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How to Add Music to Shopify ✅| Put Music on Shopify | Shopify Design | Shopify Store Design | 2020 w

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

How to Add Music to Shopify ✅| Put Music on Shopify | Shopify Design | Shopify Store Design | 2020

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How to Add Music to Shopify ✅| Put Music on Shopify | Shopify Design | Shopify Store Design | 2020

welcome back to the channel in today's,video i'm going to show you guys how to,add music to your shopify store,really easy and simple to do so what,we're going to do is we're going to use,a website to create a widget for your,store,it's going to allow your customers to,listen to any kind of music you would,like you could upload your own music as,well,very very easy to do so all you have to,do is go over to the link in the,description it'll be over to this,website called elf site it's going to,allow us to create our widget,so once we're on here we're going to go,up to the widget category at the top,and under audio we're going to go to,audio player once audio player is opened,up here we're going to click on create,widget up here,and then it will bring us to this page,right here where we could decide on our,template for our widget,now you can click through these and look,at what options you have,i like minimalistic stuff so i like this,one right here just because it's less,demanding on your screen it takes up,less space,so i'm going to choose this one for the,tutorial but feel free to look through,these for yourselves and decide what one,which works best for you,but once you're done deciding on your,template you just want to click on,continue with this template,and then here you'll see all the tracks,that are included with this template,to delete these you just want to click,on the trash bin right here to delete,some,but if you want to keep them you can go,ahead and keep them or keep some of them,now if you want to add your own music,you can just click on this little add,button right here,and then you're able to up load some,songs that you have on your desktop and,put the title and artists and stuff like,that and even an image if you would like,to,so if you want to add some custom music,you can go ahead and do that here as,well,but once you're back on here you can,change the location and,what area it plays in so if you want to,play songs in a certain order you can go,ahead and change the order of those,right here just by clicking and dragging,on the left side,now if you want to change the look and,location of your uh widget you can just,go through these categories up here at,the top,like layout to change the layout and the,position,or the player if you want to change,images and artists and stuff like that,or autoplay,and then style as well if you want to,change the color scheme to light dark or,whatever else you would like to change,it to,but once you're done customizing your,widget you just want to click on join to,install,and then you just want to click on sign,up with google or just sign up in,general,however you would like to do that or of,course if you have your account just log,in already,but i'm just going to choose the sign up,with google option here,and then i'm just going to click on my,google accounts,and then once you are signed up it's,going to open up your page,and then it'll open up to your where,your widget left off but now you'll be,signed in so now what you want to do,on the top here is just click on save,and then it'll open up to this page,right here here you want to decide on,the light package just because it's free,but if you would like to,sign up for more uh widgets you can go,ahead and do that as well,but i'm just going to click on the free,option here,and then it's going to give us this line,of code we're going to want to click to,copy this code,and then we're going to head back over,to our shopify store uh page here,now we want to go over to online store,and then we're going to go over to our,theme that we're using right now so mine,is the brooklyn theme i'm using right,now for my store,i'm just going to click on actions and,then edit code,then you can click on leave here if that,pops up for you,and then what we're going to do here is,we're going to go to our theme.liquid if,you don't see it on yours it's usually,under layout and then just theme.liquid,once you're on here you want to scroll,all the way to the bottom and then you,just want to paste,that new code that we have once you've,done that you just want to click on save,and then if you head over to your,website now you should be able to see,that on your store,so we'll go down here and as you guys,see the widget is here,for your customers to listen to some,music on your store i hope i was able to,help you guys out with showing you guys,how to add the music widget to your,shopify store if this was helpful be,sure to leave a like on the video and,subscribe for more thanks for watching,you

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