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10 Things You Must Know About Managing Multiple Shopify Stores hola bonjour ciao lavas hi,welcome to

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

10 Things You Must Know About Managing Multiple Shopify Stores

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10 Things You Must Know About Managing Multiple Shopify Stores

hola bonjour ciao lavas hi,welcome to the shop talk i'm alberto and,today we'll go through something that,may seem a little complicated,but can be the key to your success,managing multiple,shopify stores we will answer the,questions is it possible when does it,make sense,and what challenges does it bring but,before anything else,make sure to like this video click the,subscribe button and hit that bell right,next to it to never miss one of our,stories,you are probably wondering if having,multiple shopify stores is a thing at,all,yes it is but it can get a little bit,tricky,you see technically shopify does not,allow you to have more than one store,under the same account,so that means that to create a new store,you need to create a new account which,in turn means,two stores two accounts two sets of,settings and two paid plans,but at least you get to use the same,email address to log into those stores,still why would you want to have,multiple shopify stores at all,for most people having one store to sell,the products and promote their brands is,more than enough,but besides the potential increase in,sales there are actually several reasons,why it would make sense to have more,than one shop first,when you're entering global markets,selling to an international audience,may require to adapt your site to a,different reality,that means language currency habits or,any kind of communication specificities,second you may want to create a more,personalized experience,different locations call for unique,approaches you may want to craft your,design and your promotions based on,local references,to better catch your visitor's attention,third,when you start to sell to different,customer segments that could mean,dividing your audience into men and,women or when it starts to sell to,businesses,and individual customers whichever it is,you will only benefit from having,different approaches,fourth when you have too many different,categories of products,imagine that you sell shoes cell phones,and sunglasses,maybe you want different stores for that,so that your customer is more clear,about what kind of store he's,walking into and finally fifth,having multiple stores can work better,for seo purposes,with a more streamlined and personalized,experience provided by the multi-store,approach,your customers are encouraged to stay,and browse longer in your store but,as cool and promising as it sounds this,multi-store approach,comes with a few challenges for once,processing orders,may become harder your customers will be,placing orders on the same,product pool but from different stores,that means that you will need a solid,structure,and tight processes to avoid confusions,delays and errors,then you will face a challenge of,managing inventory across multiple,stores,that will require extra attention,whenever your customers purchase or,return,an item or when you add a product to one,of your shops,creating product data can also get messy,because the structure may be different,in each of your shops,and then you have the integration of,your multiple stores with your other,systems that will also require some,additional effort,to ensure that they are kept in harmony,this strategy will increase your seo,challenges too,having two shopify stores means that you,need to put more effort into building,two strong domains,brands dealing with site optimization,social media and so on,in conclusion being owner of multiple,shopify stores,is possible and even beneficial,sometimes but you need to make sure that,you actually,need them for a business success and,consider if you have the necessary,resources to manage,promote and optimize them this approach,can give you an edge when competing with,stronger brands that sell,everything or set you to fail so my best,advice to you is this,set your goals plan a strategy be,thorough,be bold but always acknowledge the risk,all that said feel free to watch this,video again and as many times necessary,if you found it useful if you liked it,show their love and appreciation by,clicking the like button,and subscribing to the eshop talk,channel if you want us to cover any,specific topic if you have something to,add,please let me know right there in the,comments below i am alberto taking eshop,and until next time keep your sales up

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