how to add stripe to shopify 2020

Step By Step Guide To Creating Stripe | Shopify Dropshipping From Dubai 2020 (Dubai Edition) what is

Fahad Siraj

Updated on Jan 16,2023

Step By Step Guide To Creating Stripe | Shopify Dropshipping From Dubai 2020 (Dubai Edition)

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Step By Step Guide To Creating Stripe | Shopify Dropshipping From Dubai 2020 (Dubai Edition)

what is going on you guys fahad here and,in this one i,am going to talk about the number one,pain point that a lot of you guys face,okay so if you are in dubai in uae,if you are in oman if you are in saudi,arabia if you are in bahrain you are in,kuwait,how can you get your payment gateways,right this is by far the number one,thing that stops,a lot of you guys to go out there and,sell online,and i want to solve this for you believe,me,i've been in in uae for about two years,now and without any hitch,i've been able to solve this this big,enormous challenge that a lot of you,guys face yes i faced it as well,but i was able to solve it in no time,and this is a foolproof,um solution which you don't need to,crack your head at all,um very easy very simple for the most,part i'm going to guide you throughout,step by step on how you need to go about,and how you need to structure position,and,what your approach needs to be all right,so um,without further ado let's dive right in,so the number one thing that you're,going to do,the first thing that you will do is go,to something called,this is supposed to be even before you,think about your product,okay before you have any knowledge about,what you're going to,name your store what product you're,going to have probably before,anything right go ahead and set your,payment gateways up,this is what i recommend people if you,are living in this,region this is what i recommend you to,do set up your payment gateways first,all right,so go to something called, i'm going to leave the,link,um and you can see a picture over here,of a screenshot of how the website looks,like so that you,know what the face and look and feel of,it is exactly,and i'm going to also leave the link,down in the description all right,um so,as soon as you're on the website um on,the top you will see the second option,which is called services,right go ahead and click on that once,you hit on that on the left you will see,international formation packages,all right go ahead and hit that again,like i said step by step i'm going to,guide you step by step by the way i,would love,for you to give me a like and also,subscribe,so that it's going to help me um grow,and help you,see more of my videos so that you can,have yours your e-commerce journey,um and and and the success that you want,in no time all right,but anyway so international formation,packages,once you hit on that then you will see,the most basic one the green package,which is,for 179 that is exactly the package that,i go with now let me let me debunk for,you what exactly is all of this,what we are going to do inside of,delaware is we are going to set,up our,own business llc in the state of,delaware in united states,okay so this is important for us to do,um,no matter what you're going to do um you,know instead of the online space,if you were to have if you were to start,your business get in the mindset where,you will have to put in some money,upfront that is just the name of the,game right you have you will definitely,have to do that,um so the number one expense that you,will have is set up,setting up your business llc itself,right setting up your business license,um i don't recommend you to do it um,if you're in dubai no need to no need to,go ahead and set up your free zone,license or main,mainland license llc here no need to do,that,right now as of yet try to keep as,little expenses,um and and go ahead and set up the,the the business in the state of,delaware in united states and guess what,it does not cost,crazy ten thousand twenty thousand,thirty thousand forty thousand dirhams,which could be a lot,and very overwhelming for a lot of you,guys if you guys are starting out,so i understand that hence the reason,why,why i came across something called,delaware which is,very very flexible uh believe me uh when,i start when i was starting out and when,i saw the,the price 179 dollars i just fell in,love with it because it's not a lot,right okay so for getting your llc you,need to pay 179,to delaware um and go through,the whole setting up for,process it's very simple for the most,part very easy they are going to ask you,a few,questions um about you um to gather,information and then they are going to,ask you to upload some documents so go,ahead with all of that very simple for,the most part like i said,so should not be a problem um once you,are,squared away with that you have paid 179,dollars to delaware in about,four to five days you should have your,llc,um documents and everything shipped out,to you here in dubai,okay um right after that,once you have the llc you need something,called the ein,okay so employer identification number,so essentially what,ein is is that um,to give you an example there is the ssn,number right social security number for,each and every citizen,in united states this is for citizens if,you were to,form an entity which is as complex as a,business,a business needs to have its own ssn as,well and what,and ein is in other words ssn,of your business all right so once you,have that,um if so i'll tell you how to get ein,it is simple again either you can do,there are two ways one you go through,the formal,you know both are formal but the first,way um which i don't recommend but i'll,tell you about it,is in is through delaware itself,right so through the irs so i i e i n,will be registered inside of irs,okay irs is internal revenue services,right um in united states so,um that is irs is what is going to issue,your ein,however they take a lot of time if you,were to do it from the website they are,going to take a lot of time believe me,sometimes it can even go 60 days plus,and i am sure for you ins inspiring,entrepreneurs out there who are hungry,for success motivated than ever,i am sure you are not going to wait for,60 days so the next one if,it only suits again right only if you,are ready to do it,you can do it through me so just let me,know drip uh,drop the comments down um let me know,that you want your own ein number and i,am going to con,i'm going to connect you with one of the,people that i know,and um yeah we can get your ein number,in less than 48 hours,so i i'm sure that is a no-brainer 48,hours to,60 days but nonetheless that is not the,point um,ein all right all right so once you have,your ein,um you as soon as you have your ein,you're going to have these,inside of the document saying that hey,this is the ein number,and you're you're good to go ahead and,um and,and and put it to your uh integrated,with your,llc all right so once that's done,what you are going to do is you are,going to straight away,so now you have your business license,you have your ein that is all that you,need,to set up your payment gateway all right,so when when it comes to payment gateway,now,again like i said you don't have to,worry about you don't have to worry,about shopify,you don't have to worry about the,product don't have to worry about,anything,as of yet worry about getting your,payment gateways right,so the first payment gateway that we,would want is stripe,stripe is by far the number one payment,gateway on the planet right now and why,not,why not do why wouldn't you want stripe,as your payment gateway right so let me,tell you what payment gateways are for,people who are starting from scratch,and literally have no idea so payment,gateways are something which are,between yours an institution a business,that is between your store,and your bank account right so they are,in here,in between so this is your shopify store,this is your payment gateway and this is,your bank account now,shopify store okay as soon as somebody,lands custo,a visitor lands onto your store they,they convert into a customer so they pay,money,right so they pay you money that money,you have to make sure that that money,from your shopify store goes to your,bank account with no problems,right it has to be secured it has to be,encrypted everything,needs to be uh legit and private like,it needs to have the privacy right so,that you are actually if they were to,pay you hundred dollars or two hundred,dollars for that item,that money comes straight to your,account whatever you are liable to,it on this planet right now there are so,many hackers believe me and they're,so good they're so good so if you were,to not have a payment gateway and,somehow try,somehow find your own way of doing it,believe me there are so many,hackers like i said in different part of,the world and someone in estonia,or malta or not to not to particularly,pick these countries but,like i said um in any part of the world,you will find,these hackers they're sitting to get,your money so make sure you're working,with the number one payment gateway,um so that you don't run into all of,these issues right,you want things to be as simple as,possible and as quick and transparent as,possible so,work with the number one don't work with,any payment gateway here in uae,i have given all the payment gateways,here a spin,and i do not like anyone believe me they,not to not to complain but i just don't,like how they operate,i don't like their customer service i,don't like their pricing strategy i,don't like anything,how they look i don't like anything,about it right so that's the reason why,i want to work with number one,number one is stripe so we work with,stripe,in order for you to get stripe what,you're going to do is you are going to,go to,and now you since you have all of your,um,you have your information uh you know,your business license you have your ein,that is all that you need for you to,have your stripe account,so go as soon as you go to,login to stripe,um and then go ahead and activate your,account,hit click on activate your account once,you do that,um you will see you know um you you'll,have to put the business address put,your,company's business address all right so,that is going to be 19182 coastal,highway,i think it is pretty standard for all,the delaware,um business llc's um so you're going to,put that business address right put that,business address,you don't have to use your personal,business address,business personal address home address,um a business address is good enough for,you to have all right,so once you have that you put all of the,information exactly on what you have on,llc and for ssn or ein you're going to,put your ein number the last four digits,and that's it,you have your own stripe account that's,that's how easy,it is to get your stripe account you,don't have to worry about,anything else right the same thing the,same procedure,is going to be for paypal as well so we,are going to work with two payment,gateways at least to start right off the,bat,right so number one is going to be,stripe and number two is going to be,paypal,paypal all they're going to ask you is,hey can you tell us a business address,can you tell us a business name and a,few more information and documents to be,submitted and once you do that that's,pretty much,it you have your the number two,two the the biggest the two top,payment gateways on the planet strike,and paypal at least in my world,for the success that i have seen in,e-commerce so far right,i've been in e-commerce for two years,two two two to three years now,and it's been a long time um,and i've always and i have seen ups and,downs,um i've been able to scale of multiple,stores to six figures now,so i know what the best are,right what the best payment gateways are,for for me to give you,those um and hand it over to you so,believe me if you were to go with any,two payment gateways,um paypal stripe these are the two that,you will have to worry about don't worry,about anything,any other payment gateways right and,um yeah so once you have stripe,um the last part the last bit of it is,the bank account all right so how are,what,bank account details are you going to,put into stripe so you're going to,you're going to um you're going to,choose,you united states instead of your stride,but what bank account details are you,going to put that is a good question,right,so i wanted to leave this as the last,piece instead of our video,um so that i am able to articulate as,much value and as much,uh content for you today so um,for for a for a bank account you are,going to use a united states,bank account the way that you would do,you wouldn't so,you wouldn't do with payoneer but i'll,tell you the which website works the,best,and which website is the number one for,you to have your virtual,u.s bank account okay so that is called,transferwise again,screenshot off the the homepage or or,the the website of transwise so that you,know exactly what how that website looks,i'm going to leave all the links down,below,so that you get to know um where to find,those,um and to actually be redirected there,but transferwise all right so what,transferwise what you're going to get,with transferwise as soon as you,sign up with them go into it and then,over there you will see,you can set up your own virtual u.s bank,account okay,so since you have your business llc in,the state of delaware,now you can have your transfers account,literally in minutes okay,and the way that you would do that is,pretty simple put in your again,put in your information upload a few,documents and you have your own us,virtual bank account before,if you were to have you had to manually,or physically,fly out to the united states and create,your own bank account and then again fly,out back to your home,that is in and of itself a lot of costs,for people who are starting out i,understand,how how the waters look like but um,so hence the reason why this truck,something called transferwise had,has made it so easy right i i keep,setting up new,business llc's new stripes and new,transfers all the time and,i'm able to pretty much get this whole,process in about two to three days now,that's how extremely simple and fast it,has become for me including transferwise,so um what transfers does is it gives,you the virtual u.s bank account you,don't have to fly all the way out to,to united states you can get your own,u.s bank account,most probably it's going to be federal,reserve bank account or first century,bank account,um and yeah that's pretty much it um,once you have,that on transferwise you're going to,take the details the routing number and,the account number,what what is available for your bank,account on transferwise,you're going to take those numbers and,just paste it on your stripe and voila,you are going to receive the in the,notification,of your account being activated your,stripe account being activated,in probably about 20 to 30 minutes,that's how extremely,efficient and fast stripe is so don't,miss out on stripe guys,um and yeah that's pretty much it um you,have your bank,accounts um you have your business llc,you have your both beast payment,gateways,stripe and paypal and yeah once you have,all of these,then go ahead create your shopify store,do your product research import that,product that you want to sell,um run a few ads and go,and make some money all right i hope,this video was helpful,please go ahead this is my first one so,please go ahead,like subscribe so that i'm able to push,out as much content for you guys,consistently every day from here on so,that this,um this piece of content and all the,videos that i'll be creating from here,on,is going to help each and every one of,you to start your,online business with no hitches with no,challenges,right and if you have any questions,please reach out to me i'm going to also,leave my instagram,so that this is where i'm going to leave,my instagram go give me a follow on,instagram and also if you want to,personally reach out to me via email,i'm also going to leave an email right,here,it can be a bit up and down but the try,to manage,um so my email address okay so please,give me,if you have any questions please reach,out and ask me and i'm going to be more,than happy to solve it for you and see,how i could help,all right peace

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