how to add trust badges to shopify checkout page

Easy Way To Add Trust Badges To Shopify Checkout Page (2018) just a quick video that I'm gonna run,t

Brent Godkin

Updated on Jan 21,2023

Easy Way To Add Trust Badges To Shopify Checkout Page (2018)

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Easy Way To Add Trust Badges To Shopify Checkout Page (2018)

just a quick video that I'm gonna run,through with you to show you how to get,trust badges and other sorts of elements,onto your checkout page on Shopify now,Shopify does a pretty good job at,locking up the checkout page to not,really allow developers anyone to access,it that easily to add in their own,little customizations but I'm gonna show,you a way that you can kind of get,around this and add all sorts of things,to your checkout page so the one of the,big things on this checkout page is a,store that I've worked for and have done,this for and what we've added in here is,a satisfaction guarantee badge as well,as like you know an easily track your,shipping badge so that time just gives,the customer who's buying a little bit,more trust where you know you can put,any sort of message here you could put,you know 30-day guaranteed returns you,could put kind of whatever your whatever,your kind of like guaranteeing and then,this like easily track your order this,is just kind of nice to have because if,someone doesn't know that your stores on,Shopify they mean we don't know how,trustworthy you are with your shipping,they maybe don't know if they'll be able,to track their order once they make a,purchase with you it's something that,you as an owner might know right away,but as a buyer sometimes it could be a,little bit hesitant if you don't know,how you can track your shipping another,thing that we've added as well are these,trust badges below the below like the,information here just showing that these,are the cards of this particular DES,store accepts and this kind of gives the,user a little bit more of a trust feel,as well and this just kind of helps with,the overall experience when someone,lands and finally gets to you worked so,hard to get into your check okay so you,don't want to lose them now so in order,to do all this it's actually fairly,simple to do through this app called,ferry I so what the app allows you to do,is these are just some other,skills that the app comes with standard,and it allows to do social proofing to,your store but then another feature this,app will allow you to do is add your own,custom features to the store so for,instance I'll go down and I can show you,so one of the added these are called,skills one of the added skills that we,put in was the custom,check out badges so you can click on the,skill and what allows you to do is once,it opens whether it allows you to do is,you go into,actions and then you can enter your,skill in here and then you can tell it,where the be put on your checkout page,and then you can also run custom,JavaScript and other things as well just,basically to make your own custom badge,or logo and it allows you to place that,kind of wherever you would like on your,checkout page now the reason why I love,to use this app for this instead of,using just you know hard coding it into,the back of the backend the Shopify is,the app allows you to do a be testing so,you can turn on an a/b test so half your,users will get shown these badges and,the other half of your users won't and,then they'll give you credible data of,how many conversions did you get while,the badges were showing and how many you,got when they weren't so then you can,test different variations of the badges,you can test variations of different,custom things done to your checkout page,to help try and boost your conversion,rate and that is a very useful feature,because lots of times you can hard code,this into the back end the Shopify and,then you have like your Google Analytics,you can look at to see if your,conversions went up you can look at your,store but you don't know how directly,related it is to that badge in,particular there could be other factors,that maybe help conversions that month,so that's why I really like to use this,app and as you can see there's other,things you can do to your checkout page,as well we put in a custom progress bar,across the top you can add in a checkout,timer there's a lot of really great,things you can do now with the app there,is a free version for it for if you're,not making more than a thousand dollars,on average a month or having a thousand,or having a thousand visitors per month,so you can do all of this for free,essentially but then once you get bumped,up into the next category which I,believe is maybe 5,000 sales a month,it's nine dollars a month the apps,really good in the,sense that it works on the more money it,helps you make is how it will charge you,so the app is able to figure out how,many times people interacted with these,different skills and everything and then,it then can kind of define how much,revenue it helped you make and it just,charges you on a monthly basis that way,it's not just a flat subscription if,you're making lots of sales and it's,because of you know everything you've,integrated through the app then that's,when you get bumped up plans but if it's,not then your plan will still stay on,one of the lower costing ones I really,recommend this app to a lot of stores,that I work with just simply on the sole,reason of it allows you to do a lot of,customizations that you can track and,test and get solid metrics on as well as,it allows you to kind of you know easily,customize and change things on the,checkout page now if you're wondering,well how can I do this,if you reach out to me in a comment and,subscribe I will send you the code and,everything you need to add this skill,right here below so if you're wanting,the check out badges for the different,cards you can use then I will send you,everything you need to know for that and,if you have any other questions about,how we did some of these other badges,and some of these other customizations,to the checkout page again just leave me,a comment and subscribe to the video and,I'll get back to you as soon as I can on,it

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