how to add shipping insurance on shopify

How To Purchase Shipping Insurance || Shopify Help Center If you use Shopify Shipping to buy shippin

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

How To Purchase Shipping Insurance || Shopify Help Center

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How To Purchase Shipping Insurance || Shopify Help Center

If you use Shopify Shipping to buy shipping labels, you can add insurance coverage as,an extra layer of security for your business when shipping orders.,If you’re new to the channel, consider subscribing for weekly videos from the Shopify Help Center.,For anything we cover in this video, you’ll find the related help articles linked below.,Before we show you how to add insurance to orders, there’s a few things to cover first.,1 - To add shipping insurance, you must purchase a label through Shopify Shipping, that includes,tracking information.,2 - Insurance coverage is administered by Shipsurance.,To see if the products you ship are eligible for coverage through Shipsurance, see the,link in the description.,3 - Shopify isn’t able to provide support for any claims you make through Shipsurance.,But, if an insured package is damaged or lost in transit, then you can file an insurance,claim with Shipsurance directly through your Shopify admin.,Let’s get started on the Shopify admin, and click Orders.,Since insurance can only be added to orders that haven’t been shipped yet, we’re selecting,an order that is unfulfilled.,On the order page, click Create Shipping Label.,On the new page, make any adjustments to the shipping label as needed.,For full instructions on how to purchase a shipping label, watch the video linked above.,In the Shipping Insurance section, enter the dollar amount for the coverage you want to,add to your shipment.,You can include coverage for the total value of the order, or a portion of the total order,value.,Unlike most insurance through the carrier, you can also include coverage for shipping,costs if you purchase insurance through Shopify.,It’s important to note that all prices for shipping labels and insurance are shown in,USD.,If you do file an insurance claim, you can’t claim more than the amount of coverage you’ve,paid for.,Let’s walk through a few examples of how you can add insurance to an order.,One - How to insure the total order value.,If the products in the order are valued at $250 total and you’re using domestic shipping,that costs $9.80, then the total order value is $259.80.,To insure the total order value, add a coverage amount $259.80 to your shipping label.,You pay $0.75 per $100 of coverage.,In this case 3 times $0.75 creates an insurance premium for $2.25.,Two - How to insure a portion of the total order value.,If the products in the order are valued at $100, and international shipping costs $12.00,,then your total order value is $112.00 Depending on your insurance needs, you might,consider adding $100 of coverage to your shipment to cover a portion of the total order value.,International insurance rates cost $1.25 for every $100 of coverage.,So, in this case, you pay an insurance premium of $1.25.,In the event that you file a claim on this order, you have coverage for a portion of,the order up to $100.,To see how shipping insurance rates are calculated, click View details.,Here you see the costs of both international and domestic shipments, as well as flat rate,prices.,When you buy insurance through Shopify for an order that will be shipped by a service,that already includes insurance coverage, the coverage that you buy is not in addition,to the coverage that's already offered by the shipping service.,For example, you might purchase insurance through Shopify for $200 worth of coverage,on a shipment.,But this shipment already has a USPS Priority Mail shipping label that includes $100 worth,of insurance.,If you want the full $200 insurance coverage on the order, then you need to add $200 of,coverage when you purchase your shipping label through Shopify.,You can’t buy $100 worth of insurance from Shopify and combine it with the $100 insurance,from USPS to have $200 coverage.,Both insurances are completely separate from one another, and it is not permissible to,file a claim with both Shipsurance and the shipping carrier.,Once you’ve decided on the amount of coverage you’d like to include, you see the summary,of the shipping label update with the cost of the insurance premium.,To finish, click Buy shipping label.,If you made a mistake or no longer need the shipping label with insurance, see the help,article linked below for instructions on how to void insurance and how to void a shipping,label.,Subscribe now for the next video on how to file a claim with shipping insurance.,If you still have questions, comment below or contact the Shopify support team at

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