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How to Add Internal Links to Your Shopify Store for FREE : On-site SEO optimization hey guys Marwan

Marouane RHAFLI

Updated on Mar 23,2023

How to Add Internal Links to Your Shopify Store for FREE : On-site SEO optimization

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How to Add Internal Links to Your Shopify Store for FREE : On-site SEO optimization

hey guys Marwan here,today's video I'm gonna show you how to,add internal links to your Shopify store,because this is very very very very,important to let you rank higher in,Google because internal links are uh,generally uh one of the underrated,factors in search engine optimization,which is SEO,because a lot of people think that SEO,is just keyword research but it's not,SEO is a lot of work a lot of diary work,it requires requires consistency uh it,requires coded knowledge because in,order to fix some uh,technical issues to increase the,technical uh,SEO for your Shopify store you need to,know some coding uh Basics okay so in,today's video I'm going to show you how,to add an internal link an internal link,is a link that links a page to another,page into your website this is a,difference between backlinks and,internal links nothing is a link that,points to your website from an external,website but internal link is a backlink,which is included into your website that,drive people into another page into your,website and this is very important,because Google uh,uh give a page rank for each page and,not for not only for the whole website,it gives for a specific page because for,example if you have a product page uh,t-shirt for women this specific page has,its own SEO factors than other Pages for,example an article on your uh Shopify,store and uh if you have uh certain,pages that rank higher than others on,Google you can also increase this uh,ranking to gain more organic traffic and,by consequence gain more uh,more cells,so in today's video I'm going to show,you how to add this for free because,generally when we do this for our,clients or for my own businesses website,we use a tool like seam rush or href,which cost uh at least 200 per month but,for us it's not a problem because we,have like 20 or 30 clients per month and,this is included in our fees and this is,not a problem for us but for you if you,have just one Shopify store in order to,avoid uh paying 200 per month you can,use this strategy for free and it's,working perfectly so if you would like,to add an eternal link and know how to,do this for free just watch this video,so here is the Shopify store that we,would like to increase on a certain page,ranking,and in this example we're gonna look for,example on a blog post for example this,blog post has a good ranking in Google,and drive free traffic and we would like,to increase the page rank for this,specific blog so we can gain more higher,ranking for certain keywords and in,order to do that we're gonna increase,the internal uh linking for this blog,post so let's click on it,so here is the blog post,we can for example link to this blog,post by using a keyword uh for example,healthy so how we do that,uh,instead of using a paid uh SEO tool that,could cost you more than 100 per month,we can do this for free by using this,simple method so we're gonna go to,Google we're gonna type site semicolon,you type your domain name which is,,slash white space,duration mark,and in this example we would like to,search for the keyword healthy,so we type coffee,partition Mark and press enter,so the result here Google gave us all,the pages that contains the word healthy,as you can see from here if you search,here you can see all the pages that,contain the word healthy but uh in this,case I would like to search only for a,sub domain I would like to search only,for uh,the keywords which uh are contained in,the blog post only so I can uh,search for subdomain only I'm gonna copy,that this is the sub domain,I'm gonna type it here,okay so I'm telling Google to search for,uh the keyword healthy on blog post only,in this category I hate blog,slash news so we press enter and here,are the blogs blog post containing this,keyword healthy for example if you click,on this one how to create a personal,development then,I'm gonna look for the word healthy,okay here is the keyword healthy in this,blog post this keyword is not linked to,any internal page and in our example we,would like to uh link it to uh this blog,post how to stay healthy and live a,longer life okay so we're gonna go to uh,our Shopify admin panel we're gonna go,to blog post,we're gonna search for this uh blog post,here we're gonna search by using uh the,blog title I'm gonna call it here,okay here it is,and here we're gonna look for the,keyword healthy,and here it is okay we're gonna for,example uh how do you you have a healthy,relationship you're gonna select this,and click on insert link,link to we're gonna link it to this blog,post here,and a copy the link are posted here,we're gonna leave this on the same,window,so it could be counted as an internal,link okay the same window the link title,is the what is the link title the link,title or the link title attribute is the,the small text that appear upon hovering,on the link for example if I hover on,this link,you're gonna see the title here tips to,help you sleep well this is the link,title there is another example,so here is the link title okay,so uh in our example,we're gonna type for example uh how to,stay healthy this is the small text,that's going to appear when people hover,over the link okay so we click insert,link,and we'll click save,now we're gonna check our blog post,we're gonna refresh the page,see uh our keywords have been linked to,uh sorry I'm gonna refresh this page,look for the keyword healthy,okay here it is okay,so here here is the internal link that,we added to this blog post when we hover,over it we're gonna see how to stay,healthy if we click on it it's going to,drive us to this blog post and this is,great so you can repeat this process,by for example going to Google search,console you can look for the most,searched keywords on your website or you,can use Google analytics for example to,see which blog post or which page or,which product page on your website is,ranking uh the best on Google and you,can add more internal link to this page,that's going to increase the page Rank,and by consequence increase this page,ranking on Google and you're gonna get a,lot of traffic and by consequence a lot,of sales,so that was all for today guys,as you show internal links where are,extremely important to increase your SEO,if you are struggling to improve your,Shopify SEO you can go to,where I offer service for SEO,you're gonna go to our,service and click on SEO,we're gonna drive you to this page where,you can see the details about the,service I'm offering you can see the,reviews of my customers and here you can,choose your package in order to improve,your Shopify store SEO if this is so,difficult for you and if you would like,to hire an expert to increase your,traffic and your sales by consequence if,you have any questions about this topic,of today put in the comments below and I,will be glad to answer it thank you so,much for watching

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