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How To Automate Your Shopify Store (eCommerce/Dropshipping) someone over on the econ season,instagra

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How To Automate Your Shopify Store (eCommerce/Dropshipping)

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How To Automate Your Shopify Store (eCommerce/Dropshipping)

someone over on the econ season,instagram page recently dm'd us and,asked,is it possible and i think this is a,phenomenal question,is it possible to automate a shopify,store,and we started having a quick,conversation i jumped in there myself,was just kind of going back and forth,i'm talking about,shopify versus other platforms the,different things because for an example,if you have,an amazon store it's different the,day-to-day tasks that you have to do and,it'd be very different with how you,outsource that and my answer was,sort of but it really depends on how,hands-on you want to be or how hands-off,you want to get,so for an example the typical work that,goes into a shopify store once the store,is set up,everything's done there's no there's no,maintenance for it,it's not a custom website where you need,to be updating code and making sure,things are fine and changing stuff,there's not any upkeep that's the great,part so the main things will include,some sort of advertising people do this,in,all different ways some people make,youtube videos that just review products,like,oh this is the best phone charger and,talk all about it and then like that's,how they sell it that's cool,so that would be their form of marketing,who's going to do that if you're not,going to do it right,or if you're running facebook ads or,google ads what's the form of automation,there,then there's fulfilling the orders,dealing with the bank account you know,making sure your bank is obviously,healthy cash flow is good dealing with,payment processors,making sure there's no reserve that's,too big or killing your cash flow,making sure everything's healthy your,credit card bills are paid or how are,you automating that is it through a,debit card or you're using amex is the,amex on autopay,when's the date for that fulfilling all,the orders making sure things are,delivered tracking numbers,customer support so there's a that's not,huge but there's a little list of things,that you're going to have to do,and as a business owner you always want,to work on the phrase,and this is something i always try to,bring things back to you want to work,on your business not in your business,so for an example the people that i know,that run the biggest e-commerce stores,that i personally know the ones that do,a couple like maybe 200 million a year,not,super high nine figures but those,numbers they automate,every single point of that they're not,the ones running the ads,and so it's an automation perspective so,that they can scale and focus on,typically,new product research you know developing,new products working on packaging,working on new branding methods and,social media stuff so,it's kind of like having each little,component of that completely outsourced,so you work on the business not in the,business now i think for a period of,time,each and every single one of those,people no matter what has always worked,in it and has done every single,component,when i first started i was making,instagram posts for it every day i was,trying to post value on facebook started,a facebook group around the store,and did every single component that,there was you know trying to do,each and every piece of that because,number one i didn't have the sales so i,didn't have money to pay anyone,i definitely didn't have a startup,budget big enough for that i also didn't,know how to hire people i also wanted to,learn,each point of the process i think that's,really valuable so back to the original,question of is it possible to do that,the answer is yes and i think you should,slowly piece it off,so i'd recommend you do the customer,support on the store until you're,getting 10,15 20 inquiries a day to the point where,paying someone,a flat fee of 10 a day would be worth it,because now you're saving,20 30 minutes of your time you don't,have to check twice a day it's not,something you have to think about,once that 300 that you'd be paying every,single month roughly just as,in this example isn't a big deal the,financial end of that,then i think it's very valuable now the,question is how can you,completely start and automate you know,there's people who maybe they're a,lawyer and i actually had someone reach,out like this they were a lawyer making,like 80 grand a month and wanted to put,one month of their current income,into like automating an e-commerce,business they were looking at amazon,automation and different things so,there's that side of it where you're not,trying to learn it's just you want an,automated it's like buying a franchise,and hiring a manager for it,you just want another income stream,right you have the capital so there's,multiple ways you can do it i think from,a shopify perspective it might be,a little more difficult than amazon,automation to completely do now inside,of our advertising agency we're slowly,working on what we're calling full,management which is where we don't,just run the ads so for those who are,clients inside of our agency or those,who have looked at it or spoke to our,client manager,what we primarily do is we just run the,facebook ads you know we take,all of the pressure off the marketing we,do all that because we spend millions,and millions and millions and millions,of dollars a year,just in client ad spend it's about 4,million bucks a year right now just on,facebook and,that's the platform that we've really,gotten good at really mastered two,facets of that which is starting things,from scratch so for some of our clients,they don't have any experience they've,never built an ecommerce store they,don't know anything about facebook ads,so having us do it for them just,naturally and obviously it speeds up,that process,to test products find a winner but then,there's also people who want us to scale,you know people who um they don't just,want to automate usually i've actually,never heard of someone who says hey i'm,doing 300 000 a month,can you automate this for me it's always,can you help me scale,because as a business owner you want,growth right and,the thing is if you've never made much,money before like i remember with my,first ecommerce store,i went from making like two grand a,month to like 30,000 a month in profit in like a six,month window once i started figuring,things out,and it just changed everything and now i,thought that was like my new,you know highest level of income but i,should have been pushing harder and,hiring people to help grow that,because there's always a bigger level,you can get to i mean that's nothing,that's such a small amount of money,from an e-commerce perspective because,the scaling is limitless,and it's something i've always kind of,like plateaued it's like been a stair,stepper throughout my career,i get comfortable okay i figured out how,to do like 300 000 a month in sales and,shop,fine then i'm there for a while and it,becomes really easy to do that and start,a store and get it there and,you know then i took some time off for,most of my companies and figured out how,to get stuff to a million dollars a week,and i know right now that's kind of,where i'm at and,you know it's not like crazy hard i,think i might be able to push like six,or eight million a month in revenue but,there's levels so far beyond that that,just blow my mind and so i'm working to,get there as well,and i think there's a lot of value in,that so that's some of the content we're,posting on the channel just different,tips and tricks on how to automate i,just wanted to talk about that side of,things,and let you guys know about the full,management that we're slowly working to,roll out,inside of the agency there's a few,little things we're not doing like,managing the customer support,but we can easily help you hire someone,that can do that so you,you don't have to deal with it you know,there's little stuff like that but yeah,we've been working from and automating,the the,advertising perspective for quite some,time with clients that's been going,really well so,you'll definitely be seeing some more,case study videos on the channel here,shortly,um we have a couple clients right now,that have gone from zero to a couple,thousand a day with at least a thirty to,forty percent margin which has been,awesome,you know having clients that they now,have an automated business making a,thousand bucks a day in profit,and the only thing they're doing is,making sure the orders are fulfilled,double checking all the money the bank,account blah blah blah,and managing their customer support,person because they got the the order,volume we got it high enough to where,can't really manage it on their own it,doesn't make sense to do again always,keep that phrase in mind,work on your business not in your,business it's totally okay,to work in the business for a period of,time but that's not the goal forever and,you definitely don't want to so,yeah hope this video finds you well um,if you have any questions leave it in,the comment section down below,for anyone who's working inside of our,agency already and you work with our,media buyers our client managers and,developers and people who help you with,upsells and emails depending on where,you're at,you know the structure we have in there,and there's definitely you know we're,not fully automating everything but,we definitely help on certain components,so if that's something you guys are,interested in if you're not inside of,our advertising agency,i'll leave a link somewhere down below,you can book a free call with one of our,client managers,see exactly how we structure things for,a couple dozen clients it's been super,fun,so i look forward to sharing more,examples answering more questions,here on the youtube channel so there's,anything you want to see talked about,just leave it in the comment section,down below,make sure to hit a quick like when,you're down there i'd greatly appreciate,it,and i'll see you in the next video all,right peace

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