how to block a customer on shopify

How To Block A Customer On Shopify | Quick And Easy 2022 how to block a customer on Shopify hi,guys

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How To Block A Customer On Shopify | Quick And Easy 2022

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How To Block A Customer On Shopify | Quick And Easy 2022

how to block a customer on Shopify hi,guys welcome back today I'm giving you a,quick tutorial on how to block a,customer on Shopify so let's get started,first what you guys need to do is you,will open up your Shopify store and,you'll get right here this is my Shopify,admin and I'll show you how to block a,customer on Shopify so that they cannot,order from your store if there is a,fraud or any scam that you want to block,it's actually really easy to do how to,do that you will open up your Shopify,App Store this is a Shopify app store,you're gonna search for fraud filter,once you search for it this is where you,will get now this is our application,here broad filter by Shopify create,custom filters to help you prevent fraud,and you will click on install app you,can see I have already installed it and,it's completely free once you add it and,you connect it to your Shopify then you,will be able to find find it in your,settings and you just have to go to your,apps and channels here you will find,your fraud filter so let's open it up,and create a filter to block a customer,or to actually block a fraud so I'm,going to open it up so this is what it,looks like we can create a new filter,click on ADD filter and now we can give,our filter a name so let's just call it,blog customers all right so the first,one is going to be cancel order or,warning like what you want to do with,this filter we can add anything I just,went with this text and because it will,help me remember why I created this,filter so in action we can immediately,cancel the order that meet the rules,below or we can give a warning to you,know that customer that this is their,last warning if they do this again then,they will be blocked now rule this is,how I want to send them the rows we can,send them an email Landing site then we,have like billing address company,everything this is going going to be the,operation is not and you know the rule,for example email the operation is is,not and this is where I will add the,value it's not verified it's not up to,the mark so this is where you will,actually create a rule and if they break,this rule then they will be considered,as a fraud or they will be blocked then,we have options restock product,inventory now this is for my own uh you,know admin if I want to restock the,product that they were actually going,for send cancellation email or refund,transaction amount so now it depends on,me if I want to do a refund to them if I,want to send a cancellation email or if,I want to just restock the product,inventory so that's what I'm gonna do,once you're done with all the settings,the details rules and the options click,on Save and your new filter will be,created on fraud filters now my Shopify,store has a filter and if anyone breaks,this rule they will be be blocked from,my store and this is how easy it is to,block customers and frauds on Shopify I,hope that I was a big help don't forget,to give this video a big thumbs up leave,a comment down below turn on Bell,notification And subscribe to software,made easy

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