how to add products from printful to shopify

How To Integrate Shopify With Printful (2022) hey guys jason here with quantum courses,and in this t

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Integrate Shopify With Printful (2022)

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how to add products from printful to shopify catalogs

How To Integrate Shopify With Printful (2022)

hey guys jason here with quantum courses,and in this tutorial we'll be going over,the easiest way to add print on demand,products to your shopify store by,integrating your shopify store with,printful you can add a wide variety of,high quality products and you'll never,have to worry about any upfront cost or,inventory storage,printful is a top print on demand,company that allows you to customize a,range of products from t-shirts to,hoodies to tech accessories and jewelry,and easily add the products to your,shopify store with just a few clicks,when a customer places an order in your,shopify store it's automatically sent to,printful to be fulfilled they'll take,care of the printing production shipping,and even the customer service you'll,receive royalty payments for each time a,customer makes a purchase from your,store,this is probably the easiest and the,fastest way to fill your shopify store,up with high quality products printful,is free to join and you can sign up by,clicking the link in the video,description or by going to,,and if you haven't signed up for shopify,yet you can also sign up and try it out,for free by clicking the link in the,video description,so hopefully you've already signed up,and set up your shopify store and now,we're going to go over how to integrate,printful to add your products if you,haven't already go ahead and create your,free printful account and log in,once you log in you should be taken to,your printful dashboard here's where you,can manage your account create products,and connect various stores so let's go,over how to integrate printful with my,new shopify store,if you look at the menu on the left hand,side you should see the stores tab go,ahead and click that now this will take,you to a page where you can view all the,stores you currently have connected to,printful and where you can connect new,stores as well,if we scroll down you'll see there's two,options here to create a new store you,can create a manual order platform or,api or simply choose a platform to,connect our shopify store we're gonna,select choose a platform,here's where you can view all the,various ecommerce platforms that you can,easily integrate with printful,as you can see they have tons to choose,from and you can connect as many as you,like,but for this video i need to integrate,my shopify store so let's go up to the,top left here and click connect under,shopify,you should then be taken to a page where,you can view the steps to connect your,store,the first step of course is to create,your shopify account if you haven't,created your shopify account yet make,sure you click the link in the video,description to try it out for free,once you set up shopify the next step,will be to install the printful app to,do this let's click the red get the app,button under step two,this should take you to the printful app,in the shopify app store before you can,continue make sure you click on login at,the top right and sign in to your,shopify account once you log into,shopify you should then see the add app,button let's click that now to add the,app to our shopify store,before installing you'll be able to read,the app details and see what all the app,can access in your shopify store once,you're ready go ahead and click the,install app button at the top right,we already have our printful account so,let's look at the right hand side here,and click on continue,you can then confirm your connection by,clicking the red button here,and voila printful has now been,integrated with your shopify store so,now that we've connected printful let's,go over how to add our first product to,do this let's click on add product from,my quantum design store page here this,will open up a menu where you can view,all the products that are available for,you to customize on printful,the amount of products that you can,customize on printful is pretty amazing,they have categories including men's,clothing women's clothing kids hats,accessories home and living and more you,can upload designs to any of the,products that you wish and easily add,them to your shopify store with just a,few clicks once you select a product,you'll be able to customize the product,and create a product template,to get a full walkthrough on creating,product templates on printful make sure,you check out the video going over the,process on my channel page,so since i've already created a product,template let's go up to the my product,templates tab up top here i'll then be,able to view all the product templates,that i've created on printful,for this example i think i'll just add,my quantum designs men's heavyweight t,once i select my product template i'll,then be able to select the colors and,the sizes i want to offer you can use,the check boxes to select each color and,each size individually or you can use,the select all check box to select them,all once you're finished go ahead and,look down at the bottom and click on the,proceed to mock-ups button here's where,you can select the mock-up style that,you want to add to your shopify store,each product will have various mock-up,styles that you can choose from some,with the product alone and some,featuring models,for my quantum designs men's heavyweight,tea i think i'll go with the men's,mock-up once you've selected your,mock-up style go ahead and click on,proceed to details,here's where you can add your product,title your description and other details,for your product listing page your,product template name will already be in,your product title but feel free to,change it or add more if you like your,description will also be filled out with,relevant information about the product,but feel free to add even more or edit,the details if you wish,also you can select the check box here,to add a size guide to your product,listing this is extremely helpful to,customers especially when placing online,orders you have the options to add an,imperial system size guide a metric,system size guide or both these are,great to help customers see how a,product might fit,next you can add tags to your product,these are basically keywords that help,describe your product and can be helpful,with seo as well,if you wanted to add multiple tags at,once make sure you separate them with,commas,under product visibility make sure you,have the checkbox selected to publish,your product you'll need to select this,to make your product visible in your,online store,once you're finished adding all your,product details go ahead and click on,proceed to pricing here's where you can,set the retail price for each size of,your product you can also view the,printful price for each product as well,the revenue you receive per sale will be,determined by the retail price you set,minus the printful price so take your,time and go ahead and use the retail,price column to set your prices for each,sauce,when you update your retail price you'll,notice your revenue column update as,well,if you wanted to set a single retail,price for all your products you can use,the top option here,so once you're done setting all your,prices go ahead and look down at the,bottom and click on submit to store,my new product is now being added to my,shopify store once it finishes uploading,you'll see it appear in your store menu,at the bottom here whenever you want to,edit any of the products that you've,added to your shopify store simply come,to your store page on printful and you,can make any changes that you wish all,of the products that you add will be,viewable in the menu here,so now that i've added my new product to,my shopify store let's click the link,here and check it out,and voila here's my new product listing,in my quantum design shopify store we,can see the title that we created the,mock-ups we selected our description and,all the other details that we added now,when customers go to your shop they can,select from any of the options that you,enable then add the product to their,cart the customer will then be able to,enter their payment details and once,they check out the order will,automatically be sent to printful,printful will then take care of the,production the printing the shipping and,even the customer service so you can,focus on creating great designs and,products,so now let's head over to our shopify,dashboard and check out how to edit our,products here from your shopify,dashboard let's look at the menu on the,left hand side and click on the products,tab,here's where you can view and edit any,of the products that you've added to,your shopify store from printful or any,other place,so let's check out the men's classic tee,that i just added from printful if you,like you can also come here to edit your,product title description and other,details you can also add all sorts of,other product details such as the,product type the vendor your tags and,even edit each product variant,individually,at the bottom you can also see how your,listing preview will look in the search,engines make sure it contains a good,description of your product and some,good keywords so it can increase your,seo once you're finished making any,changes that you like make sure you,click on save at the bottom,if we go back to our products menu we,can see the new information that we,added is now viewable in the columns so,that's a quick overview of how to,integrate printful with shopify and add,print on demand products to your shopify,store in my opinion this is probably the,easiest method for beginners to easily,add products to their shopify store and,get started fast,if you still haven't signed up for,shopify make sure you click the link in,the video description to try it out for,free and your shopify store is gonna,need some products so i'll also put a,link to printful in the video,description as well and if you're just,getting started with shopify and a,little confused i created a full,tutorial walking beginners step by step,through the entire process of setting up,your shopify store to help you get set,up fast to check it out simply head over,to my channel page,once your shopify store has been,integrated with printful you'll have,everything you need to build your own,print-on-demand empire integrating,printful with your shopify store will,allow you to focus on marketing and,creating awesome designs while printful,automatically fulfills your orders and,ships products to customers this,definitely takes a lot of the headache,out of building your online business if,you enjoyed this tutorial i really,appreciate it if you hit the like button,for the algorithm subscribe to the,channel hit the notifications bell and,if you're really cool feel free to hit,the super thanks button as well,thanks for watching and i'll see you,next time

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