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How Many Products Should You Have On Your Shopify Store? how many products should you have in,your S

Hayden Bowles

Updated on Jan 10,2023

How Many Products Should You Have On Your Shopify Store?

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How Many Products Should You Have On Your Shopify Store?

how many products should you have in,your Shopify store you guys this is a,question that I get asked all the time,most of the over DM a lot in the YouTube,comments you know whatever I ask people,what questions they have this is one,that seems to always come up the answer,is simple there is no answer I'm gonna,break that out for you make it make a,little bit more sense inside it's a,little nice presentation I put together,for you guys but essentially it's gonna,depend on so many different variables,I'm gonna give you that outline so that,you know how many because depending on,what you're doing if you don't do it,correctly it can mess you up if you,don't have it structured the right way,so to keep that in mind the amount of,products it's just kind of an image you,know you're really only going to be,marketing the main couple of products so,keep that in mind as we dive inside of,my computer and also to know a lot of,people focus on it's one minority task,like how many products should I have or,should I do a good description for all,of them or should they all be free plus,shipping and not all of them on sale,those are like each individual small,like not as important tasks right you,need to focus on the bigger problems,right what's gonna make you money just,do that rinse and repeat focus on those,main thing so let me jump inside of my,computer real quick I'm gonna start,breaking this down for you and hopefully,have it make a little bit more sense all,right so the first thing before you can,even add a product on your store you,need to first of all open your store and,there's actually two things you have to,do open the store which is a free trial,you can do that you know 14 days like,shop guys regular standard trial do that,and then open the app which is also free,Oh bear low this is the app that's gonna,allow you to link products from,Aliexpress into your Shopify store it's,kind of the middleman piece there that's,what connects everything so you need,that set up first and this video is not,me going through and explaining products,I've made a ton of other videos on,product research so feel free to go back,on the channel and check those out but,this right here okay the first thing I,want to talk about this is huge because,if you're asking me just straight up,this is all you tell me hey how many,products should I have in my Shopify,store I can't answer that I don't know,first of all your experience level how,you know how to do your marketing I,don't know what niche you're in do what,are you trying to do to try to build a,store or a brand there's multiple things,let me simplify that for you as much as,possible general versus a nice,store which is better okay it's not,necessarily this is better or this is,better it's what do you want to do okay,if you're doing a general store which I,personally don't do and I'm gonna,explain why momentarily that's where you,have a lot of different products you,have headphones you have microphones you,have iPhone cases you have everything,right it's all sorts of different,products it's across the board it's like,a mini version of Walmart online now a,niche store is where you just sell a,give this example headphones right,you have blue ones you have red ones you,have green ones you have this type of,shape you have this addition its,headphones that is your niche right,that's what you specialize in so for me,I personally do niche stores that's,pretty much all I do,unless it's becoming a little bit more,of a brand but at that point it's still,not a general store there's a lot of,things that go into that but for me I,pick products okay and again this is not,a product research video but I don't,pick a niche I find what product I want,to market first and then based on that I,build a niche around it so that's just,something to think about but if you're,trying to build a general store you're,gonna have way more products with a,niche store I've started stores with,just one product just one product on the,store and it works because in the,beginning you don't need to this is what,I'm really big on you don't need to and,you actually should not waste time so if,you're gonna spend let's say two three,weeks getting all these products setting,everything up and then tween,descriptions for every single one making,sure the pictures and the variants are,in the right order,everything the pricee making sure the,apps horrify yada yada,that's so much time you know I have,products that are stores that are,successful just one product and,eventually you add in more because you,don't want to have yourself get to the,point where you're trying to do a lot of,filler products that don't make sense,and for those you don't know a filler,product is essentially when you're not,marketing that product but it relates so,you put it on the store so that it you,know it kind of fills it up it fills up,the store makes it look more legit,whatever that means so you don't want a,ton of filler products just get some,products on there whether it's one,whether it's ten whether you're doing a,general store with a hundred I've done,that okay I don't particularly enjoy a,lot of that but I want to get things,going as fast as possible that's my goal,now the second thing here real quick,this actually kind of bill,off of what we're talking about but your,niche okay this is not general versus,niche store but if you're gonna do a,niche store what niche are you in,because some niches you're gonna need,more filler products some niches you,don't need any for example if you have a,phone case store you're probably not,just gonna have one case you'll have,some different options but then there's,stores where it's just one product like,a supplement store or something like,that where it can be just one product,okay and feel free you can always start,out with just one product that doesn't,matter add more on later but you don't,want to just over flood your store with,the filler products so it does kind of,depend on the niche now the third thing,real quick this give me the biggest end,of it consider the marketing this is,what most people don't do they do not,consider what goes on with the marketing,end of things so as I just said at the,beginning I'm not actually marketing all,the products if I have a general store,with you know a hundred different,products I have adapters and all these,pieces there's there's no way I'm,running ads for all of them okay maybe,down the road even that I never market,100% of the products on the store,because that's what a filler product is,it just fills up that extra space you're,not you're not really doing it you're,not marketing that some people might buy,it but that's not really your goal so,with the ton of products you know I,usually focus on a main key one to two,okay especially when I'm starting it's,just one product I might launch a second,if I have some more time or work on,another site so the main one two let's,say one two three those main key,products that I know are the winners on,the site based on the research of the,products so I focus on those and I'm not,really running ads at all for the others,you know I might use them here and there,and upsells and maybe an email marketing,to test it out but it's really only a,couple of key products that I'm gonna be,marketing so one thing I want to,recommend to you is don't focus on the,exact amount of products you have on,your site don't worry if you're like oh,I have 12 but this youtuber said I,should get 15 or Haydn said I should,only have 5 and I on the air only have 5,and I have 20 or whatever ok people are,gonna say different things because,people have different recommendations,for me if I'm gonna go build a store and,don't let this follow you like you're,rules don't let my rules become your,rules I'd like to have five to 20,products that is my range will I do more,sure will I do less of course it's never,an exact science but that's one of those,things where you don't want to stress,over that you don't want to worry about,oh I don't even know another fifth,product I only have four but he said,five it doesn't matter,it really doesn't you're not gonna be,marketing that it's not gonna kill you,focus on making one product work then,another then another another one build,into it but get it going as fast as,possible if you don't even have your,store set up there's a link down below,14 day free trial there's always a link,down below for that go in there set up,Oh bear low which is free go do,Aliexpress which is free start linking,products build your store and get it,going as fast as possible if you're,doing a general store and you're gonna,have you know hope I don't spill water,here cups and stuff on your store that's,fine you can do that you can put cups,you can put I don't even know,microphones this is broken unfortunately,which is why the audio is not that great,right now but all these different,products you can put those on there okay,and that's a whole nother conversation I,can talk about a general verse in each,store and kind of what my opinion is on,that right now I think that you know I,can make a full video on this but I,think that branding is the way to ease,into a general store okay you have a,brand where it's a little bit more,general not a full general store but,that's that's the route I see it going,so if you guys have any questions on top,of this things you want to answer things,you want help with drop it in the,comments down below I would be more than,happy to help you guys out and I believe,the Wi-Fi here in Prague is good enough,to do a YouTube livestream so if you,guys want to see that let me know kind,of what time zone you're in if you guys,can just drop your timezone down below,you know Pacific Standard if you're in,Europe or whatever like what your rough,time zone is so I can get the best,possible time where a lot of people can,jump on probably gonna be putting the,replay up after that but let me know,what that would be for you guys and let,me know if you have any other questions,and if you did enjoy the video I would,very much so appreciate it if you drop,like down below and of course join the,family join the gang but then I Steven,subscribe button you guys right down,there it's free help me hit my goal,actually we're down from three months,now it's probably to two months and two,and a half weeks or so we got a head,hundred k subs so we're about to hit 70,I think we're hitting that today so I do,appreciate all the support on every,single video and I wouldn't be seen you,guys tomorrow the next one these bonus,clip for you guys the amount of products,you have in your store is not at all,gonna relate to how much money you make,it's actually a negative thing if you,have a ton of filler products so just,keep that in mind as you're doing this,don't worry too much I know you guys got,the gist after this video of how many,products you should have but do not try,and stuff your store full of products,just for the sake of having them

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