how to add weight to product shopify

Shipping Orders on Shopify (Importance of adding Product Weight) what's going on youtube unlimited,h

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Shipping Orders on Shopify (Importance of adding Product Weight)

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Shipping Orders on Shopify (Importance of adding Product Weight)

what's going on youtube unlimited,hustler here and i'm back again with,another video i wanted to create a video,for all my shout out values out there,that's just getting started i found,something that i think would be very,valuable for shopify users especially,the ones that just getting started when,i first started using shopify i used to,wait every item every time i get an,order i used to get the scale and i used,to wait every order but,the reason why i had to do that because,when i was adding those products,onto my store i never added a weight i,just left it as blank so i'm here to,tell you guys that that's a big mistake,and that will cost you a lot of time,if you have the product and the scale,available add that way for the item,while you're importing that item or that,product to your store if not it's going,to cost you time later on you can always,go back and adjust that weight or add,that weight later on me personally i,still have products on my store that i,didn't weigh while adding them to my,store so i'm gonna have to go back and,weigh each one of my items one by one,right now i did added like a couple more,products to my store,so it's going to take me some time to,weigh every item and i sell clothes so,small large medium extra large whatever,those all have different weights so,i'm going to have to weigh each one and,in the long run,it's going to save a lot of time instead,of me having to weigh every order as,they come in step by step and another,thing is that if their customer ordered,two or three items shopify would,automatically add all those weight,together so that way all you have to do,is print the label because shutter 5,would already tell you to wait right,there another thing is tool if you,charge,your shipping to be by the way shuttle,file would help you,um come up with the shipping price based,on the weight this is one of my items,right here so as you can see an extra,large,and if i go down right here you see the,weight is say zero that's because when i,was creating this item i didn't have a,weight so i'm going to show you guys how,you guys could go ahead and go back and,add those weight so right here i have my,scale,i'm not sure if you guys can see it and,i have my item right here,so i'm just going to take the arrow,and put it on the scale and right here,it says 6.3 ounces and then you just,click save and that's it so just for all,your items go back and the way the way i,got there was,um go to all products go to the item,and go down,to where the sizes are to the variant,and go over here,click edit,so for me i did an extra large so click,edit,and then you just go to the bottom and,that's how you do it if you want to do,it in creating a product um,pretty much the same thing on your home,page click product click add a product,and then when you're adding that product,you should be able to do it right here,so i said it's a physical product yes,and then,just add that way here and that's pretty,much it um,something simple,it's better you do it when you're adding,a product because you're going to have,to,spend a lot of time going back and,having to add each one individually one,by one so me a lot of times i add,products before i get them physically so,i don't know the weight of those,products more than likely i'm not able,to do it before yeah so that's just for,this video just wanted to share,something real quick and precise um,something valuable that i know a lot of,you guys didn't know make sure you guys,like comment and subscribe thank you,guys for watching this video i'm out

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