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How to Add a GIF to a Shopify Dropshipping Store what's going on everybody its briefs,from ecomcon I

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Updated on Jan 13,2023

How to Add a GIF to a Shopify Dropshipping Store

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How to Add a GIF to a Shopify Dropshipping Store

what's going on everybody its briefs,from ecomcon I really hope that you,enjoyed that Zen drop Shopify store,build series and already began putting,some of those strategies into play,that's gonna be the first of many series,like that on the channel so be sure to,stay tuned hit that like button and,subscribe now this video is going to be,a little bit different it's gonna be,shorter we're just going to be going,over how to add a gift to your product,pages and if you watch the store build,series you know that we like to add at,least two to three gifts per product,page it really helps to capture that,customers attention and gets them to,stay on your product pages and on your,store which means that they're gonna be,more likely to purchase now stay tuned,to the end of this video where we share,with you a link to create a high,converting product page let's get,started,if you watch the full Zen drop Shopify,store build series you probably heard me,talk about adding a gift to your product,page now what you see on the screen,right here is an example of a gift it's,an image it's an animated image that,continuously shows a video over and over,again and we like to add two or three of,these per product page to show different,aspects of our product in action another,reason why we like to add gifts to our,product page is it captures the,customers attention and keeps them on,our product pages and our stores longer,and the longer that a customer's,interacting with us and on our site the,more likely they are to purchase so,we're going to go on over to gif EECOM,we're going to go ahead and click create,and we're going to upload our video and,here are some options you have you can,choose how the duration of the gift so,how long the clip that you want to play,over and over again is and then you can,also choose the start time so we'll go,ahead and we'll use these buttons to,create different variations of the gifts,for our product pages like I do is click,continue to decorate you can leave all,these blank and upload to gif and this,usually takes a second or two all right,so our gif has been processed and,uploaded to giffy so now we're going to,go ahead and come over to media I want,to come to this social link and we're,going to copy,and come back over here we're just going,to delete this and go to insert image,URL and paste it in right here so that's,our first gift click Save and now we're,going to go ahead and create the second,variation go ahead and repeat the same,process but this time we're going to use,the editing tools to show the different,aspects of our product and again we like,to add two or three of these per product,page to show that those different,features all right so now we're going to,move the start time over right here a,new clip and alright we're going to cut,it off a little shorter and continue to,decorate continue to upload upload to,get fee and we're gonna go ahead and let,it process again alright so now it's,processed we're gonna come over to media,we're gonna go ahead and copy this link,again come back over to our store and,we've got to come back up it's our image,URL and paste it in right there and,click Save,so now when we go ahead and view the,store now this isn't the same product,but we're using it as an example we got,both gifts right here running and,showing different aspects of the product,and to show you how we typically would,set this product page up we'll come over,here and we'll add a headline so take,your workout to the next level so we'll,have a headline there and then we'll,immediately show the first gif and then,over right underneath it right,underneath the first gift we'll write a,couple,sentences whatever and then we'll have,the next image the next gif and then,usually right under the second gif,we'll have our features and benefits,section and then after here we'll jump,into the bullet points that go over the,different features of the product and if,you would like some more training on how,to set up the bullet points and your,product pages there'll be a link in the,description to an article that's on our,website that goes over how to create a,high converting product page I hope that,this video was able to provide you with,some guidance on how to create and add,those gifts to your product pages now if,you haven't already signed up for your,free 90 day Shopify trial or your free,plan with Zen drop the links are in the,description below so be sure to check,those out and if you have any other,questions or topics that you want to,have covered by me comment them down,below I'll be checking the comments and,we'll be pushing out videos we're trying,to do two or three per week here on out,and we'll get those answered for you now,until next time be great

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