how to add ga4 to shopify

How to Install Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on Shopify 2022 - The Easiest Way in today's video i'm gonna


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Install Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on Shopify 2022 - The Easiest Way

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How to Install Google Analytics 4 (GA4) on Shopify 2022 - The Easiest Way

in today's video i'm gonna show you how,to install google analytics,on your shopify store so let's get,started first things that we need to do,is to,create a google analytics j4 property if,it's not already created in order to,create it we need to click create,property,and then name our property,choose reporting time zone and currency,and then click next,here we,could choose our industry,our business type and then create an,account then what i,suggest you to do is to go to data,settings and data retention and switch,drop down and choose 14 months for,events data retention and click save,then we go to data streams choose web,property,and,provide our,website url and then we click create a,stream here we need to click global site,tag,and copy our tag,and go to shopify my admin go to theme,and here click actions choose edit code,here i need to find sim.liquid file and,paste our google analytics code in the,head section,then we click save,then jump back and we need to go more,tagging settings and here we need to at,least unwanted referrals,and referrals domain will contain,shopify,dot com and if you're using auto shopify,plus account this step is required uh,for you to correctly attribute,transactions,click save then we need to change our,checkout page to correctly,track our transactions if you you're,using a shopify plus you need to go,actions and edit code you will have,access to,checkout.liquid file but if you're using,lower shopify plan then you need to go,to settings and here to choose checkout,and accounts scroll below here's orders,that status page and traditional script,then what you need to do go to my,website and copy,tracking code for order confirmation,page i will link as links in the,description below paste this code and i,need to replace a few variables here you,see update and i need to update this,piece of code so i delete this update,and this,and then i,jump back into google analytics and i,need my measurement id i copy this id,and paste it here,and here then i can,save,my setup and right now,ga4 will be start checking your,transactions if you want to level up,your e-commerce reporting then check,my free,ecommerce data infrastructure guide in,the description below and have a great,day

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