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Shopify Blog or Blog Posts: How to Add a Blog to Your Shopify Store what's up everyone it's jamie he

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Updated on Jan 14,2023

Shopify Blog or Blog Posts: How to Add a Blog to Your Shopify Store

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Shopify Blog or Blog Posts: How to Add a Blog to Your Shopify Store

what's up everyone it's jamie here from,shopify masterclass,and today we're going to cover shopify,blogs we're first going to go over why,you need one then how to actually add,one to your shopify store,before we get into it i just want to,quickly thank our sponsor discover,profit calc,the affordable and easy to set up,shopify app that crunches your numbers,in just one click,it automatically syncs with all your,accounts and expenses to calculate your,profit,displaying everything in an easy to read,dashboard so you understand your,business in real time,start for free on the shopify app store,today first off let's cover,why you need a blog on your shopify,store the first reason,is that it allows you to develop your,brand blogging gives you the opportunity,to connect with your audience,and give them a sense of who you are,what you stand for,where you're going and how you intend to,get there it really allows you to build,your presence online,giving you that authority to your brand,and to your products the second way,is that it's a good and free easy way to,get traffic by posting blog posts it,allows your shopify store to appear in,the search results when people are,googling terms,in relation to your products for example,if your store sold barbecues you could,have blog posts,detailing how to actually use your,barbecue how to clean your barbecue how,to make that best meal in your barbecue,and all these posts come together to,allow people to discover your brand,online through your blog posts,and then they can discover actually how,to use your products then you can link,your products in your posts so customers,can go,from knowing how to do something to then,buying that product on your shopify,store,the third reason is that it allows you,to establish your authority,and establish yourself as a brand expert,with that product or that niche,customers will trust you more as you,have a lot of knowledge on how to,actually use the product,and it really backs up your authority by,showing customers that you're an expert,on it you understand how it works,how to maintain it and how to use it to,its best ability,for example if i had a shopify store,selling microphones or podcasting,equipment or something along those lines,and i had a lot of content,explaining how to run your podcast how,to set up your audio it would really,establish my authority over that niche,and for customers it will increase the,trust in your brand because,they'll think if this company has a,really good understanding of how to do,this they're giving me all these tips,their products must back that up this,will also increase stress which will,further increase,people's potential to buy your products,the fourth reason is that it boosts your,conversion rates your blog will make you,feel more credible and relatable which,will provide new clients with a greater,sense of confidence,in their purchases and as you know,increasing your conversion rate overall,will be a huge boost to your shopify,store as you won't need to get as many,customers to your website to sell the,same number of products,now that we've gone over why a shopify,blog is important let's move on to how,you can actually add one to your shopify,store,overall it's quite simple as most things,are in the shopify dashboard and so from,your home page you want to go to online,store then from there you want to click,on blog posts,then once you're on blog post you can,easily create a new blog post by,clicking the create blog post button,once you're in the blog post menu you,can do several things such as adding the,title,this main section here is for adding,your blog post itself,i would recommend writing your blog post,in a different software like word,as if there's an issue with the shopify,section here and somehow it doesn't save,you could lose all your work,it also allows for easier formatting and,revision as you have to scroll up and,down through this dock,when the document gets longer so to,start let's create a test blog post the,title here i'm just going to name,random blog post and then from here i'm,going to copy some,default text that's just going to fill,up my blog post i'm going to copy this,first paragraph here,paste it in here i'm also going to add,an image here i can show you how to do,that,you just go here and click insert image,at the top,then once you click insert image i'm,going to upload a file,i've downloaded this random hiking photo,here because maybe i have a,nature website or an outdoor website and,they sell a lot of hiking related,products,once it uploads here i'm going to add,the alt text so this all text is what's,going to show up,if your image can't load it's also going,to be what describes the image so google,has an easier time,indexing this content i'm going to quit,hiking,the image here just for simplicity i'm,going to leave it as,medium just so it's not overwhelming in,the page and click insert,image so that's how you add an image to,your blog post you can also do things,like centering it so if i go click up,here to alignment,center online it's going to appear in,the center of my blog post rather than,align to the left there's also the,ability to add a feature image which,will show up if you were to link,your blog post anywhere else on your,shopify site this would be the image,that loads along with your content,the expert here is a summary of the post,how it appears on your shopify site so,if you were to link your blog post to,your homepage or something similar this,is the expert that will show up i'm just,going to put,hiking blog post at the bottom is your,seo,so this is what shows up in the actual,google search results when someone,searches for your product,and instead of having the default text,here for my blog post,i might want to make it more concise add,some more characters here saying,hiking blog post nature,maybe it's how to go hiking in your,description you can also edit something,more detailed as well,you can also edit the url and how that,will show up in google there's also more,customization,here on the right in terms of who,authored it what section is going to go,on your shopify site,also tags to help organize your content,especially as your blog grows,then on top right here is the final step,in determining when it's visible you can,set to visible now,or you can add a visibility date so,let's say you post blog posts,every tuesday at 2 pm you could select,that option here,i'm going to put visible now so we can,view that quickly and once you're done,you just click save to view the blog,post i'm just going to click view on,online store and there's the blog post,easily shows up on your shopify store,and the urls are taken care of,and it's really easy to add more content,as your blog grows the next issue here,is once you have blog posts uploaded to,your site,how do you actually add it to your,navigation menu on top what you do is,you go to,back to your online shopify store you,want to click on navigation,and once you're in navigation you want,to click on the menu so at the top i,have the main menu,once you're in main menu you want to,click add item i'm going to put blog as,a generic title and i'm going to search,for blog here,so i had my post here you can probably,add a collection as well as things go,along for your blog post,i'm going to click add save and then it,will now show up on my shopify site as,you can see now there it is in the top,leading to my blog post here i might,want to create a collection of overall,blog posts i only have one but this will,come in time as you start to build up,your shopify blog posts,in conclusion this is why you should,create a shopify blog,and how to actually create blog posts,and add them to your shopify website,overall it's a very easy process and,it's very effective and it's really,going to increase your conversion rates,it's going to bring more traffic to your,website,and it's going to add more authority to,your brand if you start blogging about,your niche,if you enjoyed this video i love you,leave a like below if you have any,questions leave a comment,if you haven't yet please smash that,subscribe button thank you for watching,i

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