how to add sku to shopify

Shopify - The Right Way to Use a SKU hey everyone this is jason,live,for campaign sauce digital mark

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

Shopify - The Right Way to Use a SKU

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how to add sku to shopify catalogs

Shopify - The Right Way to Use a SKU

hey everyone this is jason,live,for campaign sauce digital marketing,hope you guys are doing well today i,sometimes get asked this question about,using a sku number,inside of shopify,now,you don't have to use a skew number,frankly it really helps you though it,really really really helps you in the,long run and there's a whole list of,reasons why namely if you're ever going,to be running multiple stores and you,kind of want to sync stuff from one,store to the next,having skus is really going to help,because whatever software kind of lives,up at the top of all that and helping,you do the sinking it's going to talk to,all your different stores through sku,numbers but let's just rewind here,that's kind of advanced let's just go,down to the absolute bare bones basics,okay i'm going to show you,how to use skus at least how i used to,use skus when i had my online store,before i sold it so here we have a 14,karat gold i'm calling this the orb and,crown pendant,has a 20 inch 14 karat gold chain okay,so the way that i used skews down here,is stock keeping unit this is something,that you get to define okay so you can,define this completely on your own,especially if you're the one kind of,putting together so some of these,components here,the easy way to use skus would be hey if,you're buying stuff from someone else,and they have a manufacturing sku and,you can get a hold of that because often,it's actually included on shipping,labels and and pick lists you can just,use somebody else's sku if you want if,you find yourself in a position of,needing to make your own this is the,format that i followed when i had my,store that did,thousands of transactions in its first,year so the first thing that i would do,here is i would uh go ahead and just,type out the first three digits so let's,just say tjs that's the name of the,store the jewelry store okay pretty,pretty basic pretty simple so the,jewelry store,dash,in,for necklace okay now inside the jewelry,store which is my shopify store here,i can have necklaces i can have,bracelets i can have all kinds of stuff,but in this naming convention the n,right here stands for necklace,then i would call it something like orb,right because this is the orb and crown,pendant right so we know that it is,uh you know that particular pendant in,this particular necklace all right,so from there we might end up doing,something along the lines of what did i,say the length was on this necklace uh,20 inches okay so then i might say,20 inches right,now you can get really super carried,away with this right i mean you can uh,if you had different sizes of this guy,if you had different numbers of these,faux pearls in here if you had uh three,or four different varieties of chain,right so this might be more of a maybe a,box chain or a link type chain but i,mean you can have snake chains you can,have herringbone i mean you can have all,kinds of stuff and maybe you would end,up having a,a space in here to describe what type of,chain it was on right or the fact that,it's 14 karat gold versus sterling,silver okay so again you can kind of,build this out as you want but i think,you can see at the very basic level,where we're going so again this was for,the store this end was for the necklace,so what type of product,what type of pendant is on that product,and then how long is the necklace okay,and again you can get,you can build that out as long as you,want my advice here is to keep it as,simple as you can now where does this,help you like why in the world would you,do this for each of your products,the way that it was helpful to me,is that i had some shipping software,that would allow me to print a pick list,one of the fields that i could print,was the stock keeping unit the sku,so what was really nice about this is,yeah you might also have the product,title on there but if you have the sku,and you can once you train your people,to to read these skus and just what each,one of these categories means,you don't really need the product title,on there you have the sku i mean that's,that is the product title so anyway,that's what helped me,when i was using,my particular shipping software is a,little different than what shopify has,natively and the cool part was that i,had a pick list and all of my stuff had,inventory locations so whenever i,printed out one of these pick lists one,of my people could then read that and go,oh okay i need to go get this this sku,number that's over here on shelf five in,bin c okay so anyway it was really slick,but um so that's where it was very,helpful to me and where you might find,skus helpful for you as well so if you,don't have this field filled in i would,definitely go back in and give it a run,and as you're entering in new products i,would definitely put something in the,sku field there at least it would be,something to go on all right so if you,have questions about how to use skus in,your particular shopify world please,reach out to us here at campaign sauce,digital marketing whether you reach out,through,the facebook channel that this is on or,i'm sure it'll end up on youtube or you,go to our website at, go into our chat window,we'd love to connect with you all right,we'll help you as much as we can take,care everyone

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