how do i contact shopify by phone

How to Remove Phone From Shopify Contact Form if you've set up a default shopify,contact page then y

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Remove Phone From Shopify Contact Form

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how do i contact shopify by phone catalogs

How to Remove Phone From Shopify Contact Form

if you've set up a default shopify,contact page then you probably have,these exact fields name email phone and,then comment,now i don't need the phone number on my,site i'm not going to call anyone so i,want to remove this and i'm going to,show you how to do that it's really easy,takes less than a minute so let's get,started,here i am in the back end of my store,i'm going to go to online store themes,and then actions and edit code i want to,find a file called contact form.liquid,and you can just search for this,so contact and there we go contact form,dot liquid now on this form we're going,to look for the phone field so we're,just going to scroll down a bit and you,can even search for the word,phone by hitting a command or control f,to bring up the search,and then just type in phone and you'll,find this so it's div class field,if class field you see this is the phone,this is the text area for the comments,and um,this is basically it now you can delete,this,but i recommend actually just commenting,it out,so in in,in programming when you comment,something out,it means that,it won't be read by,the computer it won't be output so it's,like a comment for maybe for another,developer,and so you can comment things out,meaning you prevent them from being read,by the computer,right so everything in between these,comment tags,will be completely ignored and i think,that's a better way of hiding something,rather than completely deleting it,because what if you want to bring it,back later then all you need to do is,delete these comment tags and hit save,and it'll be back whereas if you delete,it you'll be like oh how do i,bring the phone field back so let's hit,save,and let's refresh,and there we go no more phone field,okay so guys i know you probably want to,change other things in this form like,maybe you want to change what this says,name email maybe you want to change,comment to say like what's up or,something like that or maybe you want to,change the send button to something else,and of course you might also want to add,your own fields maybe another text area,maybe a drop down so i will be making,another video covering all of those,things and i'll be releasing that in the,next week or so so make sure that you,subscribe and maybe hit the bell icon to,get notified when i publish that video,if you really don't want to miss it,after that i'll also be doing a video on,how to have two separate contact forms,on one shopify site so,you might have a general contact form,like this and then you might also have a,second contact form,for a wholesale application form or,something like that so stay tuned for,that and of course leave me a comment if,you want to request any topic,and that's all for today i'll see you,next time

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