how to calculate shipping rates on shopify

How to Setup Calculated Shipping in Shopify hey guys chris meets with icon ecom,today we're taking a


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Setup Calculated Shipping in Shopify

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How to Setup Calculated Shipping in Shopify

hey guys chris meets with icon ecom,today we're taking a look at how to,configure your shopify store to be able,to charge,for calculated shipping uh based on,the item's weight uh instead of instead,of just,a flat rate option so in previous video,we showed you how to set up,your account uh so that when we invoice,you you get invoiced for that calculated,rate,uh so in this video we're going to go,over a little bit uh on how you can set,up your shopify store,to be able to charge those rates as well,so the first thing that you'll notice,uh when you come in to any of your,products now,if it was recently pushed you will,notice that on all of the products,there will be a weight now that gets,pushed over to,shopify with it as well this is a,single variant product but the the,weights are pushed over,for each variant option as well for all,of the,different sizes now we'll go in to,configure our shipping options,so that the calculated rates are,displayed at checkout,so if you come down here to settings and,then go,into shipping and delivery you can see,right now i don't have,any shipping methods set up you may,already have some methods,set up and some some rates already in,here so you may need to,add this as additional shipping profile,uh depending on what,additional products you're selling on,your store so we're gonna come in here,to manage rates,and in this case uh this is my general,shipping profile so i want this to,apply to all products,we are shipping from 401 south maple,in hamilton missouri you want to make,sure that shipping origin is set,correctly because that affects the,shipping rate and then down here we're,just going to click on,add rate and we're going to use carrier,calculated rates and select usps,and the only shipping options that we,want,is a first class package,and priority mail so just those two,options and then down here under,handling fee now this is kind of up to,you on how you want to set this up,as i mentioned earlier shopify doesn't,do a very good job,as far as dimensions go and using that,to calculate rates so sometimes,dimensions of a box can get larger which,will up the,shipping rate a little bit so to account,for any kind of those,little discrepancies and to make sure,you don't get too far upside down,on shipping ever i would recommend,adding in,a percentage here on your handling fee,i'm gonna put in 10 you can really put,in whatever you're comfortable with if,you want to go a little bit more,and have a little bit higher margin on,the shipping side that's really kind of,up to you on how you want to set this up,so then we're going to select done and,then if we want to do,the same thing for our international,rates,we'll come in here and go to add rate,again use carry your calculated rates,we're going to select,post office once again and we're going,to go,first class package international,and priority mail international,and in this case again i'm going to put,in 10 for the calculated rate,and then we're going to click on save,and that's all there is to it,now our shopify store is set up to,charge those calculated rates in real,time,at checkout if you're also selling on,etsy or,any of our other platforms made to check,make sure to check out those videos on,how to set up calculated rates on those,platforms as well

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