how to add affirm to shopify

How To Use Affirm With Shopify (2022) hi for today we are back again to our,quick and easy video tut

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Updated on Jan 09,2023

How To Use Affirm With Shopify (2022)

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how to add affirm to shopify catalogs

How To Use Affirm With Shopify (2022)

hi for today we are back again to our,quick and easy video tutorial on how to,use affirm,in shopify so with no further ado let's,start so first is before we really dive,into this i would just like to give you,some information about what is a firm so,here as you can see,um you have to create your own affirm to,connect it to your shopify account so a,firm is a buy now pay later or bnpl is a,financing method that more americans are,using to make,discretionary purchases so especially,online to those online ones and in fact,there are at least 39,of the consumers have tried this option,and also known as a point of sale,installment or through loans so it,purports to offer a new spin on,consumers financing um by helping them,to afford to buy the things,that they want without getting into,unmanageable debt,so,basically it helps you to,manage your money through,installments,so now it is said that the affirm,company,has been,cooperating with the shopify so as we,all know shopify is,a subscription-based software that,allows anyone to set up an online store,and sell their products so it is a,an e-commerce platform that offers a way,to quickly launch your dream business,and to start selling to your,customers so wherever they are and if,you want to customize your store or even,build,it from scratch,the shopify app store can make it very,easy for you,so i said,last july 2020 shopify themed with a,firm,um it is to power its shop pay,installment plan and a firm said that,the merchants using the bnpl product,see a boost in average order size as,well as overall sales,so,now we are going to start on how to,connect your shopify to affirm,so,here you would like to log into your,shopify account and if you do not have,you can actually start a free trial so,what you have to do is to enter your,email address and then answer some,questions about,your store or your,um starting business so what is it about,or the do you already have it going or,the like so if you're done on creating,your account then it will lead you here,to your shopify's home page so as you,can see here you will see the home,orders products customers finances,analytics marketing discounts and apps,the online store where you could,customize your very own,store so,i just want to remind you that the,affirm is only applicable to those who,reside on the united states of america,so,now on your shopify account you will see,a click on that and then here you will,see view more apps in this collection,and it will lead you to the downloader,for applications for shopify or the,shopify app store and you will simply,search affirm and,see this affirm pay overtime messaging,so you would like to add that to cart,and install it so by installing it,you will have go through,this um you need to log in,to your account and make sure you are a,residence in america and then under that,um you could select for example you're,done downloading this so all you have to,do is to to select the active check box,and then select the page type you're,adding the message to,then third is to select the logo type,fourth is to choose the logo caller,fifth is to choose the position so it,determines the position of the messaging,within the html and select your font,size and add the class or id on the,price element,if the price can change on the page add,the price change element and do not,forget to select,save,so for example you already have your,affirm,account so all you have to do is,go back to your home page and on the,left side you will see settings,you click on that settings,and here you will see your store details,your plan user permissions payments,check out,and so on and so forth what you have to,do next is to go to your,payments,and here you will see the different,shopify payments through visa mastercard,american express and apple pay,and many more so if you go all the way,down you will see additional payment,method,so you will see paypal amazon pay and,then you could add payment method um,just search their affirm click on affirm,and then click activate,and in activating that you could put,your as i have said before you could put,your public api key your private api key,and then you can,now enable test mode to see if there are,any failure transactions or is it,functioning well using your shopify and,your affirm account and if it's all set,then your affirm transaction,is all good and you are ready to go so,basically that's just it that's how you,use your affirm,in your shopify,so,affirm is not a good idea if you,struggle to keep track of your expenses,and these types of payment plans work,best for those,borrowers who are certain that they can,make the monthly payment so if you have,a hard time tracking where your money,goes you may want to avoid taking on,more debt so,remember that a firm is a banking like,literally a banking and on you paying as,much interest as possible so they make,more money so they will get their income,through interest and they will get it to,you,and the idea of paying off an item in,lots of little payments may seem so much,more manageable to your budget but it,feels like a good idea but the longer,you take to pay the more,you pay,so,i guess that's it and that is how,you use a firm with shopify i hope this,video was beneficial to you make sure to,like this video subscribe to the youtube,channel and leave a comment below with,the best tips and tricks that i have,taught you in this video also please,share this video with your friends and,family as well as aspiring creators and,entrepreneurs so that you could give,them a hand and start off their business,so i hope this was useful and please,leave a comment below if there is,anything else you'd want to contribute,and i'll see you in the next video thank,you for watching

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