how to add a size chart on shopify

How To Add Size Charts To Your Shopify Product Page NO APP NEEDED !! Everyone.,Christian, here in th


Updated on Jan 10,2023

How To Add Size Charts To Your Shopify Product Page NO APP NEEDED !!

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How To Add Size Charts To Your Shopify Product Page NO APP NEEDED !!

Everyone.,Christian, here in the past, we mentioned size charts,and how important they are for your product page.,And this video, I'm going to show you how to add different size,charts depending on your product without any apps.,So let's get started,Now, a big portion of e-commerce returns happen when products,don't match their online descriptions, and size charts are essential.,Part of that, e-commerce customer experience.,So let me show you how to add them to your product page.,But before we do that, actually, I want to show you the final product,and how we're going to add size charts to this particular store right here.,Now, this free court not precaution,warning before this, I'm adding this to the Don thing.,So that's what we're going to be using for this example.,And as you can see here, this is a product page.,We're under one of our dummy stores should be boutique.,You have the product page in here.,And then we scroll down a little bit.,You'll see the site's size chart in a collapsible menu,when you click on it you'll see the image in there,showing you the actual dimensions of that particular garment.,Now, there are different ways on how to add a size chart,to your product page.,And the reason why I chose this one is because you're able,to showcase different size charts depending on the product.,And that's what we're looking for here.,So we don't have like six different size charts in here.,And I didn't want to have necessarily a link right where they have to click,and go somewhere else.,And I also didn't want to showcase this size start,inside of the product description because sometimes that product,aspiration description can be very, very lengthy.,And I didn't want to add to the length of the actual page.,So that's why we chose to do it this way.,Now, I do want to show you in this example, we're going to be going over,adding these two different sized charts.,I just kind of got these from Google.,But just an example.,Let's pretend like the one on the left is going to be four shirts,and the one on the right is going to be four dresses.,Now, before we go into Shopify, I just want to say,we have many of those.,My name is Christian Pinion,,one of the co-founders here at the branding,,or an eCommerce growth agency that specializes in helping clothing,stores grow and scale profitably online.,We dropped new videos every week, so make sure they hit that subscribe,button and Toronto applications so you don't miss out.,All right.,So for this example, we're actually going,to use a combination of different things.,We are going to use the new metal fields, and we're going to use pages,and we're going to use, again, like I said, the Dawn theme.,So first thing that we want to do here is go to settings,and then inside of,settings to scroll all the way down and you get a better field.,And what we're going to do,is we're going to add the meta field of size chart,definition,and this one, we're going to do this shirt size start.,So let's do it now.,Let's just do this.,The name is size chart that will be taken care of.,Or we actually flip it.,So when to do size start in there again,,description is optional is for internal purposes only.,We're going to click on select and type,and then in here, what we're going to do is,do a reference.,So the reference is going to be a page.,So all we're doing here is basically,having a sort of a dropdown inside of the product page.,So you can actually select different pages.,And then we're going to go to the pages and create the shirt,and then addresses size chart in that.,So now that we created this save on that,let me show you how,that looks here inside of the product page.,Those are all the way down.,You'll see the metal fields, you'll see such.,So I start in here or we click on that,we have the option to select the page.,So this will show,you just all the pages that we have internally right here within the site.,But we haven't added the actual images into those pages.,What we're going to do is click online store pages,and then in here we're going to add page this one.,We're going to call it shirt size chart,And then in here, we're going to do Insert Image.,We already have the image in here.,I'm actually going to do this original size image,so and then I'm going to add another page.,No one is going to be, let's say, the dresses,insert image,,upload file,select that again.,I'm going to do original size and image,,and then I click on set,Let's go back to see all pages.,And now we see that we have a dress, a shirt in a shirt size shirt.,All right.,So after we have those set up, all we have to do,is go back to products, go to the actual product that you want,to display a size chart,and we click on that select page.,Let's say for this one does as a shirt.,So we click on the shirt one.,So that means that for this product we're going to have this specific,shirt in here save that,,and then let's go to this other product,See this?,For example,,I actually had this size chart already included within the description.,Let me get rid of that,okay.,And let's pretend that there's a dress and then under size chart.,So like page and we're going to do the dresses,here before we continue.,I just want to say,,if you like what you see, please consider hitting that like button.,All right.,So now that we have everything set up, the next step,is to actually go to the online store theme customizer and see how,we can set up the actual size, start to show up in the product page.,So when you click on online store,theme, and then for this particular example,,like I said, we're doing the updated copy of Don.,So click on Customize,We'll take it to the showbiz.,Click right here.,Go to product default product,and then right within here, you'll see that it's actually already in here.,So I've been adding it,for a different example, but I'm going to click on the,eyeball there so we can actually added.,So what you want to do is instead of product information,,there's a dropdown click on that,and you'll see all the different elements,for the actual product page and the product information side of things.,So you'll see that the title, the price, quantity selector,,all that stuff.,Now we want to click on Add a Block,then in here you want to do Collapsible Row.,It might be name something different depending on the version of Don,that you have.,We do have the 4.0 versions, and that's the latest one as of right now.,So add the collapsible row,and that's is going to be that accordion,type section.,And then when we click on it, we can give it heading.,So we can call it the size chart.,All right.,And then the icon, we can change that to,see maybe pants,a shirt,like shirt might be more universal.,Yeah, I like that. So so start,the row content and then we're on the front page what we're going to do.,And I tried doing different things in here.,So if you have a different type of size chart,,maybe you don't have an image Maybe you have more text based.,So the actual dynamic source is going to be those metal field.,You can do a different midfield.,So the material that we did originally was the reference,you could potentially try something like a text or something else,in order to display that size chart.,But for this one, we did the image and we did it inside of a page.,So we're going to do RO content front page.,Now you could do just select the page, but this will essentially be,for every single product, we'll have the exact same size chart.,So we want to create a sort of dynamic source, so connect a dynamic source,and that's we're going to do here,as you can see, the dynamic search will show up right here.,So that's one of the matter fields.,If you haven't done this step yet, you'll see that you'll have the link,right here to add a metaphor that will take you,to the very beginning of our video where we're creating stuff.,So click on size chart in there.,What's next?,Now, before I do that, now more than ever,,you need to be able to see your blind spots,and opportunities in your clothing store.,So that's what we found, software called Will.,And this will literally put all the data points,that you need to know about your business into one place.,So every single day you can see your opportunities, your profit,growth, everything combined with different sources, right?,Facebook, Shopify, Klaviyo, all into one platform, one single location.,That way it will allow you to grow profitably, continue to grow properly.,So check that out in the description below.,Now that we have,everything set up here, let me show you how this looks again.,Click on the preview link here,Let's go to,that product that we set it up here for.,And as we can see, you click on size chart and it looks like,we have the right one showing up right here that looks awesome.,Then let's check out the other product that we had set,,which I think it was.,And none of those,let me go back here and check this out.,As far as a product, I think it was the bite, the bullet,Let's see if we can,click on preview for that,Of course, the pop up is blocked,I was showing me,the wrong preview,So you manage all the way So,all right.,That should do it.,So let me refresh this page.,There is a product,,and then if we look at this type so chart,,we see the other side chart that we actually updated as a different page.,So there we have it.,Now we have two different size charts for two different products.,And it all happens dynamically in the back end where you actually go,into select right here the actual page that you want.,Look for that.,Now, this is not just for size charts.,You could use the same method for anything else that you want to display,right within your product page that will be dynamic.,So it will be different on a per page basis.,So think about a lot of people do and we do recommend a lot people do the,model,info for that particular product, right?,So you can,actually have different pages with the model info for each of those,models that you have displayed on your on your store.,And you can select the model right within here.,So to actually display the right information for that product,and not have a full list of all the models that you use,for your store.,Now, we often, often don't talk about this,,but if you already have a Shopify store,and you've already launched the store into into the interwebs,,then I would highly suggest that you check out the website after launch.,This is sort of a mini course that we created,that helps you navigate the world after you publish your site,,right after you hit that post button. What happens next?,What are those? Those next steps?,And also we give you actionable things that you need to be doing,on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis,for your store to stay up to date and high conversions.,So that's a crazy thing that everyone keeps talking about,,but it's super important to keep up with high conversions,,and this mini course will help you achieve that.,So check it out in the description below

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