how long does shopify take to respond to dmca

Shopify DMCA Claim – How to Protect Your Original Content what's going on guys welcome back to a,bra

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Shopify DMCA Claim – How to Protect Your Original Content

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how long does shopify take to respond to dmca catalogs

Shopify DMCA Claim – How to Protect Your Original Content

what's going on guys welcome back to a,brand new video in today's video we're,going to be talking about dmca,notices and dmca claims just a reminder,i'm going to be announcing the winner of,the 30 minute consulting call giveaway,at some random point throughout this,video,so make sure that you stick around until,the end now dmca stands for digital,millennial,copyright act which essentially protects,all of your copy,and any of the custom images you create,or any of your custom,content in the event that someone else,tries to take it from you,and claim it as their own so this is a,big reason why you're going to want to,create custom descriptions and try to,shoot your own,footage use your own content for videos,and things of that nature,because you can always be protected at,the end of the day and if someone else,tries to take,your content you can actually file a,dmca,take down notice against them and,virtually eliminate your competition,one store at a time so if you worked,really hard creating your own custom,content,or your own custom copy for your,descriptions,and someone else just takes that from,you and steals it from you,you're going to want to first go into,your shopify dashboard,and go over here and find the shopify,help center,okay now in the shopify help center,you're going to want to,search dmca and once you do that this is,going to pop,up with an actual link to the dmca,notice and take down,form now once you get here i'm going to,show you everything,that you need to do to essentially prove,that it is your,original copy or your original images,and content,so you can be protected and so that the,business that stole,all of your content can be taken down so,you're going to want to scroll down and,make sure to,say that you are the copyright owner i,just put in some random information here,but obviously this is going to be your,information,in order to identify your work you're,going to want to make sure that you have,some type of proof that you either,uploaded the product,before the competitor that you're trying,to file this you know copyright claim,against,or you can show a google doc description,so,i like to have my copywriters work in a,google doc form because if this ever,happens or if i want to just see the,changes,that were made in my description over,time then all i have to do is go into,the previous edits of that file,and you can send it to a shopify,representative for them to review and,say listen,i have my description here or here's the,steps in which my graphic designer,you know went through in order to create,this custom image,and so no one else could have had it,because they don't know how to create it,this exact way and i uploaded it before,my competitor right so now you're going,to want to identify your work so what i,always like to do is just have my store,url,and i like to just say hey listen here's,proof through,whatever app you want to use such as,commerce inspector,to show that you uploaded the product,before your competition,right and the second thing that i like,to do is actually have proof of the,description,being created in the changes over time,in a google doc that i have my,copywriter create,so it's always a good idea to you know,have your descriptions and all of your,original content and things housed in a,google doc form that way,you can send that link to a,representative and say hey go to the,past edits,and you'll see that i am in fact the,owner of this content,so the winner of the last 30 minute,consulting call giveaway is going to be,somewhere,over here on the screen so if this is,you make sure to reach out to me in,either our awesome ecom type facebook,group,that's going to be one of the first,links down below you can reach us,in our ecom tied telegram group chat or,you can just,send me a dm on instagram now let's get,back into the video so what i like to,say is,these are the original works of my,product description or custom images,created directly by me my copywriter or,someone on my team,and you can clearly see that i own it,right and this is stuff that,i created or someone directly within my,business have created and,you know we have the rights to it and,then you can put the link to whatever,the competitor stores that has actually,taken your content,and all you have to say is here you can,clearly see that this business,took our content has not given us any,credit or hasn't,compensated us in any way for stealing,our copy and you guys should,do everything in your power to take,their business down then you just got to,check these boxes,sign off on it submit it and then wait a,couple of days,and generally if you provide enough,information what's gonna happen is,they're going to,take down the landing page for the,specific,product that they have violated and just,ripped your copy from,and put it on their own website now what,this is is essentially a temporary,solution,just to again it's not just to eliminate,competition,but protect your original copy and so,if they wanted to they can upload that,product and just have their own custom,descriptions or,their own custom images and they can go,ahead and continue to run that product,but at least they are going to be,running their own content,and not stealing yours and then in other,cases,once that happens they kind of get a,little scared and they might think that,someone owns the rights to the product,or,things of that nature they're not really,sure what they violated and so they just,back off and they don't continue selling,the product,and that's even better for you because,that's less competition right and less,eyes that are on your product and your,business in general so that's pretty,much it for today's video i hope you,guys enjoyed it and i hope you guys can,take what you learned today,about the digital millennial copyright,act and protect your business and,take any businesses that are violating,your hard-earned,copy or custom images and just take them,down and,teach them a little bit of a lesson and,other than that i look forward to seeing,you guys in the next video,you

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