how to add a free shipping banner on shopify

How to add a sale banner on your Shopify store. hi there and welcome today I'm gonna,show you how to

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Updated on Feb 19,2023

How to add a sale banner on your Shopify store.

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how to add a free shipping banner on shopify catalogs

How to add a sale banner on your Shopify store.

hi there and welcome today I'm gonna,show you how to put a banner ad on the,top of your Shopify store first thing,the customer sees no need to have any,apps monthly subscriptions anything it's,actually featured or available in your,store a lot of people don't know this,downloader app that by a small monthly,subscription just to put a discount code,or some information at the top we're,logged into my mr. Bates shield tight,it's a trial page I just use to show you,how to do these things this is your,homepage once you have logged in this is,best investments and quickly gonna show,you you're gonna go to your online store,this is very powerful for if you have a,store that does free shipping you're,gonna have specials running this is like,the best way to put a head in front of,your customers that doesn't cost you any,apps I'll use this and I have massive,success I've tasted it over five,different stores different products okay,so yeah well or this is how our store,looks at the moment alright so that is,it so it's very easy but a lot of people,don't know this so you can change to a,image that will remove that based up,page filled day and put a logo there,I'll do a video how to replace the words,with the logo link in the description of,the video and then you can change the,size of the logo but what we're gonna do,we're gonna have show announcement ball,and now you'll see it says announce,something yeah so let's say,on orders of you you so what we are,doing here we are telling customers we,are gonna give you a free shipping on,orders over $50 so late like they have,something in the basket 35 or $40 this,is gonna encourage them to spend more,but please remember you have to work out,your profit margins and so on and mock,your items so that if they purchase one,item that it's not over $50 one do we,want to have them to bar more so this is,just for example otherwise you're gonna,have to make it like 40 if your stuff is,cheaper or let's say $60 to get them to,buy two items to qualify for free,shipping because we want to make sales,okay so that's adding a banner on the,top now we have the option did you have,it yeah homepage only on every page I'm,gonna click that to have it on every,single page because I want my customer,to see it the whole time,everybody know they're open that is,gonna be on the top but now gray is not,the best color depending on your store,select something that fits looks,comfortable is not so to the eye blue,fits mine nice because I have some blue,in my images of my products and has,tasted great works like a dream was a,test POW red is always color to go with,and yellow is sometimes a bit bright but,that's your choice you can see that that,sore on the eyes and I'm not gonna look,at it I would rather go for something,blue array so that is how to set up free,banner actually like add on your Shopify,store and you can just press save,and then that will be on the top of the,store entrance once they go onto your,shield stole that will show today I hope,you learned something if you like my,videos hit the like button it really,helps the YouTube algorithm and,subscribe to the channel to see new,videos coming every day and if the Bell,notification otherwise you're not gonna,get the notification thank you for,watching my name is Michael from Beiste,investments and I'm gonna guide you all,through Shopify and help you do your,best,enjoy your day and see you see

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