where to buy shopify card reader

SHOPIFY $49 CARD READER #shopify #pos #brickandmortar #storefront #cardreaders hi everyone welcome b

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

SHOPIFY $49 CARD READER #shopify #pos #brickandmortar #storefront #cardreaders

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SHOPIFY $49 CARD READER #shopify #pos #brickandmortar #storefront #cardreaders

hi everyone welcome back to my youtube,channel,today i got,a video that i wish i would have found,out there before i started merging my,brick and mortar with my online because,this was a struggle i went through,multiple pos systems um and simply there,were certain things that i was looking,um for my online store that i needed to,keep like certain apps,i'm sorry that weren't compatible with,other system that i was trying that i,thought were easier for me not,necessarily they were bad systems they,weren't just they just weren't systems,that were fitted for,myself and the way i run my business so,i ended up going back to shopify,shopify is my eternal love,that is the platform which i started my,online boutique and like i said i tried,merging it,to two different platforms it didn't,work out i went back to shopify um and i,ended up purchasing,the,shopify hardware so you can take,card payments with this insert the chip,you can tap apple pay or you can swipe,with this and it is only fifty dollars,so in this video i want to show you how,you can have,a an affordable,pos system because there's so many pos,systems out there that cost hundreds and,hundreds of dollars and you can,literally run your brick and mortar,and you're online,from your iphone your ipad,i'm pretty sure they're compatible with,android i'm not sure though,um so,i currently have the 70,79,shopify plan that allows me to add um,access up to five staff members it gives,me more shopify discounts um it goes,more in depth in that to my analytics um,i can use my hardware so i can check,customers out physically in store,um,this plan online it charges 2.6,um,on the transaction online plus 30 cents,um physically in store it charges 2.5,and it doesn't charge the 30 cents that,it charges online if you take the plan,yearly you save 25 if you take this plan,yearly pay it out once it's um you save,25 so i didn't check how much it was,um,like i said there are different types of,hardware so when you go on to,i'm going to talk about shopify right,now when you go on to the shopify,um hardware website there are multiple,pos systems so you can kind of find the,pos with the ipad and the other one,that's like this big and it's you can,like,just really like it's like a little,computer right and then you can check,out um but these things cost hundreds of,dollars now if you got the coins to,spend on them great i don't got the,coins to be spending on unnecessary,equipment that i do not need right now,so i run,my,my business from my ipad,sorry my microphone,um all you have to do,is,download,the,shopify pos app onto your device,and this is i'm sorry if it's dirty this,is what it's going to look like,so i run my physical store,through my ipad and i charge customers,through this device it is bluetooth,connected super easy and it's 50 like i,mentioned before but when i bought it i,don't know if it went up because,everything has gone up,um,so basically,um,i use,the,shopify pos app to run the store um,if i need to add anything manually i can,do so or i'll just search up the,products like i normally do um the name,of the product,and add it to,the checkout list for the customer,there's more fancy ways to do it you can,buy the barcode scanner and put you know,barcode on all of your clothes that's a,little too fancy for me right now and,quite pricey like i said there's more,options but i am telling you the,affordable way that has been working,perfectly fine and i don't mind,just looking up my items i use i put my,items by code so,any top is going to say top,so when you write top they're all going,to come up jumpsuits they're all going,to come up rompers,jeans,etc like,i have a keyword at the end so if i have,an employee all you have to do is write,a top,or a gene and it's going to give you the,list and clearly you're seeing the item,and they all have pictures they're all,listed in the system which i put them,through the shopify app so please keep,in mind there's two different apps,shopify and shopify pos,so on the shopify app is where i,actually like,really add all of my items,i do all of my editing and i really only,use the shopify app to check out,customers,um,this is it for today i tried to make it,as quick and short as possible,um,like i said this is what's worked out,for me i try to work check what's more,economic and there's not many videos of,this out there because i struggle to,find,a perfect combination of an online and a,brick and mortar pos system and shopify,is it,this is not sponsored i use square,before i did use square,however i didn't find that square,was as advanced as i needed it to be,um,at that time,this was at the end of last year,um,i needed a more advanced online system,because most of my sales come online,obviously so i need that to be very,strong,i tried wix i found it to be extremely,too complicated and i just didn't feel,comfortable using it back then the,shopify hardware was out of stock this,is why i did those changes into trying,other pos systems but thankfully it came,back into stock and i purchased it and i,just went back to my website and,everything has flown smoothly ever since,so i'll catch you guys in the next video,thank you so much so much for watching,and please like and subscribe to help my,channel grow

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