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Introduction to Shopify Shipping || Shopify Help Center Script,Record room tone,Record smiling pic f

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Updated on Jan 06,2023

Introduction to Shopify Shipping || Shopify Help Center

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Introduction to Shopify Shipping || Shopify Help Center

Script,Record room tone,Record smiling pic for thumbnail,With Shopify Shipping, you can use discounted  shipping labels to save both time and money.,I’ll give you an overview  of what Shopify Shipping is,  ,how it can benefit your business,  and some tips on getting started.,Hi everyone, Casey here! Shopify Shipping gives you  ,access to shipping rates and  labels all within your admin,  ,which means you don’t need to go to  the post office to buy labels anymore.,You can connect your Shopify account  with shipping carrier accounts  ,to get access to the following benefits:,At checkout, you can display  carrier - calculated shipping rates,  ,which is based on the customer's location  and the items that they have in their cart,You also have access to discounted shipping rates. And you get to print directly from your admin ,To see if your business qualifies for  Shopify shipping, check out the link below.,We’re always adding more eligible countries,  so be sure to visit,So how does Shopify Shipping work exactly? ,1. You choose which shipping carriers and  shipping options you want to enable at checkout ,2. The customer selects their  shipping service and speed at checkout ,3. You receive payment for  the order and shipping costs ,4. You fulfill the order in the  Shopify admin, purchase and print  ,the shipping label and packing slip 5. Lastly, you drop off the package  ,to the carrier or schedule a pickup  if the carrier offers that service,The shipping carriers available in your Shopify  admin depend on where your business is located.,In this example, the AlyAthletics  store is located in the United States,  ,so these are the carriers  I currently have access to.,Businesses in the U.S. can also purchase  and send return labels for domestic orders,  ,and even schedule package pickups  with certain shipping carriers.,Pickups are a great service because they let  you choose the date, time, and location for  ,the pickup, allowing you to be flexible and  have more control over your fulfillment times. ,U.S. merchants also get access to Shipping  Insurance to protect the orders you ship  ,by buying up to $5000 USD of insurance coverage.,You can add shipping insurance and file  your claims directly from the Shopify admin.,Now that you understand what Shopify Shipping is  and how it can be beneficial to your business,  ,I’m going to give you some quick  tips on getting started with it!,For everything mentioned in this  video, check out the description  ,below for all of the links and videos. First, if you’re in an eligible country,  ,then some Shopify Shipping rates are added  to your shipping settings by default.,Regardless of where your business is located,  it’s best practice to review the default rates  ,and make any adjustments like add or  remove carriers or particular rates. ,Next, you need to make sure you  added weights to all your products  ,so shipping rates can be calculated accurately.,For example, this t-shirt has  a weight value of 0.1 lbs.,As you add new products or variants,  add the weight to each individual item.,Or, if you’ve already added products,  ,then use the bulk editor tool to set  product weights at the same time.,You also need to add all of the  packages that you use for shipping,  ,including the dimensions and weight.,It’s important to include both product  and package weights because the final  ,shipping costs are calculated using the  weight of products and package combined.,I recommend that you make any adjustments  to the package on different orders.,For example, when I ship a poster, I use  my rolled-up tube container for shipping,  ,instead of my small box which  is my default packaging.,After you receive orders, you can print the  shipping labels in bulk from your Orders page. ,You can also open an individual  order to see the shipping option  ,your customer chose and print labels one by one.,Keep in mind that the shipping cost might not  match exactly what the customer paid at checkout.,This is because shipping rates at checkout  ,are calculated based on your  “default package” dimensions.  ,The cost of the shipping label changes if you  have a different package selected on this page.,From here, you can select the shipping option your  customer chose at checkout, and buy your label. ,It’s up to you to decide how you  want to print your shipping labels.,You can use a standard computer printer,  or purchase a supported label printer  ,from the Shopify hardware store  if it’s available in your area. ,Now that you understand what Shopify Shipping is  and why it’s beneficial for so many businesses!  ,I hope you take advantage of this useful tool. And for more information, visit

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