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Shopify Plus Pricing: How Much Does Shopify Plus Cost? hey what is up guys it's brendan here,and tod

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

Shopify Plus Pricing: How Much Does Shopify Plus Cost?

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Shopify Plus Pricing: How Much Does Shopify Plus Cost?

hey what is up guys it's brendan here,and today we are going to be talking,about,shopify plus pricing and before we begin,i do have a shopify 14 day free trial,link down in the description box below,that is an affiliate link and it's a,great way to help out and support the,channel,so how much does shopify plus cost is it,worth it,and what is the overall pricing of,shopify plus the pricing of shopify plus,plans start at 2,000 us dollars per month or a variable,fee,for higher volume based businesses this,is if you're in the million plus range,or 10 million plus range they might do a,different,fee based percentage but all the plans,start at 2 000,and go up from there now this only,includes,shopify plus the system itself along,with the website and the hosting,all that is done through shopify and all,the information in this video is sourced,directly from the shopify,plus website and all the extra details,are listed out there if you want to read,them through yourself,but that's what we're going over in,today's video so shopify plus before we,get into the nitty gritty details it is,an,enterprise level solution for e-commerce,based businesses or if you're running an,e-commerce website,shopify plus is that next level up,enterprise level solution,from shopify and shopify plus presents,that their solution,has a lower total cost of ownership in,comparison to other options that are out,there,they're allowing you to do more for less,quote-unquote,and you can say goodbye to the ongoing,cost of hosting an infrastructure as all,that is managed by shopify,they have all the performance and load,testing in there,security patches point releases upgrades,and the,you can say goodbye to the time and cost,of outsourcing simple changes that you,can do by yourself so all of this is,built in,to their system and on their platform so,you can manage all the back end stuff,if you want to do that yourself for,example one of their case studies from,staples,were able to take their operations team,from 200 people,down to just 20 people which is a nice,operational benefit as they say hear,from,simon rodriguez so the next question you,may be wondering is what is included,with that two thousand dollar a month,shopify plus plan so they have listed,here on their website,the shopify plus plan includes the 18,higher conversion with shop pay,and 60 faster checkout future proof,systems like ar,video uh 3d modeling so you could uh set,a,maybe a piece of furniture like uh like,a decor home decor and then people can,use ar technology to view that home,decor,in their living room so they can see,that make while they're making their,purchasing decision,technology like that as well as,localized shopping experiences for,b2b and direct to consumer marketing you,can customize the checkout with various,discounts and shipping rates,uh which that's also in the regular,shopify plan but they do have,additional things like that in shopify,plus,and then you can also have much higher,uptime in general so if you're,pushing a lot of sales volume shopify,plus,offers that enterprise level solution so,you can really handle um,very high sales transactions so that,your site doesn't go down and you don't,have to worry as much about the,technical side of things as they have,much higher transaction limits and,basically unlimited as they as they list,here and much more products and,really everything that you may need in,an inner prize-based solution,how much does it cost to migrate to,shopify plus shopify does not charge you,a direct fee,for migration so migration costs may,depend on your business and your,existing commerce,solution that you have set up because,there are uh importing,processes so you can export your your,product data or sales data and import,that into shopify plus,so the migration is your personal,responsibility although they also have,various shopify plus representatives,that can you can get in contact with to,help you with the whole migration,process,so that would be a potential cost and,resource needed,to allocate towards the migration but,they don't charge you a direct migration,fee,for utilizing shopify plus for example,if you're on magento they have a,proprietary tool,transporter that you can use to help,with the data transfer,or you can use csv files and the shopify,api to migrate,and export that data how does the,variable fee work so like i said before,the two thousand dollar a month is their,starting point,for the standard setups and integrations,and then they have,for higher volume based businesses they,have the variable fee option depending,on your requirements and that you have,to actually contact them to figure out,exactly,what that variable fee may be over a,certain dollar amount typically for the,various transaction amounts what are the,transaction fees of shopify plus,so with shopify plus the actual,transaction fees per,customer is none when using their,payment platform if you use shopify,payments they don't actually charge you,any other extra fee on top of that,within shopify plus it's just the,shopify,payments cost which they don't have any,on their their payment platform,so that shopify payments if you're,wondering is supported through,stripe so stripe supports shopify,payments that's the technology that's,being used there but they have a special,deal with stripe,so that it's all integrated very nicely,within shopify payments,now shopify payments you also get four,percent higher authorization rates,for the transactions and even up to 18,higher conversion rates with shop pay,which would be the conversion rates,between different currencies,and then if you do use a third-party,payment processor such as paypal,or or to checkout or,various ones that they have integrations,with,they do char especially with paypal,that's the most popular,uh like payment processor outside of the,others for credit cards so,paypal they do charge an additional 0.15,per transaction to cover the additional,security requirements,so that's something to consider if you,are using paypal if you have a lot of,sales volumes through paypal they do,charge an additional fee there,you're probably not going to escape that,anywhere you go when using paypal,on top of it the traditional payments,payment methods for credit cards and,debit cards and all those kind of,transactions so what are the credit card,rates with shopify payments,as i said shopify payments does not cost,anything but they do,have the the credit card rates this does,vary from country to country so if,you're in canada,us uk australia wherever you are or,wherever your customers located,they will that automatically is,calculated at checkout,the the credit card rates do vary by,country so there's no specific list you,have to contact the shopify plus,representative to find that out,so that they'll give you the most,up-to-date information based on your,location and where your customers,located so on top of the two thousand,dollar a month,starting fee for shopify plus are there,any other costs to consider,there aren't any directly although if,you do need custom development,they offer that within the shopify plus,partners if you need a budget for,custom designs and integrations then,that would cost you extra money and then,there is the optional cost,of various theme purchases apps which,extend the usability of your website,you could think like subscription based,systems or,payment prop payment plans payment plan,systems,or various email marketing software,integrations those might cost extra,depending on what other,apps platforms and providers you're,using to get that integration,fine-tuned to your specific business,maybe there's location-based things or,or food delivery all these various,things are,would be add-on fees so you have to,consider the theme cost which,shouldn't be too much but this all,varies depending on your setup,and integration it might cost more might,cost less uh these are all things to,consider the various apps,and themes one of the other optional,costs they have lists on their website,is,alevara eva tax which is 250 us dollars,per month,so that that's an example there where,you might have to pay extra so that you,can,utilize certain extra benefits on your,website how many online stores can you,have with shopify plus,so shopify plus you can create unlimited,online stores in different currencies,and languages depending on,specific locations if you want to create,a us store canada store,there's various different options there,for websites and,companies with global audiences and you,can have your main store,and then up to nine expansion stores as,part of the monthly platform,fee with an additional cost of 250 us,dollars per month for each extra store,this directly from the shopify plus,website,they that all of this information i've,listed out in this video may change may,update over time,so i recommend to check out their,website of course to see the most,up-to-date information,this is how it is right now so it would,cost an extra fee per month,if you want to have additional add-on,stores maybe if you have a,sock brand and then you also sell shoes,or something like that then you could,have an additional store,off your main store that then would cost,uh 250 us dollars per month basically,just like an add-on cost,and as i mentioned before it's important,to note that there are additional fees,if you need to use,specific apps or themes and integrations,depending on your business,such as the subscription boxes or things,that don't just come along with the,standard out of the box shopify plus,system,you may need to add on those extra apps,which would cost additional monthly fees,but of course this varies business to,business if you need them,then you have to consider that you could,talk to shopify plus and they'll let you,know hey maybe you need this or you need,that,certain integrations you might not might,not need anymore depending on what your,previous e-commerce solution was,or if you're getting started from,scratch one of the other options when,considering shopify plus pricing and,cost,is to get started with the basic shopify,plan which as i said linked down below,for that 14-day,free trial that you can get started with,you could set up your business with them,first on the basic plan if you don't,have as much sales volume or if your new,startup business you get started with,that basic plan and then,always you can upgrade to shopify plus,later in the future if you have lower,sales volume right now,you could start off with that more basic,plan that's only 29,a month and then scale it up to maybe,the typical shopify plan or even the,advanced shopify plan which is 2.99 a,month,so that's a lot lower price points if,you wanted to get started,as a more more basic system and then,later on as you're processing more sales,data,then you can always move up to shopify,plus in the future which is that two,thousand dollar,a month enterprise solution and it makes,sense to start out with a smaller plan,at first and then scale your way,up to shopify plus in the future if,you're not handling as,high of sales transaction and all of,those customers on your website because,that's really the,primary value that they're providing,with shopify plus is,the ability to have so much higher up,time and to be able to handle those,floods of traffic,say for example you got a press piece,and you're expecting to have just a,flood of traffic,you do not want your site crashing at,the spike in traffic and then,you lose sales that's just bad news so,if you're expecting things like that,then,definitely reach out to shopify make,sure that you're on the right plan so,you can,handle all of that traffic and so you,can actually convert and make sales,because the worst thing to happen is,when you get that big press piece and,then,you know people can't even check on your,website those websites down that would,be terrible so,that's one big thing to consider is,really the hosting that they're,providing you on the back end,to be able to handle such high volumes,of traffic higher sales volumes,so that's one thing to consider you,could always scale up in the future if,you start with a basic plan and then,move up to the,more advanced plans and shopify plus and,one popular brand that did this,as an example is all birds they started,out with that smaller plan and then as,they grew their business they scaled all,the way up to shopify plus,so they could handle that additional,traffic and sales volume if you enjoyed,the video or found this helpful in any,way be sure to smash the like button and,hit the subscribe button as well so you,get notified for future uploads,that is all for today's video so i will,see you in the next one peace out

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