how do i disable the shipping option in shopify

Shopify app tutorial: How to remove a shipping service from your Shopify store (2020) hi everybody t

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Updated on Mar 25,2023

Shopify app tutorial: How to remove a shipping service from your Shopify store (2020)

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Shopify app tutorial: How to remove a shipping service from your Shopify store (2020)

hi everybody this is ian lamont founder,of i30 media corporation and author of,the lee media book blog and video,channel available from,today i'm going to be talking about,getting rid of,a shipping service from your shopify,store,and before i get started with this you,are responsible for following shopify's,terms as well as the terms of the,shipping services that you're using,it's possible for you to lose money if,you do things wrong or if you don't,estimate your risk properly so do this,at your own risk so here we are on the,shopify app,this is the ios version and i think the,android version looks quite similar,and basically where you want to be is on,the store tab so on the very bottom of,the screen there's a tab that says store,even looks like a little storefront,so tap that so and you should see,something like this then what you want,to do is you want to tap settings,in the middle of the screen you'll come,to this particular,uh menu tap shipping and delivery,and as i've mentioned in other videos,and blog posts managing shipping is one,of the most difficult things about,shopify and actually for that matter,amazon seller central too i've always,found it to be a headache it's,it's kind of a maze of different options,some things aren't really clear how you,set things up,but when you come to this particular,page what you want to do is just tap,on the on the uh link or button that,says manage rates,and you'll come to this particular page,like here's a here's an example of the,confusion that shopify adds when you,come to the general shipping page,instead of showing you shipping,options it shows you products and this,is this should be at the bottom of the,page or even not visible as far as i'm,concerned,what you want to do if you want to get,rid of one of the shipping services that,you've offered before,first of all find out if you're dealing,with you know what what shipping zone,you're dealing with so,i've set up two shipping zones one is,usa where i'm based the other one is,rest of world r o w,and what i've what i have here is you,can see i have two shipping services,um ups that's a private service that's,those are the people that drive around,the brown trucks,and then usps that's a u.s postal,service and i have two services with,them so i have three services with ups,and two services with usps the postal,service,what i want to do is i want to let's say,i just want to get rid of,certain services with ups so one thing,with the shopify app at least for the,phone that i have it doesn't show the,edit,for this and you may come here and think,how do i change things you can't change,it by going up or down you actually have,to kind of,drag to the right a little bit and then,you'll see this little menu it's,actually that you see the three dots,right there,next to three services you want to tap,that it's kind of hard to see but just,tap that,edit rate or delete so if i wanted to,delete everything i just tap delete but,what i want to do is i want to edit the,rates,so it brings up the ups options that,i've selected,so let's say that i no longer want to,offer,um ups three-day select because that,requires,you know me rushing to the ups store by,2 p.m,on on on a weekday so i don't want to do,that so i just deselected that three-day,select,and then i click tap done,at the top of the screen tap save,it's kind of going through it profile,updated and you can see,that now ups only has two services,available,now if i wanted to go one step further,and just actually get rid of ups maybe,i've had a bad experience with them,maybe they're no longer servicing my,area where i've moved to an area where,they're no longer servicing i would just,tap that little menu again the more,options menu that's the three dots,and tap delete tap save,profile updated that means you are done,for more information on how to get the,most out of shopify,uh amazon seller central amazon,advertising even using wordpress,and woocommerce i've created all these,videos and blog posts available on, just go to,tap the menu or the navigation and then,select,blog or video also if you like this,video please take a moment to to,like it or follow me on youtube thank,you so much for watching

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