how do i add sezzle to shopify

How To Set Up Your Sezzle Pay Once Approved | NOW AVAILABLE what is good gang it is your girl,journe

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Set Up Your Sezzle Pay Once Approved | NOW AVAILABLE

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How To Set Up Your Sezzle Pay Once Approved | NOW AVAILABLE

what is good gang it is your girl,journey of queen quan also known as who,your favorite youtubers favorite,youtuber baby and i am back back back,with another banger so if this is your,first time to my channel,welcome welcome welcome go ahead and,join the butterfly game you know what,i'm saying go ahead and hit that like,comment and subscribe,and if you are a returning butterfly,babe welcome back,so in today's video we are going to be,setting up houses together,so all of you guys that have been,interested in buying bundles wigs or,starting your own business we now have,sizzle of,sizzle pay available for that,um for that reason you know what i mean,it's hard times around here nowadays,so let's just go ahead and jump into the,video all right you guys so once you get,approved by sizzle you will receive this,letter in your email,it is going to then give you,an api key that you will need to,copy the link to and put it on,your website so i'm just going to,basically do a quick little run through,as if,you were a customer and you wanted to,use sizzlepay as well as show you guys,how to set it,up as far as like the minimum quantities,your font,and not the minimum quantity i'm sorry,the minimum amount you can spend,your font colors and things like that so,i'm just going to show you real quick,and once you are approved guys you will,still need to log,into your sizzle dashboard on your,laptop,or your um computer because it's a,totally different,um set it's a totally different setup,excuse me from,what you would have on your website it,has its own,um you have your own dashboard for it,should i say,so i don't want to overly explain i,don't want to under explain and i don't,want to give you guys,any wrong information so what i do know,about sizzlepay is that,you are able to now make your first,payment and then three payments,later you will have your items um,it does reoccur every two weeks so your,money will be taken off of your account,every two weeks if you decide to use the,sizzle pay,now these are just some apps that i'm,showing you guys that i have on my site,you know for not that i have on my,website that helps it run pretty,smoothly,so yeah once you are approved it is a 99,cent a,month fee for this as well i forgot to,mention guys once you approve this is,what,the app will look like once it's,installed on your um,website so you can pick you know the,widget type you can i'm gonna go with,product title,the theme um the minimum price of the,product,the maximum price of the product um,how you want it to show up as far as,like your font,your font sizing and things like that,all of that is going to show on your,basic,board from your website,so now i'm just like playing around with,it checking for the font size to see how,it's gonna look um,on the actual website so yeah that's,pretty big i'll probably go back in nine,times out of ten and change it,but yeah down at the bottom you're able,to play around but like i said,the font um type that you want as well,as,the font color and you're able to you,know align,the switch type wherever you want it to,be,it was pretty much um like once i got,started guys it was,easier for me to understand it when i,went through my settings on,my sizzle um pain dashboard and it'll be,more understandable for you guys too so,like i said i'm just pretty much,giving you guys a quick little,walkthrough and now we're going to go,ahead,after i check everything and make sure,that,it's enabled you have to enable it after,you make sure everything is correct,on you know your dashboard,so like i said guys i don't want to,overly explain it and i don't want to,under explain it to you guys it is now,available on,our website i'm just showing you guys,like what the setup will look like if,you decide to go for sizzle pay like i,said you have to put,the api key on your website in order for,it to show up and i'm going to show you,guys that at the end,you can set your minimum purchase amount,for whatever,dollar amount you want your customers to,um be able to use as a pay for but i,would start it with a dollar and then i,went back in and changed it to five,dollars,five dollars you know i never have a,product for a dollar,anyway and i'm i would hope that no one,would need to do that you know for,25 cents so yeah no and i'm not being,funny i'm just being you know real,but yeah i went in and changed it to,five dollars and like i said this is,going to help all my girl bosses who,want to start their own business be it,a hair business be it a charm business,be it a lash business you guys now have,this option available,so let's go ahead and enable sizzle pay,all right now that we have enabled it,i'm going to view my website because i,did put the api,key on my website already i have already,copied the link so i just want to do a,quick run through and make sure,you have to excuse me in the background,this was like a whole nother day that i,did this thing because i ended up having,to go to work today,that you guys see me in the beginning so,you see your girl back there looking a,little busted but don't worry you see,i'm focused so you see i got my thinking,cap on,that's my serious faciality but now i'm,just gonna stroll through,and make sure that everything is,everything so when my customers go to,check out,that sizzle pay is now an option for,them guys,my,all right so now that we have made it to,the checkout process,let's just see if sizzle pays show up,and this way you guys will see how to,work it from here,um i do believe that they are going to,redirect you to it and it does not,affect your credit i do know that guys i,read that much into it,that it does not affect your credit like,i said so now i'm just,checking out as if i am a customer,and make sure you guys sign up for our,email did you guys see that cute little,email thing that pops up on our website,so make sure you guys sign up for our,email and get you guys exclusive perks,because i'm going to start doing free,shipping,for my email people i'm going to start,doing a lot more things for people that,are subscribed,specifically to my email you guys will,have way more perks coming this year,all right guys so we have made it to the,final checkout process,and sizzle is now available guys so it,did show up which means i did everything,correctly like i said they're gonna walk,you through it,i just basically wanted you guys to see,that it was available and show you guys,you know,how to change up your fonts and set your,minimum quantity,minimum price i'm sorry for your,products uh so sizzle pay is now,available guys i am super duper,excited because i know a lot of you have,been wanting to support my business and,you know times are hard and things like,that so i just feel like,it's a great accomplishment for me to be,able to offer this to you guys it just,shows that i have been working hard,you know for them to be like okay you're,approved whatever whatever in your um,and your website you know it's proof,that you're bringing in revenue,x y and z so i'm super duper excited,about this guys and i hope you are too,and what i'm doing is just showing you,guys now what i say make it as easy as,possible for,your people to navigate through your,website i'm just going to show you guys,real quickly how easy it is to breeze,through our site,if you are looking for wigs if you're,looking for bangle kits charms,ebooks everything is listed in the tabs,that you guys,can just click it and it's going to take,you right to that item so you always,want to make sure that your website is,easy to navigate through,like for now if you're looking for wigs,boom you click on wigs,your girl got you and i have a big,announcement coming up about my wig,collection just so you guys know i want,you to be,on the lookout for that as well but yeah,you click on wigs,vada there goes the wigs what else we,got,see um bundles and closures boom you,click on that,vada there's the bundles and closures,you know what i mean so you guys make,sure you have your website as easy as,possible for your people to navigate,through,make sure your q a is up even though,people are still going to ask you,questions you always want to have that,available,and you want to make it easy for them to,access your website you know what i mean,like you want them to know everything,there is about your products,in your q a and you want them to be able,to contact you about your product so all,the information needs to be,on the website so yeah i was just,basically showing you guys what i mean,when i say make it as easy as possible,for your people,to navigate through your site you want,lashes bam there goes lashes,so yeah guys thank you all so much for,watching this video as i said i just,wanted to come to you guys and show you,that it is now available and you know,the process that you will have to go,through once you are,approved for it it is beneficial and,there will be interest on my part it,won't be interest on any on you guys,this part which is okay because like i,said,i know that it is hard times for us,right now and we are all trying to get,through this,so i definitely um i had applied for,after pay but they didn't approve me,because of the hair so then,i went on ahead and beat sizzle yeah,after pay didn't approve me,because they sent me a letter saying,that i sold something that wasn't in,there you know i guess,um i don't know what i'm looking forward,to say what word i'm looking for to say,yeah,but yeah if they just wasn't messing,with your girl so sizzle paint messing,with your girl,and now we messing with y'all but here's,just a quick little thing i had to find,up too big so i just went back in and,changed it you guys but now you can see,it'll pop up on any item,that you guys select from my website,so yeah we on our way yeah um this is,the actual,sizzle dashboard so this is what i was,telling you guys about,this is how your dashboard is going to,look it will tell you where your orders,disputes any of that so you still want,to make sure that you log into,your sizzle account even though you have,the app connected to,your account so yeah that's where you,can see,everything you know what i mean like you,can set up your two-factor,authentication code,your business features all that good,stuff manager users all that good stuff,you can set it up,in um your day you're going to set it up,on your sizzle dashboard,so make sure you guys go through this,and look to see and read everything do,not be like me i keep telling you,i want you to do better than your girl,so yeah,this is i'm just really playing around,with it now with my dashboard just,making sure everything is on up and up,so your girl can get paid when it's time,to get paid,making sure i'm understanding everything,um,and that all of my emails are going to,go to the same place just you know play,around with it guys once you,are approved for it like i said there's,a 99 fee but i felt that it was worth it,um,so yeah guys again i want to thank you,all for watching this video it is just,your girl journey of queen quan,also known as who your favorite,youtubers favorite youtuber,don't forget to like comment and,subscribe and just remember i am simply,just a girl boss who decided to go for,it,and you can be too thank you all so much,for your love and support,i hope this video will help somebody in,the long run if they ever need to go,back and look,and understand the difference between,you know the sizzle dashboard,and you know once the app is just on,your website because you won't be able,to see anything if the app is just on,there you have to log into,your sizzle um your sizzle dashboard,so again i am going to go i love you all,so much thank you all for pushing,forward with me you know,thank you all for just being loyal to my,channel thank you all so much for,everything,and on that note i am out

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