how to add aliexpress reviews to shopify

How To Import Reviews From Aliexpress To Shopify 2022 (EASY METHOD) how to import reviews from aliex

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

How To Import Reviews From Aliexpress To Shopify 2022 (EASY METHOD)

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how to add aliexpress reviews to shopify catalogs

How To Import Reviews From Aliexpress To Shopify 2022 (EASY METHOD)

how to import reviews from aliexpress hi,guys welcome back to another video and,in this video i'm going to be telling,you how you can import reviews from,aliexpress so having said that let's,just jump into the video so first things,first what we're going to do is we're,going to go into the application store,over here and we're going to simply,search for,ali reviews now this is an application,that is really amazing in my opinion it,gives you everything so over here,and this is the application that we want,i leave reviews at a review app by the,zext so this is the one that we want as,you can see there is a free plan,available now what i like about this is,that it has a very decent interface and,it's very easy to use so what we'll do,is we'll just simply click on add to,application and what we can do is we can,import different applications different,reviews from amazon and aliexpress as,well so which is pretty cool so now we,just install the application and wait,for it to be installed and once it's,installed we will move on so over here,as you can see the application has been,installed there's a free plan in which,you get 30 views import per product so,you and you have five product limit for,imports and you have customers can post,their own rupees as well so which is,pretty cool so this is the free one if,you have more products and you want to,have a more you know,availability and you know you find that,this,application is really good then you can,go ahead and upgrade it for yourself as,well for now we're gonna sign up for,free one over here and here we go so,over here this is how it looks like very,simple and over here we have our,dashboard we have manager view settings,and all of that right so it's very,simple if you click over here manage,reviews right so this is the product so,we just simply click on import reviews,and over here we enter in the product,url all right so this is the product,right here right so what we'll do is,we'll copy its link come back over here,paste the link over here and click on,import but we need to have at least uh,you know four stars i think would be,good we don't want any five star ones or,three star ones so what we'll do is,we'll just say we want to three star,right now i want some more reviews and,now we have like eight left then i want,five four star reviews all right,actually we only got three so now we'll,just import the rest so we'll just say,seven all star review so we'll just,import seven there we go now that we,have our views imported let's go back to,the dashboard over here,we will see our reviews but actually,before we do that you come over here and,click on manage reviews underneath the,product over here you will see all of,your reviews so you can see you have,four star reviews five star reviews,i think that this combination works,better because,no product out there has all five star,reviews no product it just looks weird,so but if you have like i can a,different number like five four three,like a 4.6 that's a good number that's,believable so pretty simple that's how,you do it that's how you add different,reviews to your products then you click,on view product it's going to take you,over here onto your shopify store where,you can view your product and over here,at the bottom you will see you have your,reviews customers reviews are over here,as you can see you can customers can,write their own review and everything so,this is how you do it this is how you,add and import reviews from aliexpress,into your shopify store so that is it,for this video guys hope you guys,enjoyed this video if you have any,questions let me know in the comment,sections down below and i'll be sure to,answer them as soon as possible so,having said that i'll catch you guys the,next video and until then take care and,goodbye

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