what shopify theme does kylie cosmetics use

Ecommerce Website Critique - Kylie Cosmetics Shopify Store - well I've been looki

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

Ecommerce Website Critique - Kylie Cosmetics Shopify Store -

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Ecommerce Website Critique - Kylie Cosmetics Shopify Store -

well I've been looking to critique this,site for some time and I'll tell you why,I want you to see how long it takes for,this page to load see I'm still looking,at blurry I can only imagine how bad,this is on a phone this is cut off oh my,god this is just a mess I'm not quite,sure what the intent is here maybe,something's broken and interested and,loaded correctly let's try again so I,get a different message,so this is why I wanted to write it here,is what what is reported to be Shopify's,largest site and as a as a ecommerce,development company we we work on a,number of different platforms including,Shopify and one of the claims made by,our partner big commerce,which is a competitive platform is that,Shopify is not well-suited for busy,larger sites and what happens is they,start to slow down on on the admin end,of it actually what I'm seeing with,Kiley our front-end issues but this is,when I ran a speed test a while back I,noticed that this is some of the worst,speed scores I've ever seen for a,website 24 out of a hundred on desktop,first contextual paint is 1.6 seconds,this one doesn't even give me time to,interact it's almost 6 seconds speed,index then unless it's a separate mobile,site which maybe I'd have to check that,on a phone the performance on this side,is just terrible so and I think we're,seeing that here when I look at the live,site a chunk of this is just that,they've got all these giant large images,and they're clearly not optimized I can,use actually while we're doing this I'll,run a I'll run a different speed book,test,so this one's going to come up in a,little bit we'll let that work so but,this the whole big image and the big,white space this is awful then well this,isn't really a phone oh great so there,must be a mobile site because this is,decidedly not mobile-friendly,so anyway hot mess,Cosmetics may be wonderful by the way I,don't have any experience with this I'm,not their demographic but the site,itself is a hot mess and I know they,were purchased so,so I mean I get the whole unique visual,presentation here but it still takes so,much scrolling to get to a Buy button,and as you could see these pages are,loading extremely slow is that the third,pop-up Wow,so what happens if I click on details ah,okay there is something there I don't,know what this is supposed to be,really unusual for a site this size to,be as inconsistent as it is with its,images usually,our product and ideally they would be,consistent looks like they got yopo,reviews in place but I don't understand,the little thing here verified buyer,lots of reviews more in this collection,this is this is actually a nicely done,related items most stores don't use this,very well and I love the the photographs,I mean I think this is actually really,nice giving people an idea what it looks,like again as we get down the page it's,just a mess,it's a hot mess I'm curious as to,whether this loads is badly on another,browser let me pop up well we're doing,our speed test over here and part of why,I'm writing this review and by the way I,have no association with this company,but again the speed test kind of blew me,away,the other thing is that a lot of times I,I am reviewing sites that are smaller,and I think it's it's reassuring to,store owners sometimes to know that even,people companies with money sometimes,mess up because there's an assumption,that that with money that people are,testing by the pop-ups are just too,crazy here it's there really are,overwhelming complete the look with,these products and then I see this,there's nothing here,and you know if this is all you're going,to put in details I don't even know why,you would have it close again this is,looks like the same exact products that,we saw in the other page which is not,good,those should be hand-picked to match if,I'm looking at an eye liner either,complete the look with a frequently,bought together and do away with this or,or make sure other top-rated products is,just kind of a it doesn't even sound,good,you know whereas that that other one,showed other products in this collection,with the colors side-by-side man if I'm,looking a lipstick showing me all these,different lipsticks is awesome you may,also want to show some of these,cosmetics on different skin tones so,you've got the the side cart we've got,the completely unrelated upsell,yeah that's at a high gloss for a,perfect shiny lip talker yeah I'm not,sure I understand that and and I just,realized as I'm looking at this black,liner I have to assume that's for the,eyes because nothing in here tells me,that this is an eye liner really basic,rudimentary and then over here we have,the gloss to put over my lip this is not,a cohesive experience generally don't,want to make a coupon book box that,obvious,and this is just your standard Shopify,checkout which is really a pain in the,butt on mobile by the way but that's,stock for a Shopify store oh and I have,a browser so this will actually tell me,where I can get save money let's see,what we find,nope nothing worked so anyway that's my,review we'll look at it this is also,ugly get it trending product get it,before it's gone better ways to create,fear of missing out this isn't it so,surprisingly this is a really bad site,despite the ability to create something,amazing or I should say the budget to,create something amazing I would,completely redo this site make it less,cluttered make the products more the,star use your white space intelligently,absolutely improve the user experience,to create a more personalized experience,and overall execute better

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