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Route Shipping Insurance Tool for Ecommerce Stores: Demo and Review in 5 Minutes or More hey it's De


Updated on Jan 21,2023

Route Shipping Insurance Tool for Ecommerce Stores: Demo and Review in 5 Minutes or More

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Route Shipping Insurance Tool for Ecommerce Stores: Demo and Review in 5 Minutes or More

hey it's Derek and this is Robin five,minutes or more let's go what is it,route is a free for merchant shipping,insurance app with built-in visual,package tracking kind of like a uber for,your packages and of course the updates,are more like check-ins at warehouses,like you're used to seeing as text,updates or other tracking situations but,it's not like you're taking the left,turn on a certain Street it's not that,actual up-to-the-minute because that's,just not how tracking packages works and,this tool works across multiple,merchants not just for your store but,for any store the customer shops with,online and users route so they can be,tracking your package alongside,something else they purchase from,another store route is really slick for,merchants because it is an optional,purchase for the user which they find,over 55% of people will opt in and then,if there is any sort of issue with the,package if it's damaged or someone,steals it from their doorstep whatever,it is then route makes the refund and,claims process super easy for the user,and you don't get bogged down with any,customer service issues the user gets an,email after purchasing the insurance and,there is a easy multi-step signup,process it's very easy to file a claim,choose the issue and decide whether to,get a refund or exchange in fact from,your perspective there's nothing wrong,most of the time route will even,repurchase the item directly from your,store similar to any other customer,checkout except it's on their credit,card and not your dime in this way the,customer is getting their replacement,product and you may not even be aware of,any issue Rao is handling all the hassle,related to the returns and refund,process for those people that have,purchased the insurance it's like having,a personal return concierge that you,don't even have to pay for it's covered,by the customer when they purchase that,optional insurance competitive landscape,so there are traditional shipping,insurance partners like USPS UPS etc,where you can buy insurance from them,usually at a cost to the business or,baked into the product price there are,two other types of insurance plug-in,tools that are very similar but I don't,believe either of them have the built-in,visual tracking one is called fraidy and,the other is called quick both their,partner with Chubb insurance and seem,very similar to each other in that they,are pushing that small Commission that,you'll get paid for each insurance,purchase and I don't personally see the,value and trying to make a few pennies,or commissions off your customer for,this it's really not the key folk,which to me is removing the hassle of,that return in exchange process for,package tracking there are a couple of,app alternatives one is called ship up,and the other is called arrive in both,cases they help the user with the,package tracking side of their,experience but they don't offer the,insurance component biggest,differentiator Rao is unique in that,after user buys the route insurance they,go through routes own signup process and,become a route user they download an app,and set up all their shipping,information with route if they purchase,another product from another company,users route route already has in all,their info in that way there's a sort of,network effect as more people use route,and the percentage of insurance,purchases will go up I believe which is,great for route customers and merchants,and the obvious differentiator that,they've combined the visual tracking,experience with the insurance component,clearly they are focused on more of a,customer centric experience driving more,value to the end-user and I think that's,what's gonna make them a very successful,company here and by the way it's free,and it's very easy to install on any,Shopify store it's like two clicks,metric impact with an average opt-in,rate of 55 percent route will become a,major part of your product offering the,biggest value add for businesses is how,much route cuts down on those returned,and restocking costs route will fully in,reimburse store owners for lost and,damaged products allowing you to reship,brand new items without having a,negative impact on your cash flow,imagine this you have a 1% loss their,damage replacement rate today which is,essentially one percent of your revenue,shrinkage and on your overall margin,with route about half of those will buy,insurance and you will actually gain a,new sale instead of losing an additional,product that's not just a 50% reduction,in that shrinkage but also an equivocal,boost in sales because route is actually,buying product from your store so you,essentially lose all lost or damaged,shrinkage in your business your results,may vary slightly but you get the,picture Rao is helping customers achieve,a higher level of customer experience,which builds your brand relationship,with your customers and I know you may,be thinking that they're building,relationship with route but I see it as,both you gave the user access to route,which is a great way for everybody to,work together for a better customer,experience this increases the customers,confidence in your brand while,decreasing the cost of customer service,and your margins this is a big win when,should you use it,really you can use this at any stage of,your business but it's going to be,increasingly valuable for merchants who,are currently being bogged down with a,lot of returns or replacement orders,it's also extremely important when,you're threading the needle of your own,margin because reducing customer service,costs will give you a little bit more,breathing room Wynn shouldn't use it if,you sell Rolexes or other high ticket,items on the regular you may want to opt,for a more traditional shipping,insurance provider if your average order,value is over $4,000 and especially if,you're doing low volume route cannot,actually ensure you integrations wrap,will integrate with major platforms like,Shopify blue commerce Magento or a,custom API they'll work with buy now pay,later tools like after pay a firm or,sessile as it is equivocal to have it,another item added to the cart pricing,route is a free tool for merchants that,makes their money by charging the buyer,percentage of the value of whatever item,they insure most of the time that's,gonna be at 1% to 1.5% but can fluctuate,based on risk factors high fraud and,high frequency returns Rao is going to,use your own past data to set rates for,your store the minimum insurance amount,is 98 cents so if you're at the 1% rate,and someone is looking to insure on a,cart worth 200 it would cost about $2,and obviously that does mean that if you,have low average order value like in the,5 to 10 dollar range that shipping,insurance option is going to be less,desirable for you every time your,customer uses route there's a very small,flat rate that route will pay out to you,the merchant for referring the customer,and that starts at 5 cents and goes up,but it really isn't gonna make a big,difference to you or your margins again,it's about that customer experience set,up time and resources if you are Shopify,Plus you can add a checkout integration,which can be done by you or the route,team it's a single line of div code it,doesn't really take that much time to do,the route team will set up in a sandbox,version for you and then you can push it,live it's about 15 minutes of work any,developer can do it if your Shopify only,or on another platform it's as simple as,installing the app and then setting up,your preferences on the backend which is,mainly deciding between three main,options you need to know its users will,be auto opt-in versus Auto opt-out or if,you want to pay for the insurance,yourself which I typically don't,recommend the go-to is to op them in,automatically and then they will be able,to easily opt out there's no up,that issue you're not trying to hide,something by having them Auto opt into,it it is literally just one of those,choice decisions we're having people,Auto opt in like donating on your,driver's license it's better to have,them do that and it's better for them,now there are some outlined,circumstances where you have to,communicate with the route team on out,of stock items discount repurchasing and,few other reconciliations you may need,to handle with them but that is still,significantly lower than the amount of,time that your customer service team and,all those enquiries are going to be if,you don't have route final thoughts,ninety percent of customers who add,route to the purchase will do so again,when shopping at the same site and 93,percent of those customers will add,route if shopping on another site this,proves the value they're opting into it,route is paid by the customer and,optional so there's really not much of a,downside for merchants here you gain,significant business operation benefits,and impact on your bottom line,and buyers who really don't want to pay,the extra fee can always opt out with,very clear messaging displaying the,extra fee and opt-out options right,there in the checkout so you're unlikely,to lose anyone thinking that you've,somehow snuck purchasing insurance think,of Rao as an app that adds extra options,for customers that want it without,impacting those who don't want it and at,no cost to you related tools there seems,to be a high relationship between using,tools like route and a buy now pay later,tool like a firm after payor says the,type of purchaser that uses one tends to,also use the other also if you're,thinking about improving the customer,experience through the shaping process I,recommend taking a look at one of my,favorite apps called Phoenix commerce,this tool helps predict the landed day,of the product combine that with the,tracking tool like route and you will,see a higher conversion rate and lower,customer service inquiries that was,route in five minutes or more let me,know your thoughts in the comments below,if we're out interest you please click,on my partner link somewhere around here,or you can book a forever free,consultation with me Derek Haney I'd be,happy to talk to you about route and the,rest of your tool stack and other tools,and opportunities that you may be,missing right now that's it I'll see you,guys next time

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