how many shopify merchants are there

How Shopify merchants prep for Black Friday so as you might know we ran a poll,covering all of our S

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

How Shopify merchants prep for Black Friday

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How Shopify merchants prep for Black Friday

so as you might know we ran a poll,covering all of our Shopify merchants,and we wanted to get your feedback on,what you thought about Black Friday and,the holiday season and one of the first,questions that we asked on there was,which promotion are you planning to do,or have you done for Black Friday in the,past and the number one answer and this,is not too surprising is that by a large,margin it's that a big promotion is what,many of you are planning and I think,that's great obviously you know it goes,along with the the holiday of Black,Friday many people like to do a,percentage off the only thing that I,would say is let's make sure that you've,got a minimum spend on there to make,sure that the holiday is still,profitable for you and I love and I,wanted to make sure to call this out we,asked for some pure on pure advice so we,asked you what's your recommendation for,people to do this Black Friday and,Michelle from Abu candle really said it,best do what's profitable don't try to,be targeted or Amazon if you don't have,the margins to support it Black Friday,is all about making a profit and of,course there are other types of,promotions that you can do for the,holiday and also I will just say you not,all brands do a promotion some Brands,release a new product or they do some,kind of limited run of something it,doesn't always necessarily need to be a,big promotion but that is often the most,popular the next question on here was,channels to consider utilizing so what,other channels are people are other,Shopify Merchants using the first and,foremost being email marketing and,that's not too surprising even Shopify,says that this is the highest converting,Channel especially during the holiday,season so we know that email is making a,lot of money but the runner up here that,I thought was interesting was Instagram,and Facebook so I think that that's,really interesting and if you are using,Instagram and Facebook as I'm sure most,of you are I wanted to point out a,couple of things one you can integrate,your Instagram in with seguno which is,great because if you create this,beautiful image for Instagram and you,want to use it in your email that's what,this connector allows you to do it,allows you to bring up your images from,Instagram and put them in your email,marketing which can save you time the,other thing that I wanted to make sure,to point out is that if you're new to,social media and you're still posting,manually that can be great but if you,find that social media is kind of,starting to become its own beast and you,definitely are spending a lot more time,on it then you may want to use some more,advanced software and some of these are,free actually I'm pretty sure all of,them have a free to get started because,I've used all of these later HootSuite,in canva and you can schedule away in,all of those and so that can really help,free up some time too because you can,schedule your posts in advance just like,you can schedule your emails and then,that saves you time later on personally,I use HootSuite but I have used later,and I think later has some nice bells,and whistles in it you can get to a lot,of those functions within the meta,business Suite so and technically you,can schedule within meta business Suite,but I keep having technical errors every,time I do that so that's why I stick,with my HootSuite because I I'm able to,do it and there's no technical problems,so I'm not sure if that's user error or,meta business Suite but just a little,something there to consider the next,thing and this should probably come to,you as no surprise but right now during,October is when most Shopify Merchants,are getting ready and sending out their,Black Friday and holiday promotions,they're starting to send it out so the,fact that you're on you're in the right,place now is still the time to get,started and to start building out those,messages and sending them out now the,hardest thing for people to do for Black,Friday and the holiday season and this,is no surprise I would I imagine that,this is a pain point that happens,throughout the course of the year but,it's just like really heavily emphasized,during one of the busiest is getting,people to come to your site so acquiring,site traffic so one thing that I wanted,to point out here is that your cost per,click can be something that you're gonna,look at closely you know how much,advertising costs does it take to get,them to people to the website Facebook,is still a really good choice for that,so I put a link here to a Shopify,article that you can go to to learn a,little bit more about the cost per click,for Facebook and kind of what those,Trends are but just because a lot of you,are already on Instagram and Facebook I,think that's probably the next easiest,step or if you have an item that is,heavily searchable then you might want,to go to something like Google or,YouTube all right and then finally we've,got making an impression so most Shopify,Merchants are sending out more than two,messages for Black Friday and the,holiday season which when I hear that I,think okay how can we make it more,efficient and that's where I would use,seguno's campaign feature meaning that,you can create let's say four messages,it could be five it could be six it,could be three but let's say it's four,messages all at once schedule them out,and then it's taken care of for you and,what I would recommend to reduce stress,is that you go ahead and build out those,emails and campaigns now so that you can,just focus on fulfilling orders or any,business problems that come up during,such an important time of the year

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