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Dropshipping Supplier for Clothing Boutique hey guys good morning good morning good,morning today is

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Dropshipping Supplier for Clothing Boutique

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Dropshipping Supplier for Clothing Boutique

hey guys good morning good morning good,morning today is,april 7 2021,and today i'm bringing you this video,about,drop shipping so this is for all the,people that want to have their online,store selling women clothing,shoes handbags jewelries and,all the good stuff for a woman right um,there's other stuff on here so just stay,tuned and i will give you the,information as we go,so when we talk about drop shipping,right uh,this graph if you look on the screen you,will see that it's basically a seller,who choose a supplier to sell,supplier and product to sell right,so once they choose a supplier then they,list the product on their store,then the customer order these products,the supplier packs it ships it and do,everything and you just sit back relax,and get your profit right so,this is a wonderful supplier i've been,with them for like three months first i,integrated,uh their software in my woocommerce,website,and then to ebay all right so,let me go down so basically,everything they're located in the u.s,that's the best thing about it,so quick shipping within a week,your customers will have their items,so they provide all the information that,you need,every single information that you need,they they provide,um if you want to brand your stuff put,your own labels on them or,tags or whatever they have everything,for you okay so,as i mentioned they give you every,information for your website they tell,you about um,how it is to return items where are they,going to return to they give you this so,if you need to present it to your um,your customer then that would be,okay um,shipping information just the same they,tell you where your package will be,shipped from,they they as i mentioned they give you i,will leave the link in the description,they give you everything not only that,they have apps in shopify so if you are,in shopify and you want to connect,uh their database to shopify you can do,that,you can do it to your woocommerce store,they have two plans,where you just get access to the to the,product images and all of that and you,do it by yourself,or they have a plug-in i think it's 39,per month and with that you can just,integrate the stuff,um send stuff automatically to your um,your website now if you don't,you don't have a website don't worry,they have something,for you they have the turnkey website,which is about a month,so everything is already on this turn,this turnkey website,all you have to do is just get started,right as i said it's 99 per month you,have different uh design,and themes to choose from these are some,examples of,those um websites,and then again i'm i told you that if,you need like maintenance for your,website,they have a package for three months,your turnkey website,your local design your facebook cover,they have you all covered so,if you don't have any experience that's,fine,that's fine they they have everything,it's just that you have to pay for it,okay and you can see over here that,people are actually buying these stuff,so and they look pretty good,i ain't lying sorry about the dogs in,the back,i ain't lying these websites look really,good like,i had my own website so i didn't have a,need,for it for uh these,so just giving you a run through all,right,so that's a turnkey website right let me,see which other information,i can share with you,so you have as the image over here you,have the custom,stuff for you to um thank you,cards whatever you want,it's all here so now,i'm going to give you,a look at um,i'm going to give you a look at the,inside because i do have um still have,my membership with them so,i'm gonna give you a quick look on the,inside so just give me a moment,so over here this is their website,and as you can see,they tell you what you have in store,your cost this is if you are if you,remember annual member this is your cost,and then they're saying you can sell it,back for 44 dollars it's totally up to,you you don't have to sell it back,for these you can go way cheaper or you,can,increase your price whatever it is but,they do have some nice stuff,they do i like this here,yes so you get everything all you have,to do,is just click on it add to your pool and,just,send it to your website and they give,you,everything that you need i mean like,everything that you need for your,website,whether it's your woocommerce website or,your shopify store,they have a marketing material,and i'm looking for not this one i'm,sorry let me,see,okay oh this is my invention these are,some of the stuff that i have on my,in my um that i sell on ebay,some of them is sold out you say so,and bear in mind you're not the only one,selling these things so if you go on,ebay,you'll probably see some of these,so these are my inventory i wanted to,show you guys um,let us see the new arrivals,well these are the same ones,let me check something here i want to,show you guys,maybe i'm in the wrong part there's,another login so let me just get to that,real quick and get back to you,okay guys so i found it so basically,they're telling that when you become a,drop shipper they will give you bonus,graphic whatever you will,need for your website so,these are some of the stuff i was,talking about say for instance you're,selling jewelry,you get this lovely product image here,for like your cover,page or your your slider for different,categories you can,you get something like this these are,like the wider ones i normally use for,my um,sliders and these stuff i use for,categories or other stuff,look at this isn't this wonderful,oh my god so they really go above and,beyond to get you the things that you,need,to make sure that you are successful,they have customer service if you have,any issues,whatever issues you may have they will,help you with it,so i really like the fact that they,provide this information so that if,you're not graphic,savvy or you know all you need to do is,just download one of these and put on,your website and you're good,to go so i would encourage,you to try out the cc wholesaler um,drop shipping program yes you have to,pay for it but,um you know it's worth it as you can see,they have really nice work i use this,for my website already,they have really nice stuff,so what i'm going to do i'm going to let,leave the link to this um,drop shipping program in the link,below in the description below so that,you can take advantage of this if you,want,go on your website look around,and yeah just take it from there if you,want to start your store this,is the best for you to do right now it,doesn't matter where in the world you're,from,they don't have anything against you you,can just go ahead and,do your thing get your business online,um so whether you're going to need,whether plus size or,you know jewelry whatever it is,they have something for you and if you,should go to the um,they are also they have partnership with,another company,that once you get access to that company,you will see a ton load of,other um suppliers that,you can sign up for so this is just the,beginning,you know it's just the beginning so yeah,just go ahead guys,it's never too late to start your own,business to see where it going all you,have to do is make sure that you market,you market your market,and just brag about your your your your,website,and it would be successful so until now,until next time guys see,you link is in the description bye

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