how to add tabs on shopify

[ 2022 FREE ] How To Add TABS to the Shopify Product Descriptions? ✅ Easy Tutorial hey there welcome

Foysal Ahmed

Updated on Jan 17,2023

[ 2022 FREE ] How To Add TABS to the Shopify Product Descriptions? ✅ Easy Tutorial

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[ 2022 FREE ] How To Add TABS to the Shopify Product Descriptions? ✅ Easy Tutorial

hey there welcome to you in my youtube,channel in this tutorials i am going to,show you how to add,review,as a tab with product description in,your shopify product page so first i am,going to show you a real example,looks here,here is the product description and,additional information with tab,and here is a review tab so basically i,wanted to add a,tab,for review,in my clients website here is my,client's website and i'm going to open,any product from,here here is the product page and i,wanted to add a button,for review as a tab,with description,now i am going to show you how you can,do this first i am going to my,shopify admin panel click on the app,because,i will use a free app for this project,then,click on the,view more app in this collection,now i am going to search,ymq free product tab,then click on the search icon here is,the app that we are looking so i am,going to click on this app title,click on the add app button,click on the install app,okay we have installed app now going to,set up this app,so click on the add static tab button,title review,then,select type,shopify review we have to add another,app that names shopify review so i'm,going to copy this,app name go to my admin panel click on,the view,more app in this collection,search shopify review click on the,search icon here is the app that we are,looking product review,click on the add app,install app,okay we have done now go into product,tab refresh this page click on the,array static tab type review reviews,select shopify reviews then click on the,save,okay we have done,now i'm going to,check my website,wow,we can see that there is a review tab,looks very good and we have to remove,this,wow it's work so we have done this,process very successfully so thank you,for your time to watch this video if you,think this video is helpful then click,on the like button and subscribe to my,channel have a nice day bye

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