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🔥 Shopify For Small Business ✅ How To Use Shopify For Small Businesses shopify for small businesses


Updated on Jan 16,2023

🔥 Shopify For Small Business ✅ How To Use Shopify For Small Businesses

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🔥 Shopify For Small Business ✅ How To Use Shopify For Small Businesses

shopify for small businesses hey guys,welcome back to the channel in this,video i'm going to be showing you if,shopify is a good e-commerce platform,for small businesses to get started and,everything you need to know about the,shopify platform so let's get into it,now the first thing you need to know is,how do you get started with shopify well,you're just going to go on to your new,tab you're going to type in,and you can go on to the link in the,description box down below which will,lead you to this page and you can just,click on start free trial over here and,get started with your free trial for 14,days or two weeks now shopify is not,available for free so you're gonna have,to pay to get started with shopify after,your free trial and as a small business,that might be a difficult decision for,you to make but the basic version of,shopify only starts at 30 dollars which,i think is pretty affordable even for a,small business because i started my,scrunchie business last year and i,started with the basic version of,shopify i did later on upgrade to the,shopify version but that is something,that is totally up to you well how do,you get started okay so once you have,created your account this is going to be,your basic dashboard and you can see on,your left you have your navigation panel,at the bottom you have your settings and,then on the right you have your account,and account settings and stores so you,can create multiple stores from one,account as well which i find to be a,very useful feature because when i,started my scrunchie business i did,start like accessory business at the,side as well and i used a separate store,for that although that closed up but,still it was a good journey for me to be,able to create two different stores from,one account so for 30 you can create,multiple stores on shopify well how do,you get started as a small business on,shopify well the first thing is that you,need to go on to the product section and,then you need to upload your products,and i'll show you guys that in a minute,but before i show you guys how you add,your products i'm going to show you guys,one of the best features that i love,using about shopify that you are going,to find very helpful as well as a small,business is the analytics feature so if,you click on analytics over here this is,going to be your analytics dashboard and,this is all good but if you actually go,into the report section you're going to,be able to get detailed reports on sale,so you can see sales over time sales by,products sales by product variation,vendor discount traffic referrer,building location all of that stuff and,the most important in all of these,reports i find to be behavior reports so,if you go on to the behavior section you,can find many different reports on what,kind of people are viewing your products,what people are purchasing them how,often are people looking at them and all,of those detailed analytics are present,within the behavior section and as a,small business you're easily going to be,able to change your marketing strategy,accordingly once you monitor the,customer behavior from this report and,this is really helped me optimize my,scrunchie business as well because as i,said i also opened up a accessory,business but i realized that scrunchies,were more popular i was getting more,traffic on the scrunchie website or,store as i was getting in comparison to,the accessory one and these reports,actually were the reason that i closed,that up and focused on the scrunchie,business instead now after that how do,you really go on about creating your,online store well you're just going to,click on online store on the left over,here and you can see you have your,themes blog posts pages navigation and,preferences now,a simple way to start is going to the,navigation first and now i have these,menu items so you're going to click on,main menu over here,and then i'm just going to delete these,menu items that i have present already,and what i'm going to do is i'm going to,add new menu items so it could be shop,now and i could add that over here so,whatever kind of,products that you're selling or you can,instead of adding like directly all,products you can click on collections,and then you can add all collections,and you're just going to add that over,here so once people are led to the,collections they can choose what,collection they want from and then you,can add another menu item called maybe,contact us like this and then you can,link the page,of contact us over here we're just going,to add that over here and then you're,just going to click on save menu so i,have these three basic menu items linked,for my online short and make sure you do,this from over here because on the,actual ecommerce editor you're not going,to be able to edit the menu items you're,going to have to come back onto your,dashboard and edit those from here now,after that if you go on to your pages,section you can add as many pages if you,want to if you want to illustrate your,work or if you have like a business,model if there's any information about,your business that you would like to,convey,like your journey or anything like that,you can click on add page over here and,add all the information you want and,link that into your navigation panel and,below that you have your preferences so,any kind of social media sharing google,analytics facebook pixel customer,privacy all of that stuff you can find,over here for your ecommerce front now,moving on to the more important part is,your actual theme so you can scroll down,click on theme scroll down and go into,the theme library click on explore free,themes over here and then you can,customize any of these free themes and,as a small business you don't need to,waste time on finding someone to code,your website for you you can just use,any of these sample themes and i'm just,gonna go ahead and get started with one,to show you guys how easy and simple it,is to get started with shopify and make,sure you also get started with shopify,with the link in the description box,down below so what i'm going to do is,i'm just going to pick out a theme that,i like so once you have picked out the,theme that you want you're just going to,click on customize over here and we're,going to get started with customizing,our theme so this is like the basic,empty theme that i have i'm going to,just click on these little sections and,i'm going to remove these sections,because i really don't need them and i,want to keep this as simple as possible,because you don't want to over,complicate your initial ecommerce store,because you're going to get all confused,and it's going to be all difficult for,you to manage so that is why i recommend,to keep it simple but i'm going to click,on add section over here and the basic,section that i want on the top of my,store is i like to add like an image,with text and i'm going to move this up,from these three dots you can move and,drag sections up and down so this is,going to be my first section and i am,going to select an image so let's say,i'm just going to select lego i'm going,to go into the free images section and,i'm going to click on shop local i'm,just going to add,this and then i'm going to go back and,i'm,going to click on select now i'm going,to close this up the image section and,now i'm going to change the heading so,the heading is going to be like,by,organic,cotton and then i'm going to write like,a description about the product so,whatever description you might want to,add for your business accordingly so,once i have done that i'm just going to,go back,and what i'm going to do now is i'm,going to customize the pages that i,created so not only this is like my home,page but after my home page you have,your products so i'm just going to click,on products over here and you can see i,haven't added like a product page,directly but i have my shop now page so,i'm going to click on my shop now page,and then i have my catalog so i have my,new year's gigs or anything like that i,created this collection previously and,then i have my contact us page and you,can customize those as well but what i'm,going to do is i'm going to click on the,shop now page,and i'm going to click on all so i want,all of my collections to be present over,here and now i'm just going to click on,save over here and i'm going to show you,guys how to actually start adding your,products so i'm just going to click on,exit i'm going to click on the,products over here and i'm just going to,click on all products and then i'm just,going to click on add product over here,and then i'm just going to click on,maybe,the title might be like,black tea,and then you can add a description then,i'm going to click this as a active,product and i'm going to scroll down and,add collections and i have two,collections over here so you can add,more collections as you go but i'm just,going to add this to the new year's,cakes collection and then i'm going to,add a price and then you can choose to,charge tax another feature that i find,really helpful is the cost per item so,if i'm charging four dollars but this,item is costing me two dollars so i have,a 50 profit margin and i get a two,dollar profit and this is actually very,helpful with larger figures because when,you're running your business bookkeeping,gets very difficult and this is going to,really help you simplify your profits,and how much profit ratio you actually,have with each individual sale then you,have your skus if you have sq numbers,you can but as a small business i never,did so i usually skip that part and,added the quantity so i have like 44,pieces of this and i'm just going to,scroll down this is the physical product,if it's a heavy item you can choose to,add weight if it's like light clothing,you really don't need to add weight but,then you're just going to click on save,over here and now i have my first,product ready for my website so if i,click on my online store over here you,can see right now i'm just going to,click on my online store over here,and what i'm going to do is i'm going to,scroll down click on my actions and now,i'm just going to click on publish over,here,and i already have another one published,so i'm going to get that replaced into,this one,and then what i'm going to do is i'm,going to click on actions i'm going to,click on rename and i can just rename,the template if i want but to rename my,online store i'm going to click on,settings at the bottom left over here,i'm going to go on to basic information,in the store details i'm going to click,on edit and then i'm going to click on,true,organics cotton so that's the store name,that i want and i'm just going to click,on save over here and now if i click on,my shopify link you can see this is my,website if i click on my shop now,section you see my product catalog so i,have like one of these collections so,i'm just going to open that up and then,you have like a black tea that i have,added i didn't add any image so yeah it,was four dollars like this and i can,just add it to my card so this is how,easy it is to get started with shopify,even as a small business so make sure to,click that link in the description to,get started with your 14 day free trial,on shopify and hit that like button and,subscribe to the youtube channel and i,will catch you guys in the next video

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