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How To Find Products To Sell On Shopify | For Beginners what's up guys is Jake with casual,e-commerc

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Updated on Jan 21,2023

How To Find Products To Sell On Shopify | For Beginners

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How To Find Products To Sell On Shopify | For Beginners

what's up guys is Jake with casual,e-commerce and in this video we're going,to be going over how you can find,products to sell on your Shopify store,using thus pocket app so the cool thing,about this app is that 90% of the,suppliers on the app are either based in,the US or they're based in Europe,meaning that the shipping times are,going to be a lot faster than with,typical dropship suppliers that take,anywhere from two weeks to six weeks to,actually deliver the product from their,warehouse to your customers so this is,going to speed up the shipping times a,lot which is one of the biggest issues,that a lot of drop shippers face and a,lot of drop shippers are always trying,to figure out how they can speed up,shipping times so this is one way,finding a us-based supplier if you're in,the US or a European base supplier if,you're in Europe and another thing about,all these suppliers Anspach --it is that,they've all been vetted and spock it,goes out and personally cultivates,relationships with them to make sure,that they're trustworthy and verified,something you don't have to worry about,orders getting cancelled or orders not,being fulfilled on time or you know the,wrong products being sent out etc etc so,that said we're gonna go ahead and jump,inside the app and i'm gonna go ahead,and show you how you can use spa kit to,find products to sell in your store and,i'm also going to show you how you can,use spa kit to go ahead and manage,borders and fulfill orders all inside,your store so let's go ahead and jump,right in so once you install the app to,your store this is what its gonna look,like so I went ahead and started a free,trial so the first thing we're gonna do,is we're gonna need to search for,products on the app and searching for,products is pretty easy there's a lot of,different filters that we can use so we,can filter by category so you can see,there's a lot of categories here ranging,from accessories all the way down to,toys and clothing and we can also filter,by price so we can put in a minimum,price for a maximum price or we can,filter by location so if we only want,products that are ,from the United States Canada UK we can,filter by all of these different areas,or we can select a specific supplier and,then over here we can just choose how we,want to sort our search results so what,I would recommend doing before you go,ahead and start your product searches,that already have a niche in mind that,you want to create the store around that,you want to go ahead and sell to because,this is gonna make the product search a,lot easier if you already know a niche,that you're looking for so a couple tips,for finding a niche if you don't have,one in mind already you can just go,ahead and browse here through the,categories to kind of brainstorm and try,and figure out something there or I,would recommend choosing one of two,things so one you could pick a niche,that you're interested in or two you,could pick a niche that is trending or,you could pick one that's kind of the,best of both of those if you have a,niche that you liked it's also trending,that that's going to be even better and,you can verify whether a niche is,trending or not by typing it in to,Google Trends and just taking a look at,the graph to see whether it's been,trending up or trending down recently,and then once you have a niche you can,just go ahead and throw some of the,niche related keywords in here and you,can start looking for stuff so first off,I'll show you what it looks like when,you just look for a category so I'll,come down here and just go ahead and,pick one right here so I'll just pick,pet toys and you can see we have,different pet toys here that we can go,ahead and add to the import list which,I'll show you how that works in a couple,of minutes and if we wanted to go ahead,and sort this by different things like,location of the supplier we can so let's,say we're based in the US we would,probably want to go ahead and switch,this to the United States that way we,have faster shipping time so now all of,these products showing up here are going,to ship from the United States you can,see down here we have the shipping time,estimated for seven days,eight the 14:47 four to seven so we can,go ahead and possibly justify which,products we pick depending on what has,the fastest shipping time or the lowest,shipping price regardless of what we're,looking for so that's one way you can go,ahead and look through here is just by,looking through the categories right,there or you can also just go ahead and,search directly with keywords so like I,said if you went ahead and pick a niche,that you were interested in I'll go,ahead and for the sake of the example in,this video I'll pick a niche that I'm,interested in which is fitness so let's,say I wanted to sell like a gym bag or,something like a drawstring bag I could,go ahead and type that in and see if,they have it so we can see here we are,looking for a drawstring bag that ships,from the US so we can see that there is,a little bit of options here so I could,go ahead and look for one whose price I,like along with design,so right here I'm gonna pick this one,because it's kind of funny and we can go,ahead and open it up and you can see,that once we go ahead and open up a,product we're gonna see the product,description and we're going to get a,little bit more details about the,shipping time whether it's to the United,States or to the rest of the world and,then we'll see their processing time as,well now this one has a higher shipping,time so I probably wouldn't use that so,I'd probably go back and try and find,one with a shorter shipping time so this,is another bag right here that has a,shorter shipping time and so does this,one and the price is a bit cheaper so,I'd go ahead and open this one up and we,can see that this one's more of a,fashion based bag so this probably,wouldn't really fit a fitness Thor so if,I kept scrolling down and looking for,something else here we could go ahead,and just pick a simple one like this,that has low shipping time and a low,price so let's say I go ahead and open,it up and for the sake of the example,what we're gonna do is I'm gonna add it,to the import list and I'm gonna show,you how this works so if we want to once,you find a product that you like and you,want to add it to your store we just go,ahead and click the green button here to,add it to our import list and then we,can go ahead and get rid of this right,here and then we can scroll back up and,let's say we wanted to go ahead and add,one more product to the store within our,niche so if you so if you already know,some different types of products that,are in your niche that you want to sell,you can go ahead and search for them,directly like we just did or perhaps you,could just search something broad like,fitness or whatever your niche is to get,different ideas of products within the,niche so in this case I'm just going to,search another specific product here and,I'm gonna search water bottle so a lot,of people will take water bottles to the,gym especially these insulated ones so I,could go ahead and look at these right,here open one up and then I could go,ahead and add this to the import list as,well and you can see that now already,I've got two products that are in my,niche that I'm going to be adding to the,store that have really fast processing,in shipping time so they would arrive,within the week which is going to give,you a huge edge other people that are,drop shipping from Chinese suppliers so,now I'm gonna go ahead and show you the,next step which is going to be to,actually edit these products before we,push them over to the store so in order,to do that you come down here it's an,import list and then you can see we have,the two products here that we went ahead,and added from the search section are,now going to show up down here in the,important section so what we can go,ahead and do here now is we can edit the,product the details before it's sent,over to our store so you don't have to,if you don't want but you probably,should clean up the details here to make,it look a little bit better so I could,change the title of this to something,like,just a title that looks a little bit,cleaner and this one already looks like,a relatively clean title so you can just,kind of keep it as is and then you could,go over to the description next so this,one already has a decent description now,you probably should add in a couple,other things especially like brand,specific things with your store maybe a,return policy or something like that at,the bottom I'm not going to get into all,the specifics of creating a description,in this video however I've already made,a video on this in the past so if you're,interested in how to create the optimal,description for each one of your,products I'll go ahead and link that in,the description below for you to go,ahead and check out but regardless this,is where you would go to edit the,description so you could go in and go,ahead and just add in or delete stuff,here and then over here the next option,is variance so both of these products,have well this product has one variant,and then this product has two variants,you can see the difference here is just,in the size of the bag and then right,here this is one color and one size of,water bottle so also inside the variance,section what we can do is set up the,price so we can see here that the price,right here is 1679 for us to go ahead,and source this and then it's $10 to,ship it so we'd have to mark this up a,little bit more to receive a profit is,right now we can see our profit is,negative $4 and this isn't including if,we charge shipping on our store so if we,do say charge $10 shipping on our store,then we could add this to 32 and then,we'd see that we've been making $5 60,cents profit let's say we want to sell,this for $34.99 and let's say we want to,go ahead and sell the bags,or let's say $14.99 $17.99 and $14.99,and this is the price that the product,would go ahead and be published with,when we push it over to our store and,then we have the compare at price here,so what this does is is this is how you,would create a sale if you want to make,it look like the product is on sale in,your store so if we wanted to do that we,could just do $44.99 and this would go,ahead and create a $10 off sale right,there and the last thing we would need,to edit is the images so right here you,can go ahead you'll see all of the,images that are provided by the supplier,and you can either choose to use all of,them or you can choose to use specific,ones this is up to you depending on,which images you like and which ones you,don't like,and then after you've gone through and,edited all this information you can just,go ahead and click Save and then push,the store and then this is going to go,ahead and add the product to your store,right there so we can go ahead and save,this one and push this one over as well,and then in a couple seconds you'll see,that these products will go ahead and,appear in the store so what I'm going to,do is I'm going to come over to the,store and I'm gonna click on products,and we're gonna wait for it to load and,you can see your the drawstring bag and,the insulated bottle both products have,been added to the store and if I go,ahead and open one up we can see that,there is the sale we just created and,you can see all the pictures imported,right here and the description and you,can see just in a couple clicks we went,ahead and have a couple of products in,our store already so now at this point,I'm going to show you how order,fulfillment works so if somebody places,an order for one of these products the,fulfillment process is actually really,simple what I'm gonna go ahead and show,you how to do that so that's where this,section down here is going to come into,play so once you start getting orders,you just need to click on my orders,right here and I went ahead and placed a,test order on this store this is the,test development store and I went ahead,and placed an order for one product that,I added earlier which is this lifting,belt and you can see that all you need,to do to go ahead and place this order,to fulfill this order is to click,checkout and you can go ahead and add a,note to the supplier right here if you,want where you can just leave it blank,and then you would just go ahead and,click place order I'm obviously not,going to place the order right now,because it was not a real order however,that's how simple it is so if you're,getting to the point where you have a,lot of orders and you need bulk checkout,that is an option so let's say you're,getting you know 20 30 40 50 orders a,day and you no longer want to manually,fulfill these you have the option to do,ball checkout however that is on one of,the higher plans so guys that's pretty,much it that's how simple it is to go,ahead and find products to sell on,Shopify using these pocket app and like,I said the advantages of using this app,are being able to source from us,suppliers really easily it's a lot,easier to find us suppliers on here,versus directly on Aliexpress where the,majority of suppliers are from China,the majority of suppliers on here are,from the US and they're all curated,right in here and it's very easy to go,ahead and search for those different,products some of that said if you want,to check out spa kit you can go ahead,and click the first link in the,description down below and if you,enjoyed this video go ahead and give it,a thumbs up subscribe to the channel for,more content and I'll see you guys in,the next video

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