go and refresh our page you'll see,that the new little bit of text has,been added so now,you may want to do even more than that,let's say you wanted to link it,somewhere,you can add a link around it,now that'll look like a href,equals and let's say we want to go to,we'll just use this as an example,so this here is the beginning of the,link,and we basically need to wrap the text,and finish,and close the link close the a tag so,this will be the link,around the text and again you'll want to,copy and paste it into the other,sections here so i'm actually just going,to overwrite the other ones as well,we're going to go ahead and save,so if we refresh the page you'll now see,a link,and it'll take us to google,so we've gone ahead and added something,to the copyright footer information at,the bottom of our shopify store,but let's say we wanted to delete,something we could go ahead and do that,as well,so for example let's say we want to get,rid of the comma here or,even our store name for some strange,reason we wanted to get rid of that we,can do that as well,so again here is the copyright symbol,and this would be the date followed by,that comma that i want to get rid of,so very easily just delete it,and then the shopify store name,is here so we can delete that as well,so again the comma followed by the,shopify store name as well as the link,delete it from all places save,if we go ahead and refresh the page,you'll see that,it is now gone,so i hope that you found that useful and,you're now well equipped to,update the shopify footer copyright,information on your store,again this has been digital girl with,easter,be sure to check out the website for,more tutorials and online learning,you

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