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How to add a new product with Digital Downloads || Shopify Help Center With Shopify's Digital Downlo

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to add a new product with Digital Downloads || Shopify Help Center

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How to add a new product with Digital Downloads || Shopify Help Center

With Shopify's Digital Downloads  app, you can upload files like songs,  ,videos and graphic art as products on your store.,When a customer purchases the digital product,  they receive an email to download the file.,Today, I’m going to teach you how to create a  new digital product with the free Shopify app  ,Digital Downloads. Now let’s get started!,Hey everyone, Casey here! Before we get started,  ,you need to have the Shopify free app, Digital  Downloads available on the Shopify app store.  ,To find the link for that check  out the description below.,Starting in your Shopify admin, click  “Products” and then click “Add product”.,Enter the information for your digital product  like the Title, Description, Media, and Pricing.,Fill out anything applicable in the  organization section like product type,  ,vendor, collections and tags.,To see a step-by-step video of what details  to include when adding a new product,  ,click on the link above.,In this example, I’m adding an ebook.,After you add the product information,  scroll to the Inventory section of the page.,This section might look different if you  only have one location for your business.,In the AlyAthletics store, there are three  locations available to track inventory.,If you have multiple locations,  ,like in this example, then you need to  keep the box “Track quantity” checked.  ,And, you need to set the inventory level in at  least one location to save the product properly.,I suggest adding inventory  for all shipping locations.,This will prevent checkout issues later on  if you’ve created custom Shipping Profiles.,For more information on shipping  profiles, click the link below.,I’m adding a quantity of 500 in all of  our locations, but if you want to limit  ,how many digital products you sell, then edit the  quantity to suit your particular business needs.,If you don’t have multiple locations,  then this is what you see in the  ,inventory section on the product page. You  can add inventory quantity in the same way. ,I also select “Continue  selling when out of stock”,  ,because I want this product  to always be available.,Next, in the shipping section, uncheck  “This is a physical product”. You only  ,need this checked for products  that you need to package and ship.,You might also want to include  individual variants for this product.,This is useful if you sell digital art  and offer different resolution sizes,  ,or if you sell individual songs.,I’m not including any variants in this  product, because I’m selling an ebook  ,in one format. Script,To make sure this product isn’t purchased  without the digital file attached,  ,toggle to “Draft” under “Product  status” at the top of the page.,Then, click “Save”.,Now it’s time to add your digital  file to your new product. ,Under the product title, click “More actions”  and then click “Add Digital Attachment”.,Remember, you only see this option if the  Digital Downloads app is installed in your store.,When you click this link, it takes  you to the Digital Downloads app page.,Before you add the digital file, you need to  make sure the file is saved and ready for upload.,When you prepare the digital file,  here’s a few things to remember.,The maximum file size you  can upload is 5 gigabytes.,You can only upload one digital  file per product variant.,You can’t upload file folders,  so if you need multiple files,  ,then you use a .zip file  or another archive file ,From here, click “Upload file” to select the  file that you want to attach to the product.,If you attach a large file, then it  might take a little longer to upload.,If you have multiple variants, then you need  to upload a file to each individual variant.,After you’re done uploading all your digital  files, click “View in your Shopify admin”.,This takes you back to your product details page.,Now that the digital file is attached to your  product, you need to set the product status as  ,“Active” so customers can purchase it. Remember to click “Save” when you’re done.,Your new digital download is now  available for customers to purchase  ,and download. Script,Click “Preview” to see the new  product in your online store.,Now you know how to create a new  product with the Digital Downloads app!,If you still have questions,  check out

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